7 Useful Social Networking Sites for Photographers

Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have become extremely popular with today’s computer savvy culture. And, while these sites provide great entertainment for people and offer a simple way to stay connected with friends near and far, there are also social networking sites that are targeted to certain professions. On these sites, users can keep in touch with friends in the same field, but they can also market their work, share successes and failures and keep
abreast on new techniques and technologies.

Social Networking, Photography-Style

Some of the best targeted social networking sites are aimed at photographers. Following are seven that seem to have had great success at providing social networking along with useful tools of the trade.

American Photo – This site has a great blog that allows registered users to comment and post their own ideas. It also has plenty of information on topics of interest to photographers, like tips on photographing certain subjects and photo retouching.

My Shutterspace – This is a social networking site for digital photographers. They offer a way to share photos, get tips and share critiques with other digital
photographers, both professional and amateur. There are lots of community groups you can join based on specialty or area of interest.

Stumbleupon – Though Stumbleupon isn’t’ solely for photographers, it does have a great section dedicated to photography. This makes it easy for photographers to find each other and view the work of their peers. There are also helpful articles and tutorials to help you with the tools you use on a daily basis. Stumbleupon itself is designed to help web users find sites that appeal to them.

Deviant Art – Deviant art is a site for artists of all types, including photographers. Deviant art was designed as an online community where artists of all kinds could collaborate, communicate and share their work. Their photography category is extremely large.

Epic Edits – This is a true online community and resource for photography enthusiasts. The site has blogs, galleries, discussion groups and resources to help you display and improve your photography skills.

Technorati – This site is interesting for lots of people, but has a great photography section. In addition, you’ll find news, blogs and you’ll be able to join community groups of photographers in addition to creating your own blog and showing your own work.

MysticLenz – an online community for professional and amateur photographers, MysticLenz offers discussion forums and galleries where you can display your
pictures and have them critiqued. You’ll find lots of inspiration and friendship here.  Unfortunately this site doesn’t exist anymore …

Of course, just because you join sites targeted at photographers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your pictures posted on more general social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. These sites and others like them have great discussion groups for photographers and are a great way to share your pictures with photographers and others. They are also a great place to advertise your services if you’re a professional. Online communities provide important resources for
photographers – be certain you’re getting the most from these great communities.

This is a guest post by Mary Ward, a freelance author that writes about design job topics, like about a webdesign school, artist career tips, and more.

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29 comments to 7 Useful Social Networking Sites for Photographers

  • Sachin

    I have been on MyShutterpace, its a site thats really have some great work of photography!
    provides you with the insights and tips to improve your skills. all the great products informations are also posted.This site has created a niche for itself and is hugely popular. But i don’t want to limit myself to this site only, would like to visit all the sites mentioned above.

  • Ste

    Great list, bookmarked! Interesting to see that flickr isn’t on the list, at the momenet flickr is all I use. I’ll try these out.

  • Jeet

    You haven’t included flickr? It is one of the most popular place for photographers to upload and share there photographs. They have a good community of photographers, lots of discussions etc. DeviantArt is definitely good but it’s not only photography. Technorati is a surprise package for me 😉

  • hospitalera

    @Ste and Jeet
    I agree, Flickr should be also on the list! But I guess, Mary, the guest blogger, wanted to concentrate more on niche sites 😉 SY

  • Chuggin

    I had no idea that Technorati had so much to offer because I have definitely been looking for more info with communities of photographers, so I’ll have to check it out. Previously, I’ve been only using Flickr.

  • LOL I guess everyone knows flickr so its good to have other, more specialised forums to check out!

  • hospitalera

    I hope you don’t mind that I edited your comment, you missed the “l” in flickr, rofl, SY

  • LMAO – you can correct my spelling anytime!

  • Eddie

    Yep, Flickr is the obvious photography site. But then I guess everyone knows about that so it doesn’t really need to be on the list.

  • hospitalera

    I agree with you and the others, Mary, the guest blogger, was clearly aiming at showing more niche, less known alternatives. I only wish guest bloggers would also more participate in the discussion their post has created ;-( SY

  • Jonny

    Well thanks, I have been looking for good photography places to visit and your list should keep me entertained for a long time to come. The Technorati site with all the photo sections looks to be the best for me.

  • Leon Huang

    Nice list! I guess Flickr is very well-known, and this list has several lesser known sites that are good info for us!

  • John

    i love deviant art, it can have some crazy stuff on it, but it really is a cool place to find some digital art.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for your comments! SY

  • John

    I would also include Twitter in this list. It is one of the biggest social networking sites and allows you to share pictures via Tinyurl to any one your followers.

  • hospitalera

    Whilst Twitter has this possibility, I still wouldn’t call it a “Social Networking Site for Photographers” SY

  • Yolanda

    Consider this: I can go to Antarctica and get cash from an ATM without a glitch, but should I fall ill during my travels, a hospital there could not access my medical records or know what medications I am on.

  • hospitalera

    What is the relation of your comment to the blog post? SY

  • Adam

    I didn’t know that Stumbleupon and Technocrati have special section for photography. I have been use it four a year.

  • hospitalera

    Now you know 😉 Have fun using them! Especially Stumbleupon has a stunning collection of photos / images etc. SY

  • Fred

    In a way I suppose it’s good having this list of more “niche” sites. On flickr your work can be drowned out in all the other rubbish!

    • hospitalera

      Yep, sometimes it is better to be a big fish in a small pond rather then to be a small fish in a big pond 😉 SY

  • Bob More

    I have been using Pbase for uploading my photos to for years and years now they have been around long before many of the newer photo sites.
    It has worked our very well for us i still use them now.

    • hospitalera

      Which networking possibilities offers pbase to photographers? Beautiful images btw! SY

  • guy bashan

    I wrote a social network for photographers. It allows you to share you photography work with others. Get real updates from your photographer friends. Get scored and rewarded for your social and photography activity. Participate in photography contests. Give it a shot.

    • hospitalera

      Seems your site is continuously down, so I took the link out, feel free to come and tell us when your site is up and running and stable. I would love to hear what makes your site different / better then other photography network sites like for example flickr? SY

      • guy bashan


        Sorry that the site was down. I had very few time this week. It is fixed now.
        I will be happy if you look at the site and give me your insight.

  • Photographers in Bromsgrove

    Excellent! This is what I’ve been looking for. I want to get some tips and ideas on photography and how to share my business with others when I get started, as well as bringing new business in. It’s great to have people to share experiences and advice with, as well as sharing ideas on what works. To Guy above, love the idea of photography contests!