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Please welcome our newest guest blogger:

If you are looking to promote your own website in your niche market, then one of the most important steps to take is beginning your own blog, which I am sure that you have figured out by now. It is still incredibly important to take some time and effort to add personal touches to your blog and website to really make yourself stand out from the rest. After all, doesn’t everyone have a blog these days, including the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County?



I myself have taken on the pseudonym Chuggin McCoffee for my website The Coffee Bump, which took a lot less brainstorming than you would imagine. Basically, I was just referring to myself chugging my own coffee one morning to get ready for work, when it stuck out to me as a hilarious name, Chuggin McCoffee, since I obviously was so delirious from not having enough caffeine in my morning coffee yet! That stuck with me, so when I started my website on all things coffee, it just seemed to make sense. For my blog, I use my own personal picture, which is totally ridiculous, but it adds a fun twist to my persona running the coffee website.
The point of the matter is that you need to do something innovative like this because the internet is full of flashy marketing techniques, so how are you going to stand out? It may be something as simple as creating your own persona for your blog or website, but it needs to be relevant to the niche that you are marketing. It is along the lines of having an interesting package for what you are presenting because how else will your users remember you amidst other competitors? There are many similar sites, even within niche markets, so it is important to make this effort and add personal touches to your blog.
I will conclude by touching upon the fact that you do need to be genuine, which is what a funny picture or name represents because people reading your blog really do want to get to know you. This is also another fantastic avenue that Twitter creates because you can actually use your own personality to market your site and your blog, gaining multiple followers. Take time to be creative and think of what may exactly work for you because who knows? You may start an blogging trend that catches fire and gains you exposure as a result!
For the best flavored coffee, be sure to check out my website today!

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  • hospitalera

    Thanks “Chuggin” for sending in this guest blog post. You know that it really works, I had great fun browsing your site since you left the first comment here ๐Ÿ˜‰ And if somebody asks me in future about a “good coffee” site, I am sure yours will come to my mind first! SY

  • I haven’t quite got round to adding a blog to my site yet, it’s on the (ever-increasing) to-do list. Is it definitely as worth the effort as you suggest? I may have to get it sorted sooner rather than later. The problem I’m not looking forward to is how to integrate it into my current design, I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

  • Thank you! I really appreciate all of your input and help, and the post looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hospitalera

    The yummy-yummy flavored coffee link is corrected ๐Ÿ˜‰ And don’t thank me for how it looks, YOU did it!

    Adding a blog is really a good idea, as it makes updating/ refreshing a web site very easy, just take out the dates from the posts *hint*hint* Regarding design, just add a tab called “blog”in your nav menu, as long as the blog has the same colors and perhaps also rounded corners, all will be fine. Have a look at the template I am using, it is incredible versatile and customizable ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • I very well agree with you. A simple personal touch makes that difference..And i watched your coffee website, its cool..I didn’t knew some of these flavours of coffee, i would like to taste them. well in our website we should have some of our own blogs, otherwise the website will just have our name not us on it.

  • Hey that was funny yet so very innovative idea, gained out of no where.Being original is the key, Original work gets noticed much faster.Sometime a simple thing like coffee can make it happen for you.
    Adding a new dimension to your personality your coffee website is definitely a hit with me :)as it has got a real idea and original taste and it smells thecoffeebump!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Now that’s a good idea when it comes to starting your own blog. Unless you are someone famous, you really need to standout and that’s where you should inject a bit of your personality in your blog. Also, it would be boring to just adopt the name “Admin” for your blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, Chuggin, have you heard that coffee could be a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease? Well, it’s actually the caffeine but coffee has loads of that. LOL

  • @hospitalera – I’ve done it, I’ve added the blog and I’ve managed to incorporate the same design into the wordpress theme. I’m really pleased with the results.

  • making your blog, your own blog is key. You need to enjoy your blog and make it something that you are proud of!

  • Adding a personal blog to the site, especially one with a special flavour is an innovative idea. Blogs many a time seem mere copies of one another. If you take your time and brainstorm ideas to reach a unique design or an innovative way to display the information than you’ll probably arrive to better results.

  • Obviously dear, you need to be outstanding inorder to grab more and more traffic, also you might heard of google devised new Algorithm, according to this algorithm, google will find any two similar post from its web database and if it founds then according to datewise, it will put the second one into lowest priority.

    Also design of blog should be outstanding, because your First impression is your last impression

  • great post, i think this is very important if you want to stand out in the sea of blogs these days, you have to be somewhat unique in some aspect of you will probably get looked over.

  • nothing makes a difference like writing about something that you’re passionate about. now – i feel like a coffee !

  • Nowadays, more and more people are having blogs whether for professional or personal use. If we want to stand out from the crowd and tell the rest that we are different and that we offer something new then we definitely neeed to add something personal to our blog.

  • Just as we are not all the same, blogs _as part of our personality or as a canvas to show a part of our personality _ should have distinctive elements. Blogging plataforms often provey us with easy to edit themes that match our likes and interests.

  • Chuggin McCoffee is a great name! Unfortunately the roads are so bad where I live (potholes, construction, etc), that I would have to use a name like Spillin McCoffee! All jokes aside, you are right that a blog should be unique and innovative. We just rolled out our new store, which has blogging capabilities. And coming up with a unique name and writing style would be perfect for my line of work.

  • good post, i think this is good, being unique can definitely set you apart from others.

  • hospitalera

    It looks superb! Great work with your Free Gadgets Blog! SY

  • hospitalera

    @Paul Nathan
    Can you provide links/ back up for your first claim? SY

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for your comments! SY

  • @Terry
    Yes, I actually wrote a blog about how the caffeine in coffee does cure Alzheimer’s! Coffee has so many health benefits, and it is getting to the point where it is rivaling green tea as the main beverage choice that is the best source of antioxidants today. Thank you again!

  • hospitalera

    I love guest bloggers that come back and react to the comments their post has created. SY

  • I liked the coffee method for blogging umm yummy. Thanks for a good article buddy

  • quick payday loans

    I like the glasses nice touch, thanks for sharing all the different flavors of coffee I have my list and plan on trying as many new kinds of coffe as i can.

  • Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  • hospitalera

    @ Fast Money
    Not easy, you need some creativity to achieve it, SY

  • bookmark

    Looking at the proliferation of personal web pages on the Net, it looks like very soon everyone on Earth will have 15 megabytes of fame

  • hospitalera

    Better said “everybody dreams of having their 15mb fame” SY

  • I must say that taking dates out of blog posts is probably the best blog advice I have heard recently.

  • hospitalera

    It works for some blogs, but make sure that you use each title only once! SY

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