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What is an adsense niche and how to find a good one? Over the last posts one word kept creeping up again and again, the word “niche”. It was either mentioned in comments / questions or nonchalantly thrown in by yours truly. So I find it only fair, before continuing to write about Google Analytics, to tell you what internet marketers, us guys and gals want to make money on the internet,  mean when we say “niche”.

In a nutshell (yeah, again) a niche is a “narrow topic” that gets monetized. So a blog like this one is not a “niche”, a web site about travel in general is not a niche, a web site for people that want to backpack in Prague IS niche. Lets look at same aspects of “niche”, perhaps it becomes then clearer:

Content / Topic: The topic is defined and narrow and the content is limited. There is only so much what you can provide as information about “backpacking in Prague”. As an opposite example “travel in general” is limitless when it comes to content.

Monetizing: Niche web sites are often set up by internet marketers to make money. Or by niche enthusiasts that want to get the word out about their peculiar pastime/ pet etc. Adsense or other pay per click programs are widely used to monetize a niche. Adsense works particularly well for niches because it provides ads that are targeted for your visitors. The more narrow your niche is, the more likely your visitors are interested in the ads as they are better targeted.

Competition: That is the point the whole niche idea rises or fails with! If you have too much competition in your niche, than it will be difficult for you to rank well in Googles search engine for your niche keywords. If there is no advertiser competition, i.e., very few advertisers available and willing to pay for adverts in your niche, you might have visitors, but you will not make any money.

In summary:

A good, money making niche is narrow, has a good search volume (many people that search for this specific topic on google), has lots of advertisers (many people that want to sell their services / products in this niche via Google Adsense) and is covered by few other web sites (you the web master, don’t have a lot of competition).

Have a look and check to see how “niche” your web site or blog, that you want to make money with really is. Use the Google Keyword Tool to look:

a) What Google thinks your web site is really about by ticking “Website content”.
b) Look how many people search for your keywords via “Global Monthly Search Volume” and
c) How much advertisers do normally pay per click for your keywords by adding the column “Estimated Avg. CPC” to your search results.

Have fun, SY

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  • To add to your summary, the other important factor to a good niche is that it is a subject with which the author is very familiar. Otherwise the site is likely to fail due to poor content.

  • William

    Short, clear and right to the point. A didactic explanation on niches and the importance of niches when starting a google ads campaign. I’m definitely going to recommend this post to my friends.

  • hospitalera

    Surely, in the beginning it is easier to write about something you know, but with time you just learn to write anything you are even only remotely interested in. And you increase your own knowledge that way also! 😉

    Thank you!

  • How can a niche be “narrow”, and yet have a good search volume?

  • Picking the right niche can make or break your success in Internet Marketing. “Using a computer”, that’s the trick, if you find a niche like that, you have struck gold! Some great tips here!

  • “Using a computer”, that’s what you should look for in your keyword research.

    It should be narrow in the sense that people will be looking for that particular thing. A good search volume would be because a lot of people are looking for that thing. Therefore, you have to strike that balance. Find a very particular activity for example which a lot of people are actually interested in.

    Hospitalera, I love this post. The most concise explanation of a niche I have read.

  • There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  • hospitalera

    That is the art, to find such a niche, and don’t worry, such niches are plenty!

    Nops, not a goldmine at all, test “using a computer” with the adwords tool and you see that is has a high search volume in broad match, but not in exact match, but it has hardly any advertisers that bid for this keyword (s). Additionally the competition is pretty fierce, if you look at the sites that rank 1-10 in Google for it. Not a good niche, imho.

    Thanks for your kind words, time invested in keyword research is actually the most important investment of all.

  • I really liked your blog! I have bookmarked it! Keep up the good work!

  • you definitely need to find a narrow niche that still doesn’t have too much competition, and seriously, the Google Keyword Tool has been my lifeline to check out all that information for myself.

  • @hospitalera, I didn’t mean the niche “using a computer” – I was adressing the person @”using a computer”. I should have used the @, I guess. I did mean, like you, that if you find a niche that has a fair amount of searches but not much competition, you have found a good niche.

  • hospitalera

    @Petra Rofl, Sorry about that! @Petra 😉 SY

  • Good tips, I don’t think it can be said enough. I see too often people targeting too broad a market and not able to capture any of it.

  • hospitalera

    @Lilly Y
    Correct that is one main mistake people make, the other is never to start! SY

  • jack parler

    Hi, I can?t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

  • hospitalera

    @Jack Parler
    Have a look at this post, hope that helps, SY

  • While adsense is particularly good for niches…. The real beauty of adsense is that it’s still just as effective for sites with a variety of content… because the topic of the article (which the user MUST be interested in if they’re reading it) will always be represented in the ads on any page – hence good conversions.

  • I appreciate you putting up this article for people to read. It took me some time to realize that I was able to become more successful with my websites if I was able to narrow down the keywords into a niche.

  • hospitalera

    I disagree, have a look at the different blog posts here on ads and content don’t always agree. But there are ways to help Google out, but that is material for another blog post as they say 😉 SY

    @Google People
    I agree, I remember the innocent days when I tried to rank for broad AND highly competitive topics like “photography”, rofl, SY

  • pinksheets

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  • hospitalera

    You have left today 20+ spammy comments on my blog and are very, very close to get an ip ban. If you are interested to become a part of the community here, cut down on spamming, read the posts and leave real comments. SY
    PS PM is a feature of a forum, this is a blog, perhaps you need to adjust your spam software! SY

  • age concern travel insurance

    i would like to tell that i found google adword tool`s traffic stats a bit different from actual stats while finding a good niche for adsense my advice would be to look a google trends to start narrowing down for hot niches and then profitable ones

  • I love using the Google KW tool to find my Adsense niches. I recommend health, law and business niches. Yes, loads of competition, however, if you pick the right micro niche you will get the traffic and HPC.

  • hospitalera

    @age concern travel insurance
    I use Google trends more to see if a niche is seasonal or “timeless” Why putting time, effort and money in a niche that has a limited “shelf life”? SY

    @Google Adsense & Money
    Market Samurai is far more advanced to do this, especially as you can save your projects in it, something what you can’t do with the Google Adsense tool. For beginners I wouldn’t recommend the topics you mentioned, you need a lot of “link power” behind you to be successful in these! Better start small, but successful, SY