Allyn and I might be up to something

This might be the shortest blog post since I wrote about ‘anchored keywords‘ but whilst I was still polishing up my ultimate blog post concerning the latest Google Farmer Update, and reading a lot of the hype, interpretation and whining in the internet marketing blogosphere, I came across this brilliant post by Allyn from Blogger Illustrated: ‘How Google Interprets Content Quality‘  Read it and pay special attention to the comment section, you will not regret it, promised 😉 SY

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6 comments to Allyn and I might be up to something ;-)

  • Thanks SY… ain’t it funny how the comments on blog posts often increase the value of the content overall? especially when you have intelligent readers! 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Intelligent comments are free content added to your blog post 😉 BTW, lets see how a short blog post that ‘alerts’ readers works … How much weight is Google putting on short, up to date and relevant posts that react to current news ??? SY

  • Lis

    Allyn Haine – I am pretty upset about this mate! Hospitalea were close as until you came on the scene mate. Hospitaliea – he’s only after the Praha beer you know. P.S. Does Ricky know?

  • Just found your post via Allyn’s site.
    I think he’s on to something significant when he discusses the reading level algo. I believe that Google has actually been working on this for some time?
    The funny thing is, as I stated on his post, is that there are some crazy SERPS ranking for some of my sites that have been neglected… Perhaps its the fact that the site has quality content vs. other sites that simply have a sentence or two?

  • I agree that you shouldn’t put crap content on your site but I really don’t think Google’s algo can determine the difference between good content and bad unless they are doing manual reviews. Something could be extremely relevant that is not well written, the real test of good content is how much it is retweeted and shared across the web.