Alternative to domain or cash parking

Buying domain names can be highly addictive, you have an idea for a niche site, check if the domain containing your main keywords is still free and OOPS you have another domain name in your ever growing portfolio of ‘great domains I will develop as soon as I have the time’. Does that sounds familiar to you? Welcome in my world. I remember a little thread we had going on in one of the internet marketing forums I frequent, where we all posted on the lines of ‘My name is …, and I am a domain pack rat.’ Others would then post things like: Breath slowly and repeat a zillion times ‘I don’t need anymore domain names, I really have enough’. But seriously now, what is the best way to handle your domain names until you use them for a ‘proper site’?

One possibility is to do nothing with them, just let them hang around at the registrar and collect dust. Not very effective money wise but as domain names get only better with age and don’t wither a reasonable option.

Domain parking

Domain or cash parking is when you sign up with a company, they run ads on your domains and you share the benefits/ money with them. Sounds like the ideal solution but there is a huge BUT I made the experience that when I took such a domain out of the program to put content on it, it would take google ages to index them. Cross that out, google would crawl them and index them but would not rank them for any search term in the world for several months. If you have only a few domains the money what you will earn with domain parking is close to nothing, but the disadvantages for future projects are huge. I had one .com domain that wouldn’t even show up in a google search of the two keywords in the url itself for months after I took it out of the parking program! So what is the solution?

Put any content on it.

And by any, I really mean any, content. Let’s take this domain, I bought it a year ago with the intention to start blogging, I installed wordpress, wrote two posts and added a widget or two and ehm, ehm, got distracted. As I checked earlier this year again I found out that the domain had now a pagerank of 0 and was properly indexed for the poor content it had on it. Since less then two months now I am updating this blog regularly and see ever increasing search traffic. So what have I learned from this? I buy a domain, put any content on it, only one page perhaps, and let it age gracefully. When I find the 25th hour in the day I digg it out and put a bit more content on it and develop it into a decent site. But I will not use cash parking for domains anymore. What do you do with your ‘leftover domains’?

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  • warren

    learn something on domain parking today. Hopefully to get more traffic and park my domain to generate some cash.

  • Count me in on that one. I had the shock of my little old lifetime about a week ago when I decided to get my Business a bit more organized again.
    I found out that I have 46 Domain Names and only 12 are developed. Looks like I will be busy for a bit.

    Yup Domain Names can be super addictive. Should we form a club of Domain Name over achievers?

  • hospitalera

    Unless you have a huge portfolio of excellent domain names you will not make any cash with domain or cash parking. Better to put some content on them and ‘release them in the wild’ to gain their keep 😉

    @Regina Regina
    ROFL, we should found something like ‘Domain pack rats anonymous’ Good luck on developing 30 domains, may I suggest that you do it as mini niche sites? 😉 SY

  • Yeah I am in for Domain Addicts Anon too! Its freshdrop that gets me – I go looking for one thing and come away with 3 new niches LOL. I am now trying to at least put something on them ASAP – I getting better but still not good …

  • hospitalera

    What is freshdrop? And I agree, putting something/ anything on a domain is really helpful to get it quickly out of google’s sandbox! SY

  • Ahh – you don’t want to go there – it would be like telling an alchoholic where to buy very,very cheap booze. – its the close out bin where expired domains that havent sold at auction end up – they cost $5 plus the re-registration of the $10 or whatever for a com (back dated to the expired date so you actually get about 11 months usually). You need to register at godaddy for their ‘after market” – I can’t remember it will tell you if you hit buy and and you are registered – I think it costs $10 for that and then you can buy as many as you want – but I did warn you OK

  • hospitalera

    LOL, sounds like domain packrat heaven, or should I say Hell? I think I stay for the moment {my moments last around 1-2 minutes) SY

  • I didn’t quite follow this one, hospitalera – are you saying that parking the domains harmed the page rank in Google’s eyes, long after you took them out of park?

    I’ve parked mine with Whypark (I wrote a Hub about it if you’re interested). They do put a few articles on the sites as well as advertising links, and you can even add a page or two of your own. I don’t know if that’s enough to avoid the problem you’re referring to?

    I just know that if I create real sites from them, I won’t be able to resist doing them properly – and that can eat up a lot of hours I don’t have!

  • hospitalera

    @Marisa Wright
    If you have unique content on the domain that is some how related to the keywords in the url, that would be ideal. I my case I had the domains parked with sedo and all what they did was slapping ads on the site, no content. Google put them forever in the sandbox for that, I think, the longest for 5 months. 5 months until the site showed up in searches after I took it out of domain parking. Whypark’s approach sounds certainly better then sedo’s. But if you take the time to write same content for a parked domain, you can do the same for a hosted one and keep all the ad revenue yourself! SY

  • Yeah that is really interesting. I think a lot of the value of cash parking comes from the quality of the domain name. I’ve got a single domain I purchased way way back before it was commonplace to own your own domain. It had been sitting idle for a number of years so on a whim I started a cash parking account & parked that single domain ( there. It started out slowly, but has picked up to about $25.00 a day the last few days… I’m not sure if it will hold up, only time will tell I guess. If only I had known then what I know now, I would have registered as many single-word domains as I could imagine, rather than just the one I did register.

  • hospitalera

    @suntouch floor heat
    You give a good example of a domain that has reasonable type in traffic. BTW, I checked the domain name you gave and it doesn’t show any adds at all, only the “for sale” link. The domain name is good, imagine what you could make when you develop a niche site around it? And yes, we all wish we would have known all this earlier and registered a good number of .com and .net domains with great keywords in them 😉

  • please watch out for some sites,(can’t mention here!) when you go to their site and fish for a domain name and don’t register it they will take it!!!! So watch out!!! They want you to pay a lot of money to get your domain name. it happen to me. I had a real unique name and i just wanted to see if it was free and the next thing you know it was taken. I have done this several times. Every time it happens.

  • hospitalera

    @Print Services Birmingham
    Never happened to me at Godaddy, would suggest you switch to them. Keep also in mind that each day millions and millions of people register new domain names just for the purpose of re-selling them with a profit. SY

  • Yeah I once got caught to a new domain which seemed really good because they had so many users enrolled, only found out a week later it was stolen! Godaddy has not let me down, and I don’t think it will… 🙂

  • hospitalera

    @Work Wear Clothing
    With users enrolled you mean subscribers? Readers? Traffic? Visitors? Did you buy just the domain or a whole web site? SY

  • This is really useful. I have been trying to monetize my blog as well, i guess I will just have to age it gracefully as well. Thanks a lot.

  • hospitalera

    @ Hershey
    Shouldn’t you monetize your images? SY

  • Learning online

    There seems to be major traffic issues with many of the domains and the rest of the other hosting websites these days. Yeah I however hear lesser complaints about godaddy though, guess they’ve managed to get themselves a good traffic management system or something..

  • hospitalera

    @ Learning online
    I don’t really understand what your point is, can you explain a bit further please? SY

  • Printers Liverpool

    I was planning to go ahead with domain parking as per advice to one of my friends. But now after reading your article I’m not so sure about it. What other options would you advice me to go on? Thanks

    • hospitalera

      The ones I have outlined in the article above 😉 Domain parking is only profitable if you have a large number of domains that still attract traffic, either because they had a good search position previously, or because they are “type in names”. SY

  • ISO 9001 Accreditation

    I’ve been introduced to domain parking by one of my colleagues who has been doing it for quite some time now. But he is happy with domain parking. I’m yet to find out about the pros and cons.

  • I’ve got a single domain I purchased way way back before it was commonplace to own your own domain. It had been sitting idle for a number of years so on a whim I started a cash parking account & parked that single domain there.

  • hospitalera

    And? Have you earned any money with it so far? SY