Any interest here in a blogging forum?

I am sure many of us miss the forum and the exchange with other bloggers, mutual help, tips and tricks exchange. If there is any interest I could host a dedicated board here on this domain. I host already an international microstock forum and it wouldn’t be much work to set up a board that is dedicated to blogging. But I will only do so if there is any interest… So what do you think? Would you be interested? Please leave your opinion in a comment. SY

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13 comments to Any interest here in a blogging forum?

  • Thomas

    Sure. I am interesting. I think that would be great.

  • hospitalera

    Great! I am not after huge numbers, a few of us that would be active would be more effective/ beneficial for everybody involved that a big numbers of lurkers 😉 SY

  • Great idea — I’m interested! Thanks!

  • hospitalera

    @Ms Terri
    Great! Lets see if I get a few more takers first 😉 If not I am ending up speaking to myself ;-( SY

  • Yes, good idea.
    Btw, when I want to drop with my new computer all of sudden the same blog opens at least in 20 different windows all the same…..this also happened with other computers but not that often? Only with this old PC not all the time. DO you know how comes? Makes it impossible for me to drop..((

  • hospitalera

    That sounds to me more like a browser problem than a computer problem! Which browser are you using? SY

  • Hans

    windows internet on vista

  • Onceandfuturefarmer

    I’d be perfectly pleased to close out the forum that’s been open for about a week; initial interest seems to have dwindled to nothing. Or, if you’re interested you’re more than welcome to take over as admin there.

  • hospitalera

    Does your cryptic comment translate to “I am using Internet Explorer on Windows Vista”? If so, may I kindly suggest that you download a decent browser like FireFox 3 (free) and install the Entrecard toolbar (also free)? Thanks, after that, if you still have problems, we really have a problem 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    Oops, didn’t know that somebody already had the forum idea, can you give me a link to it? Pretty please 😉 SY

  • yes, ?’m using internet explorer with vista.)
    shall see if your advice is worth what you say.thanks anyway.
    but many blogs are too full with tralalala etc. instead of content.))

  • hospitalera

    Ok, all set-up here 😉 Please register normally on the forum and I will approve your account asap. We had lately a lot of spammers, that is the reason new accounts are now set to admin approval 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    The entrecard toolbar allows you to mark blogs as favourites with one click, this way I browse first the blogs that are worth reading (that includes internation musings 😉 and I only drop more cards if I have time to spare. SY