Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

Market not Article Samurai

Market Samurai is a good product, Article Samurai is --- NOT!!!

Hi guys and gals, I just got the ‘priority email’ aka ‘don’t miss this super-duper chance that comes around only once in your lifetime (Not!)’ that Article Samurai opens again and that begs the question: Should you buy it or NOT!? Like I wrote in my previous post here >Article Samurai or Spamurai?‘ I consider this type of internet marketing and attempt at SEO sooo pre-Panda! And no, imho, save your money also this time round and don’t buy it! Why you ask? I still hold to what I stated previously:

Cheap article marketing, especially one that uses / promotes, spun content, is an absolute No-No since the latest Panda / Farmer Update that Google implemented.

Methods like this add no value whatsoever to your own websites nor to the internet as a whole.

Remember the real reason Google hates >web spam< is that it doesn’t add anything to the real users’ experience, nor to Google’s bottom line (see my article here:

In summary, save your money, there are no short cuts to get on the first page of Google for your keywords. The only thing that works long term is to actually provide useful content for real people. You might want to check out the >Keyword Strategy Model< for this one …

As for the ‘sales pitch’ the Article Samurai ninjas send out, here my take:

  • ‘Article Samurai is Re-Opening at 10:00am THIS Thursday 8th December US Pacific time, and we want to give you early access so you don’t miss out again.’ Typical ‘this is scarce, so don’t miss it sales pitch.’ Nuff said!
  • ‘Article Samurai sold out in 13 minutes.’ I pity the people that paid  /are paying for it …
  • ‘The good news is, because you signed up to our ‘Priority’ waiting list, we’re going to allow you to cut to the front of the queue this time – and get a 24 hour head start on everyone else THIS Thursday 8th December at 10:00am US Pacific time.’ I only signed up to that ‘priority email list’ to warn others not to sign up and to save their money. Unlike the other, typical ‘Is XYX a Scam’ blog posts’ this one doesn’t contain an affiliate link to the ‘irresistible offer’ in question. Why you ask, because I can’t recommend it and believe it to be actually harmful to your sites. As easy as that —

‘What is Article Samurai actually?’ Glad you asked, and here the real answers to their sales email, the quotes are taken directly from it:

  • ‘As you already know, the current search engine situation sucks. It’s almost impossible to get rankings these days – even for the “easy” keywords.’ No, it isn’t that difficult as they pretend it to be, I have several sites that prove the opposite! Just write the best article possible that answers a certain search query aka keyword and you will rank, especially if the competition is low. I rank for literally hundreds, if not thousands of keywords, across all my websites, without the need to resort to dodgy dark-grey hat methods, so this one is B…S!
  • “Well, that is unless you have Article Samurai in your arsenal…” Eh, no, doing cheap and useless article marketing that includes spun content as Article Samurai does, can actually harm your site, not help it. I wouldn’t risk it and nor should you …
  • ‘You see, to have any chance of Ranking these days, YOU NEED links, and lots of them. And Article Samurai is hands down, the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to build tens of thousands of links to your website, without needing bucket loads of cash, or an army of outsourcers.’ Eh, again, no, you don’t need links in the first place, you need good, keyword and reader focused content first and foremost and the links will come naturally, without you doing – nothing! And Article Samurai will only give you some low value links that Google, and other search engines, barely recognize …
  • ‘It allows you to, write, spin, review, categorize and syndicate your articles to the largest and most diverse network of over 50,000 websites and blogs, in less than 10 minutes.’ WOAW! Really? I mean they will spin and re-distribute my content over and over again, who couldn’t resist that offer? Actually I can, since the latest Panda / farmer update Google is cracking down massively on this kind of content farms and they are useless – so don’t waste your money on them …
  • ‘No other tool or service in the world can build you tens of thousands of links, as quickly and easily as Article Samurai can!’ The links are useless, see above, and it doesn’t matter therefor if there is a worse spam program available or not …

‘And it follows the usual advice on how to make the most money out of your list / readers and how to pinch this ‘unique offer’ best. As I said, I only recommend on what I use AND what I can recommend to others, Article Samurai is not amongst these offers … And I don’t care if I am on the cutting edge of this promo or not and therefore there will be no single affiliate link for Article Samurai on this blog… despite the ‘scarcity tactic’ of ‘only’ 1,000 spots available …

Don’t get me wrong, the guys at Noble Samurai made a great product that I am using daily, but it isn’t called Article Samurai, it is called >>>Market Samurai<<< and that product I am happy to promote – because it is great and useful.

For Article Samurai I only have one word ‘Article Spamurai!’

As always, feel free your opinions and questions in a comment, I promise, I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities …

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8 comments to Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

  • I couldn’t agree more.I don’t trust this types of services. I only do automatic submissions but write the articles my own or outsource it on freelance websites. I want to know your thought about Unique Article Wizard just in case you have heard of it before.

    • hospitalera

      Yes John, I have heard of UAW and as far as I know Google has cracked and de-valued that link network since time.

  • Thanks for the honest review. What’s your take on the Article Marketing Automation (AMA) network? Same fate as UAW?

    • hospitalera

      I haven’t heard of AMA before, but it looks like they follow the same approach like UAW so, sooner or later, they will go down the same route imho. SY

  • John Robert

    Is that really free Hospitalera? No catch? I might give it a try. I’m trying to maximize the earning potential of my blogs. Currently, I’m serving Adsense ads only.

    • hospitalera

      Do you mean Keyword Strategy? Yes, you can try it out for 30 days without subscribing, only thing required is an email address, so if you don’t like it, you simply do nothing. The opposite to other offers out there where you do have to unsubscribe. As for maximizing your earnings, think about what your readers / visitors are interested in and offer them that … Hope that helps, SY

  • I wish I would have read this article before I purchased and used AS. I, too LOVE market Samurai and believed this product would be good. I started using it and sure enough my page position went down – a LOT. The sad thing is I started using it with clients as well. There has to be SOME way to use article marketing in a good way. Any thoughts? Anyone?

  • ken

    I don’t think anyone other than static websites need article samurai. We can rank any keyword in time, just don’t rush it. Complete SEO services are fraud, even if they bring up results at start , the sites eventually lose their ranks to high quality sites which create HQ articles.