Article Samurai or Spamurai?

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If you own a copy of Market Samurai and / or are subscribed to their newsletter, chances are that you have received over the last weeks a series of well made sales pitches. Today I received the email with the details of their new product ‘Article Samurai’, including the price. Before you even think of buying it, I would strongly suggest that you read not only this blog post, but also the comments left on the last Article Samurai video! Here a summary what is published so far and my, not so humble, opinion about their latest offering.

First let me make clear that I love Market Samurai to bits and use it extensively (for some of my previous blog posts regarding this genial piece of software see the following >>>link<<<) And until now I had a high opinion of the guys that developed it. They seemed to me to be some of the few good guys in the ocean full of sharks that is called ‘Internet Marketing’. But this has changed, read on to see why.

Here the promised summary and opinions

Video One (link) is called ‘Behind the Scenes’. It basically gives an insight in how big SEO companies, that have a lot of money and man power, work. Interesting, but nothing valuable for the average Joe or Jane in it. But it explains article syndication rather nicely, soon you will understand why ;-( When you watched, note what the ‘big SEO guys’ understand under article syndication and compare it to what Article Samurai is supposed to do. And as an added bonus here a video ‘from the horse’s mouth’ regarding the value, or lack thereof, low quality article syndication.

My opinion about the type of article syndication Article Samurai offers is that it compares in nothing to what ‘real’ SEO companies do that use article syndication as part of their overall strategy.

Since Panda, content farms like eZine and the like have taken a big hit in the SERPentines meaning syndicating articles via them is in the best of cases useless and in the worst of cases can even damage your site’s reputation in the eyes of the search engines. Article Samurai doesn’t specify to which directories the articles are send, only that it is ‘one of the largest networks in the world’, but it will not take long until this network is exposed by some ‘search savvy’ user! Or by Google itself … Finding the footprint will be as easy as becoming a member, submitting some articles and waiting for them to be indexed and searching for them.

On the other hand, the real good SEO tip in this video is to use PPC advertising to test how your site would perform, and convert!, when it would end up naturally on the top spot in Google. That tip is a keeper, and given for free ;-

Video Two (link) is called ‘The 5-Step System’ and gives a nice introduction about what SEO and internet marketing actually are. If you are a beginner to the game, this might well be worth watching. The bad point is that it promotes content spinning as a viable way to create more content for back link articles โ€“ without mentioning that this again is frowned upon by the search engines and considered to be ‘Black Hat SEO’. And the recommended size of the articles is 300 words. Combine the two together and you will understand why people already have started to call this software — Article Spamurai!

Again, there is a good tip hidden in the video, the one about how to choose and vary your anchor text, but it misses the point that a bunch of super-perfect optimized anchor text can also raise the eye brows of the search engines, or a red warning flag if you prefer. Having the odd ‘click here’ and even nofollow link in your back link profile makes it look far more natural than only perfect links!

The next thing that is explained nicely is what the so-called ‘duplicate content penalty’ actually means, it is more correctly a duplicate content filter for the search results, but for practical reasons, that is pretty much the same, as the ultimate goal is to rank in the search engines.

Video Three (link), ‘Large Scale Backlinking’ is the video that really got my back up, here is why:

The Product and Price Relation of Article Samurai

Here is what you get for your money:

A standalone software, with some of the usual Market Samurai modules included, that allows you to do keyword research, write (yes, you still have to write them!) and spin your article, submit it to the network and track it’s fate in the SERPentines. That’s all, but it will cost you at least $97 / month !!!

If you own already Market Samurai, and you need it to get the lower price, this is very little added extra benefit for such a hefty subscription fee. The guys at Article / Noble Samurai justify it by saying that they also have to pay for access to the distribution network and for the spinning software. And here comes the next catch, whilst you can submit as many articles as you want, you only get 50 ‘spinning credits’ per month. That means you can only spin maximal 50 articles per month automatically, if you want to do more you have to buy more credits (price not specified). Buy the way, the spinning software used is from, a site that has received very mixed reviews in the past from the IM community.

The final price structure looks like this:

  • $97 / month for the first 500 takers, with the 200 beta testers having precedence over anybody else.

They ‘say’ that then the launch will be closed in order to see how all works under full work load, the spinning, the software and the syndication. Honestly, if I would pay that amount of money per month, I would expect that it works under whatever work load. Later they seem to plan to sell the program for:

  • $127 / month for those that already own Market Samurai.

$197 month for non MS owners. As Market Samurai is only a one time payment of $97 it seems to me very cheeky to charge an extra $70 / month for it. If you really want to buy Article Samurai one day, what I don’t recommend, I do suggest that you buy Market Samurai first to save money. And yes, Market Samurai I do recommend, here my >>>Happy Market Samurai Affi Link<<< ๐Ÿ˜‰

In summary, a lot of the content in the videos is good โ€“ some is not and the product offered is overpriced. What you can learn from the whole thing is how to launch a new product AND how to cash in on your good online reputation:

  • Find a problem that needs solving.
  • Develop a solution, real or perceived, to that problem.
  • Heighten expectations about this solution with marketing strategies.
  • Give a lot of good, free information about things surrounding the problem with stressing the fact that only your solution is the best way to solve it.
  • Create scarcity and hype by offering only a limited amount of spaces / products and mention casually that the price will rise later.
  • Oh, yes, and hire and pay for the best copy writer you can afford!

Then you might get the following reaction โ€œWow, whatever it is you guys are selling at the end of the videos, I am buying it!โ€ (written by on of the commentators on their video blog)

By all means, read the emails and listen to the videos, try to learn how they structured everything and observe the excellent copy writing skills shown, but bear in mind what another commentator wrote and don’t drag everything out too long,

โ€œMarket Samurai is a great product. You guys really didn’t need to go to these lengths to push your new product. I’d have bought into it just on the basis of how good Market Samurai is. Now I’m not so sure… โ€œ

As for if it works, analyze the ‘success stories’ in the third video for yourself, or look in the comment section for what have others discovered โ€“ it looks bad!

Recommended Article Samurai Alternatives

For beginners the best one would be to join >>>The Keyword Academy<<<. The first 30 days are free, the monthly subscription is considerably lower (less than 50% of Article Samurai) and they do have a guest posting system what you can use to publish articles on related sites that YOU choose. They also give you a pretty good grounding in Internet Marketing, SEO etc, without the hype. If you make the most out of your free 30 days, you will have learned a lot, amongst it how to distinguish b***s from good stuff.

If you are an experienced internet marketer than the words ‘syndicating spun content to get back links’ will hopefully raise warning flags with you. The times for this are over guys! This way of Black Hat SEO is a continuous uphill battle that the search engines are getting better and better at winning. Why don’t you try something new?

For example >>>Keyword Strategy<<< (no affi program, *sigh*, bad boys Now that they have one, link changed to affi link, a woman has to live;-)). A system, and tool, that focuses on finding the best longtail keywords for your site, automates internal linking and tracks your rank in the search engines, all without the need of building one single back link, just by finally writing great content that is actually useful to a human reader! And the best thing is you can set up two projects for 30 days without any costs involved, just an email address is needed. If you are looking to get out of the treadmill of writing articles for back links and want to concentrate on building up your own site, this is the way to go. BTW, the creator of Keyword Strategy is the same guy that runs Universe Today, which receives an average of ‘only’ 60,000 visitors — per day! I think this guy knows something about internet marketing that is worth listening to, such as >>>The Importance of Internal Links in SEO<<<.

If you insist on back link building, I suggest outsourcing content writing, or doing it yourself, and concentrating on publishing it on sites that have a high authority in Google and are relevant to your own niche and market. One such link will be worth more than 1,000 low quality links from content farms. You don’t need a zillion links to rank, you just need a few of the right ones!

Or you could get really creative and do something along the lines of

Compare the Meerkat / Compare the Market

Whilst not many of us have enough money for such an extensive campaign, try to see and think outside the typical IM box and find a new and fresh way to promote your website. Don’t rely on spun article syndication for this โ€“ Article Spamurai is bad for you, simples ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here one of my favorite videos from the early days of the campaign and if somebody can tell me who designed this SEO and SMO masterpiece, I would love to interview them for this blog!

Famous Last Words

I would have loved to leave a comment on the video blog on Noble / Article Samurai itself, but I bluntly refuse to give everybody and anybody access to my Facebook account and details and there is no way to leave a comment there without doing so, really bad form!

On the other hand, you can leave here a comment, so tell me what you think:

Article Samurai or Spamurai? Is article syndicating in an automated form still working or is it time to say ‘Adios’ to it? Looking forward to the discussion, take care, SY

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44 comments to Article Samurai or Spamurai?

  • Nice review – I’ll use your link if I try it and thanks for taking the time to summarize it for us! What I especially like is the quality spinning – so many of my sites got smacked due to me spinning with ‘thebestspinner’ that I just about gave up. It does seem expensive, but in my area, an adword click can cost a dollar, so its actually not that expensive in my eyes…

    • hospitalera

      Lol, there is no affi link for Article Samurai, because I do not recommend it, have fun spinning, but I wouldn’t put too much trust in it ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • We just launched an affiliate program. Not that we caved to pressure or anything… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • hospitalera

    Update: Went out of the house for a few hours, new puppy needs exercise!, and came home to two email. The first telling me that only 360 places were left (apparently the beta testers were fast in snatching up the spots) and the second telling me that Article Samurai sold out in only 33 minutes. And offering me a place on the priority waiting list …
    My personal guess is that Article Samurai opens again in around a week, due to popular demand and pressure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will keep you posted, SY

  • Hi…thanks for the info from a pro or someone who’s been around longer than me.

    I have Market Samurai and it is wonderful!! I just don’t understand how they can put out a new product when they haven’t perfected modules and items on Market Samurai….They still keep promising to put up more videos to explain things not addressed yet in MS. And MS is still in beta….Believe me, if I could afford $97 a month….maybe I would have bitten…but then again…is this new piece of software in Beta too? Is it slow too? Just saying….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is a great, intelligent review. I was feeling bad that I hadn’t gotten into the launch (I missed their email)…but was ready to fork over the $97 a month. Now I’m glad that I didn’t. I am going to study this keyword strategy thingie.

    Its always a struggle for us small business types who have such limited time to do internet marketing…so actually useful tools are much appreciated. But looks like this AS may not be the holy grail as advertised.

    Nice blog, will follow your posts now. Found you based on searching for “article samurai”. Nice rankings! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hospitalera

      Thanks herbalcoffee ;-). I had a short look at your site. What I would suggest is that you add a blog to it and write posts about the kind of information people are actually looking for. To find the right keywords you can use any keyword research tool, like Market Samurai or you can plug your site into the Keyword Strategy System. Additionally I would also look out for guest posting opportunities on ‘real’ sites in the ‘life healthy’ niche. Hope that helps, SY

  • Thanks for the write up. I came across this looking for software. I appreciate the honesty here, as I was looking for some help and was considering the Samurai. I think I’m going to take your advice instead and try to look elsewhere. Thanks for the good links!

  • Thanks for your thoughtful review.

    A very good summary of our content, and some of the learning points.

    I’d like to talk to two of your points in your review just to add clarification:

    1. The price point of $97 / month.

    We partnered with several of the largest article syndication platforms to create the network of 50,000 sites that Article Samurai syndicates to.

    While we aren’t able to say who all the players are under the terms of our agreements, I can say that as much as $80 per month of that $97 per month doesn’t go to us. It goes to our syndication partners and to ContentBoss. And that’s after the volume wholesale pricing that we’re able to negotiate.

    When comparing one syndication product to another, I think it’s important to highlight that you would actually need multiple services to get the same kind of syndication as you’ll get through our network.

    The other $17 / month is left to pay for support, infrastructure and to pay back several hundred thousand dollars in R&D. We’re not getting rich off Article Samurai!

    That being said, we know that at $97/month it will be out of the reach of a lot of people, and that’s unfortunate. And if it’s out of reach then I would recommend investing in a cheaper price to get some syndication, or even to do so by hand until you start getting the results that would justify the investment in more leverage.

    2. The results

    We’re very clear in all our marketing that this is a quantity of links product, not a quality of links product. We have found the odd PR-5 link come back from the network, but that’s still rare.

    In SEO there are 3 levels of link-building:

    Level 1: Indexing – Social bookmarking, RSS submission, etc. Small number of links intended to get your content indexed on the right keywords and into the search engine index.
    Level 2: Leveraged Quantity – Lots of anchor-text relevant links built in a highly-leveraged way. Helps build an element of site authority, and can produce rankings for lower competition keywords.
    Level 3: High Quality – A smaller number of high-authority links (typically high PR if you believe that sort of thing). Often you can’t get the anchor text you want at this level, but sometimes you can.

    Article Samurai is a Level 2 product.

    It’s not going to get you position 1 for competitive keywords without some level 3 linking as well. You can expect to get to page 1 or 2 for moderately competitive keywords, and position 1-3 for low competition keywords.

    He had a problem, a lot of users were struggling to get rankings. I’d stand up at SEO conferences and do sites analyses and see a big gaping hole in their backlinking.

    In terms of Mr. Cutts’ video – I did watch that and worry. Article Marketing does work today. I talk to a lot of SEOs and they use syndication as the foundation of their link-building in one shape or the other (even if it’s syndicating to their own networks of web2.0 sites). Will it continue to work? I believe so. Will it work as well? We’ll wait and see.

    Is it worth $97 / month? I think in terms of the leverage that you’ll get on your time (doing hours of syndication in minutes), and being able to access such as large, curated syndication network for a fraction of the cost of paying for them all separately I believe it is.

    I’m glad you loved Market Samurai. I’m sorry Article Samurai wasn’t up to your expectation. It’s certainly a hard act to follow!! Please let me know how you’d like to see it improved and we’ll see what we can do. (Shoot me an email).

    • hospitalera

      Thank you Eugene for addressing so extensively the issues I raised ๐Ÿ˜‰

      My main problem with Article Samurai is twofold:

      1) It doesn’t stress enough the factor that this kind of link building is, in the best of cases, only part of a successful link building strategy.

      Whilst you spell that here out in your comment, in the videos (which seem to be have taken down now???) and sales letter it sounds more like ‘5-10min a day with AS will get you to page one in Google for whatever keyword’.

      2) It promotes article spinning and syndicating said articles which is littering the internet even further and highly frowned upon by Google.

      Every network can be discovered by Google and its links be devalued and – in the worst of cases – the websites linked to from these networks get punished / de-indexed too.

      As for the price, even if you kept ‘only’ $17, this multiplied by 500 means still that you made around $8,500 in less than an hour. And as it is safe to say that AS will re-open sooner or later, this is just the beginning.


      • Thanks for your comments.

        We’ve moved the videos from the domain to the article domain as that will be the evergreen location of the content.

        In our videos and our sales message we make it very clear that article syndication is only part of successful SEO. You need much more than a single link-building strategy to succeed. Our testing has shown that for low competition keywords you can get to page one, but for more competitive terms it may help get you to the first few pages, but you would need assistance from “Level 3” link-building techniques to secure a position 1-3 ranking.

        Spinning and shotgun article syndication is cluttering up the net and filling it with junk.

        If you give anyone leverage they will abuse it. A knife can be used to kill or to cut bread. It doesn’t make the knife good or evil per se, it’s in the intent.

        Most of the tools and networks out there have no quality filters.

        The network syndication partners what we’e partnered with have very high quality standards, to make sure that only high-quality content will be syndicated.

        If you try to syndicate crap it will be knocked back.

        Syndication as a link-building strategy is similarly neither good or evil. It’s how it’s used.

        For example, we take all our training videos and also post them to vimeo and other video hosting sites to make sure that our content is going to the widest possible audience, rather than people having to come to our site. Is this evil, or just good marketing? It’s about taking our content to where the people are.

        Now we have the same tool to help us take our text-based content to thousands of blogs and article directories.

        Certainly it has the side benefit of creating links, but the primary focus of any syndication should be to create value. If someone was to stumble upon your content on someone else’s blog or while searching an article directory for some content, then quality and value should be the most important factor, with the links being a happy byproduct of getting your great content out there.

        • free top keywords

          Hello Eugene,

          But if you’re spinning articles, how can that be high quality articles? Isn’t spinning by definition creating junk?

  • Hi,

    Personally, I thought that there were enough comments in the videos to highlight that this is only ‘part’ of a link building strategy. Although if the vids are gone, then I can’t refer to anything!

    I too am an avid MS customer, and think it has made a massive impact on how I conduct some parts of my online business. But I have to agree that the price is high, especially if you consider that SE Nike X is available at the same price ($127 currently), and offers not just article submission (or syndiction), but Web2.0, bookmarking, video and RSS syndication too from what I remember of the subscription.

    The Noble Samurai position in the IM market should have given them more leverage that only keeping 20% of the beta test money for themselves – maybe the negotiations didn’t go well, or the guys with the ‘syndication sites’ hold more weight than I thought.

    I read somewhere that the number of MS users is in the millions. If that is the case, then a lower price point, and a reduced percentage payout to their partners would surely have made sense – pricing it so all members can afford it will generate more $$ for all parties in the long term, no? More customers equals more turnover in any business I have been involved with. I guess the scarcity and desire tactics will provail in this case because of the MS reputation.

    As for Content Boss, I would rather have the option to turn this off and import my own content. It would also be more than useful to be able to rotate anchors and URL’s. Grabbing low competition KW placement doesn’t require a lot of backlinks, but Article Samurai seems to limit each article to just a few anchors and keywords.

    Just my humble opinion of course, not having tested the program because of it’s incredibly quick beta sell out time.

    Personaly, I will add it to my collection of subscriptions when it is available. It’s a shame that the beta was capped at 500 users. Market Samurai’s beta version lasted a couple of years (as of today, 07/08/11 in the UK), and I’m not sure we have reached version 1.0 yet.

    Happy linking


    • hospitalera

      Yes, the fact that the videos, and comments!, have been taken down is a bit disconcerting, the next time AS opens all the initial remarks, critiques and questions will be not available, giving them a nice clean place to start selling from again.

    • Hi San,

      The use of ContentBoss is optional. We support the importing of “spintax” into the tool so you can use other tools such as the Best Spinner.

      The reason we went with ContentBoss for the initial launch was to keep our users out of trouble. We’ve found that as a result of the panda update that Google is doing essentially a grammar/language syntax check of new content, and if it fails it simply won’t get indexed. Their work in google translate, etc makes this very easy for them to do.

      Articles with poor language structure is simply not being indexed. Tools such as the best spinner are awesome, but without strong attention to detail, a few small errors can easily introduce a lot of errors. That’s why for the moment at least we’re not supporting nested spins in the UI (though you can import nested spins into AS).

      We’ll hope to open up Article Samurai again soon. We’re focusing on taking care of the initial 500. We’ve done an owner’s webinar, and we’re producing another 4 training videos to make sure our customers get the most out of Article Samurai.

      If you’re using SE Nuke X then you’re definitely a more sophisticated marketer. Article Samurai is designed to do one thing well – quality article syndication.

      Article Samurai is targeted to people who have set up a website, done some basic SEO, and are struggling with getting links built and ranking.

      It’s still useful for more advanced marketers due to the ease and speed of syndication, and ease of outsourcing, of course.

      We’ve fixed a whole lot of little bugs with AS, and will opening up again soon! Thanks for your patience. We really want it to be 100% before we take on more customers. We’re also monitoring manual approval times with our partners to make sure that when we re-open people are getting the articles approved within 24-48 hours, instead of weeks.

  • How would Article Samurai differ (significantly) from some of the affiliate offers that you have on this website – such as Build My Rank and Linx Boss? Isn’t it true that any automated paid link service is by definition a Link Farm (discoverable by Google) or is there a difference between these services? Do you believe that there is such a thing as a quality paid link service – if so what service to you recommend? Also – I would like to get your opinion on Synnd.

    • hospitalera

      AS includes, and advocates, article spinning, that is the main difference. BMR requires unique content that has to pass a human editor in order to get posted to their network of blogs, similar to traditional guest blogging, but without the need to contact each blog owner separately. LinxBoss on the other hand adds your link to existing blog pasts and pages. As for prices, BMR is cheaper, Linxboss is more expensive than AS. But both distribute unique, not spun content and not, like AS, several spun versions of the same content. That is for me the main difference. As for, never heard of them before, will have a look! And yes, all these methods are not exactly White Hat SEO, so if you want to be sure to stay on the good site of Google, perhaps better not to use them ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • @Eugene

    ‘Weโ€™re not getting rich off Article Samurai!’

    Then you’re doing something wrong.

    MS is an awesome tool and undervalued at $97 but I think you’ve blundered trying to make up for it with such a hefty subscription for AS. It also sounds like you didnt get a good deal from content boss (the ‘big dogs’ i hear) or the networks.

    As a MS user I’d have upgraded to get it as an extra module and I would have paid a subscription for that – but not as much as you’re asking – even at the discounted rate.

    And yes, the video pitches did irritate me and was one reason I decided not to buy what ever was offered by the second video. If you had emailed me and said do you want to buy an article spinning and syndication module I probably would’ve bought it that day.

    But you haven’t answered one of the key concerns that Hospitalera, I and many others have. Is Article Samurai and article spinning Black Hat?

    If the network is discovered the whole thing could go bang and take your excellent rep with it.

    PS I would have posted this on MS comments but don’t use my personal facebook for business.

    • Hi James,

      The reason for the price is the range of the networks that Article Samurai has access to.

      We may make an “Article Samurai” “light” version available which has access to a more limited number of networks (say 15,000 sites) in the future. But for the launch we didn’t want to cripple our product.

      We also may switch it on as a module in Market Samurai for Article Samurai subscribers if there is sufficient demand.

      Unfortunately with marketing it’s difficult to work out who to target.

      You’re obviously a more sophisticated marketer.

      Article Samurai was targeted towards people who have a website, have done some SEO, and are struggling to find a way to build some links and get rankings. Many of these people would not understand content spinning or syndication hence the first two introductory videos.

      Also, in the long-term we wanted to make sure that whether people subscribed or didn’t that they’d still walk away with some great information bout article marketing. We’ve struggled to find good info out there about article marketing, so the first two videos in particular are more training videos than marketing.

      Our focus at the moment is to make sure that the initial 500 subscribers are getting a great experience and are putting article samurai to work in their businesses. We’ve held a Q&A webinar last week, and have been creating a range of more training videos to teach our subscribers how to get the most out of article samurai.

  • Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your considered and detailed responses but I’m finding them a bit contradictory.

    “Certainly it has the side benefit of creating links, but the primary focus of any syndication should be to create value.”

    From memory all the ‘results’ spiel in the final video was based on link accumulation and graphs. X links in 1 week, XX links in 3 months etc… I dont remember any value other than links being mentioned.

    ‘the primary focus of any syndication should be to create value. If someone was to stumble upon your content on someone elseโ€™s blog or while searching an article directory for some content, then quality and value should be the most important factor,’

    Where is the value in spun content and what websites/ blogs of any value/ readership accept mass spun articles?!

    C’mon eugene we’re all adults. No-one reads these networked splogs let alone searches an article directory for some content (unless they’re going to lift and post it).

    ‘Unfortunately with marketing itโ€™s difficult to work out who to target. ‘

    Maybe this is why you’re not getting rich off Article Samurai ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Marketers use strategies based on their budget, or at least I do ๐Ÿ™‚ If I had masses of money, I’d have everything written fresh. And then would be very unhappy to see it getting scraped and republished without my permission. Which is what happens now of course. And the worst culprits? people stealing others content with a $10 spinner that churns out junk and fills the web with gibberish. Which is why Google etc have recently devoted so much effort to weeding them out – bad syntax, no index. So Eugene is right that quality spinning is essential, and IMHO, you’re wrong. Syndicating without unique content is pointless, as you yourself imply.

    or as Article Samurai would say (yes, I have it now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Marketing specialists use methods primarily based on their budget, or I for one do :- ) If I had tons of cash, I would have everything written fresh. And then would be exceedingly sad to witness it getting scraped and republished without my authorization. Which is what occurs now naturally. And the worst perpetrators? Folks swiping others content with a $10 spinner that generates junk and fills up the net with nonsense. Which is the reason why Google etc have just recently dedicated so much effort to sieving them out – bad syntax, no index. So Eugene is perfectly correct that quality spinning is vital, and IMHO, you are not right. Syndicating without original text is useless, as you imply.

  • It seems a lot of people are getting stuck on the point of ‘spinning’ text. When spinning first became an option, I agree that there were issues with spammy content. I was part of the problem when I first started to use the technique, which is why I wondered about the option for importing text that hadn’t been ‘spun’ by ContentBoss.

    It’s good to hear that AS accepts prespun text, because I prefer to spend a couple of hours creating something that reads well in multiple versions, rather than having a program decide for me what is best.

    The benefit of these syndicated ‘spun’ articles, IMHO, is they provide backlinks. No more, no less. I’m under no illusions that this type of program will make me rich, or even send me direct traffic (because they are after all just replicated articles on generally low PR/authority websites). The benefit comes from link diversity, and using programs such as AS allows me to generate many (albeit lower quality) backlinks which accompany the links I receive from other sources – the manual kind which take longer to achieve and are from higher quality sources.

    It is very similar to writing a press release for your business, and submitting it to a few PR sites. Over time, other sites syndicate the release and republish it. But in the case of PR’s, they are often not even spun – just the same thing reposted dozens, or hundreds of times.

    Have you seen what Google does with those pages? Rather than ignoring them, it seems like they take a page that they decide best fits the search query, and then adds a + sign under the result to allow the searcher to look at related results – more often than not the same article/PR on multiple sites.

    Price becomes irrelevant if you are looking at your business (your site/s) from a top line perspective. A link is a link is a link, or so ‘they’ say. If you do not have the funds to subscribe to AS, choose something that fits your budget. This isn’t the first product that offers spinning/syndication and it won’t be the last.

    But try and think outside the box. Don’t point all your links at your destination website – add in some other pages that might benefit from links – EzineArticles/Squidoo/HubPages/ – whatever. If you have concerns, then send the links to other sites that link to your main site. If you have heard that said before, then maybe there is something in that, and maybe you can take the extra leap and see how something like AS can help boost your sites ranking position.

    If the site owner would allow (hospitalera), I will add a link to one of my sites detailing how I ‘spin’ my articles. Maybe it would help some people who are on the fence about submission software in general to get a different view on how content spinning can be achieved – in conjunction with other methods of course!

    Eugene, for the people that ‘get’ what you are trying to achieve through your service, I hope you make a pretty penny, and I hope you don’t delay the re-release of your product for too long. If you read this, then I would like to be on the pre-dawn early-bird list (or whatever the popular phrase is at the moment…)

    Happy linking all,


    • hospitalera

      Spinning is spamming imho because it doesn’t add new information, it just rewords the existing one, adding so nothing of value to the internet. As for back links that are “…because they are after all just replicated articles on generally low PR/authority websites” why then bother getting them at all? Don’t you think getting a large amount of low quality links could raise a warning flag with Google? SY

  • Chantelle

    The thing most auto, boot tools are the instant way to send links. These ones tend to spam.
    The sad fact about having use some tools are the ones that aren’t shown their backdraft, they only tell the benefits without letting the purchasers to see the other bad effects on their services.

  • @ free top keywords LOL, they were BOTH spun!

    @ Hospitalera, fair point, not adding any new info may be an issue, BUT… lots of stuff in the modern world doesn’t “add any new info”. Every soap on tv for instance. All spinning does (or ‘proper’ spinning, anyway) is give the little fella a chance to compete on an even playing field with the big guys by improving the odds that search engines will display your stuff for an increased range of searches. If search engines were better at their jobs it wouldn’t be needed. The people who abuse the technique are already getting banned by the engines, who have a very simple way of weeding out badly spun stuff now, and are using it. You can’t rank for anything using gibberish anymore, and THAT is a good thing. IMHO.

  • Hello Everyone
    I hope Article Samurai will open soon again
    I think the best way to know if it works or not is just to test it and see the results
    discussion is about theory, test is about results ๐Ÿ˜‰
    but it’s good to have a contradictory opinion from hospitalera

  • “Spinning is spamming imho because it doesnโ€™t add new information, it just rewords the existing one, adding so nothing of value to the internet. As for back links that are โ€œโ€ฆbecause they are after all just replicated articles on generally low PR/authority websitesโ€ why then bother getting them at all? Donโ€™t you think getting a large amount of low quality links could raise a warning flag with Google?”

    If you are trying to make the internet a better place, then that is great. If everything you want to publish, whether it be on your blog/website, or the content to create your backlinks is unique, then I applaud you, I really do. Given an infinite timeline and unlimited resources and a level playing field, I would agree that all backlinks should be unique in terms of their content.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the time available to create unique content for every link I create, I don’t have a team of writers and SEO experts to create and submit the amount of unique content I would need to rank for even ONE keyword, and I am not competing on a level playing field – there are sites that do have these resources. Maybe yours is one of them.

    You chose to quote one line from my post, which is your privilege. But please note the word ‘generally’. Within the vast majority of link building/submitting services, there are some high PR sites. And the content that is submitted by these services IS accepted to sites regardless of their PR. Not everything on the net can have a high PR. If you are submitting your links manually, which I assume you are, and you are only concentrating on high PR sites, will this not be a warning flag to the search engines? Straight after the sentence you chose to quote, I mentioned link diversity.

    With all the billions of pages on the net, would it be fair to say that the top 2% (at a guess) have a PR of 9+? 3% have a PR8? Working down, that would leave at least 50% of the pages on the web (give or take a few %) with a PR of 1 or less. Should we ignore these pages?

    This is where companies or individuals can start to level out that playing field. They can start to build a foundation from which they can expand and diversify into the manual link building process.

    And let’s not forget, we are not trying to optimise for one keyword/phrase as website owners. We are going after multiple keywords – this makes the manual process even harder for individuals.

    Submission software is a benefit to amateur/wannabe/independent SEO’s. Using techniques such as content spinning is a benefit to amateur/wannabe/independent SEO’s (not the way the AS videos show spinning though (IMO), thorough, manual word-sentence-paragraph spinning IS a benefit). My question about importing personalised spun text was because for me AS would create a footprint in its current format. My personal spun content would greatly reduce this issue.

    You seem to advocate services like Linxboss – which I have tried – and which provided scraped, unrelated content to surround my anchor text. Those are spammy links, I have used the service and cancelled my subscription. I don’t understand why you seem to object to vehemently to working towards a technique (spinning) that seems to work (at least for now, and probably for a considerable time to come if SEO’s put some effort into it). At least to create a foundation for the backlinking process, if nothing else.

    My results are good, and show that the techniques I am using work, whether spun, or manual work to increase my rankings. I will search your blog for the methods you use or the advice you give to increase search engine rankings, or you could help everyone reading this post by linking to such blog posts directly from here. Maybe then we could understand more about how we can all benefit from not using services like AS.

    Still, happy linking!


    • hospitalera

      Hi San,
      Thanks again for the long and well formulated comment, you are adding great, unique content to this site ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me address a few points:

      Resources: No, I don’t have unlimited resources to hire writers, but I do try hard to make every article I publish here and elsewhere unique and useful for a human reader. Which means, I actually write very little articles for back links and concentrate more on adding content to my own sites, but more to that later.

      PR: Quality is not necessarily measured by PR, I am sure you know that, but just to make things clear to all readers: When I speak of a ‘quality site’ I mean a site that offers value to readers and is generally in good standing with Google. And if such a site is in the same niche, even a low PR doesn’t matter so much. Also, always remember that it is typically the home page that has the highest rank, so if I do a guest post on a PR4 site, my guest post will end up over time on one of the inner pages and has a much lower PR. High PR, if not faked, can mean a quality site, and all over PR4 is normally one, but does not necessarily mean that it is one. So, yes, only getting links from Pages that have a high PR, or blogroll links from sites with a high PR will raise warn flags with Google. But if you look at getting links from quality sites in your niche (by guest posting, commenting, forums etc) that will not raise a warn flag, as it is quite naturally looking. If you think about it, the owner of a pet site is most likely to write on pet forums, guest blog on other pet sites, have Facebook friends that are in the same niche etc.

      Link Diversity: Low quality links come from alone, the good ones are the ones that need work to get. So, no, I don’t believe anymore that you need to create low, or even middle, quality links yourself to make your web site’s back link profile looking natural. The bad stuff happens on its own, the good stuff is that takes work to do.

      As for advocating link building services, yes, there are two banners on this site one for Linxboss and one for BuildMyRank and I must say from the two of them I think that BMR is the better option. Linxboss is completely hands-off, plug your sites into the system and forget it, but it is expensive. BMR is cheaper, but you need to write the articles yourself, or outsource them. Advocating them? I don’t know, perhaps I should add a review to this blog outlining the differences and the dangers of ANY artificial link building ๐Ÿ˜‰ Food for thought, thank you.

      As for “I will search your blog for the methods you use or the advice you give to increase search engine rankings, or you could help everyone reading this post by linking to such blog posts directly from here. Maybe then we could understand more about how we can all benefit from not using services like AS.” Lol, I update this blog rarely and very infrequently, some of the older blog posts here might outline things that I have done in the past, rather then showing what I am doing at the moment, but the best one to look at would be

      And here, in a nutshell what I am doing at the moment:
      Reducing number of sites and concentrating only on a few. I have the tendency to come across a great keyword / topic, start a site and then lose interest in it, so I made the decision to concentrate mostly on my older sites that are in good standing with the Big G and improve them by adding more content and making them so more profitable.
      Concentrating more on my German sites. This gives me an advantage that I have realized far too late. Google tends to do all first in the English speaking internet and then rolls things out internationally. By observing this I can react to things like Panda, before it hits ๐Ÿ˜‰ But obviously this method is only practical if you have sites in another language than English.
      I do very little back link building, I concentrate on capturing long tail traffic by writing articles for my own sites that have a reasonable search volume and a lowish competition. I think that my time and efforts are far better invested this way. As a management tool I am now using to do this, btw.

      Hm, I hope I covered all what you mentioned and thanks for giving me some great ideas what to write next about, SY

  • Sam

    Looks like I’m behind by a month or so on all this however I am looking to get my feet wet with IM. I have been looking at article spinning and decided that writing unique content is much better, though time constraints is an issue. I just found Article Samurai last night and I’m glad I found this post because I was really confused about if it was worth the price. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have a couple questions though, (1) you mentioned that you use Keyword Strategy, is this instead of Market Samurai? If yes, why? (I am looking to pickup a keyword research tool as well and was pretty much sold on Market Samurai) — and (2) Is article spinning a dead technique or are just the poorly structured spun articles with bad grammar being de-indexed by the Big G?

    • hospitalera

      In a nutshell Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool, Keyword Strategy does keyword research and, via plugin, internal back linking, rank tracking etc. Both have a free trial, so why don’t you just try them both and see which you like best? If you are after building lots of sites, each targeting a profitable keyword Market Samurai might be the better choice, if you want to build up one, big authority site Keyword Strategy should be your choice. As for article spinning, just ask yourself, what value has a spun article for a reader, it just regurgitates information elsewhere available! If you want to build up a reputation in a niche, you are better off staying away from it. Also the kind of links created with this method are low value and have a short shelf life imho. Hope that helps, SY

  • Sam

    Yeah, you’re right, article spinning is BS. Thanks for the brief comparison, I’ll check both out to be objective. From your experience, would you say the monthly price for KS is worth the additional cost compared to the one time cost of MS?

    Note: I am building one large site which will be an authority in its niche, and I am also looking to build many smaller niche sites to support the large site and direct traffic to it…

    Thanks again, Sam

    • hospitalera

      If that is the case, try Keyword Strategy you have 30 days for the free trial, should be enough time to check out all its many features as it does so much more than just keyword research. Don’t forget to check into the forum there also and to pick Fraser’s brain ๐Ÿ˜‰ He is incredible helpful and as he has a site that gets 60,000 / day (no typo) he is well worth listening to! SY

  • Thanks for the kind words Sy, I really appreciate it. Just an update, I get about 85,000 search visitors a day to Universe Today, not 60,000 (140,000 total visitors a day). Your stats are so 6 months ago. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keyword Strategy is not a tool for doing competitive analysis and driftnet keyword analysis. The tool depends on the fact that you’ve already chosen your domain name, set up your website, and now you’re trying to organize your organic SEO efforts for your keywords. I really believe that studying the competition is a total waste of time. Put your head down, hustle, and solve provlems for people in your niche. Work as hard as you can, as quickly as you can, and you’ll succeed.

    • hospitalera

      Congratulations Fraser, I will include that info in the review I am just writing about Keyword Strategy. I wonder where you will be in another 6 months, only the sky is the limit ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Whilst you might have not designed Keyword Strategy for doing ‘competitive analysis and driftnet keyword analysis’ it is perfectly possible to do so, more in my review, but it is a really easy workaround. For the rest I agree, the best way to have a successful site is to work on it. Therefor I am off now to finish my review that will help people to solve the problem ‘Is Keyword Strategy right for me or not and how do I make the most out of it?’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • Hi Sy,

    Thanks for your review of Article Samurai. As a Market Samurai owner I managed to miss all the emails about the launch of Article Samurai. I only stumbled across it today after a video had a related link to it.

    Seeing Market Samurai is a fixed price it is a big jump to move to a monthly cost @ $97 per month but Eugene explains why so I guess it is ok.

    Thanks for the tips on the other options available. I will use Keyword Strategy for the 30 days to see if that works for me.

    With the article spinning that is always a touchy subject. It can create good articles based on another which is much the same as doing a bit of research and then writing an article from scratch, that is is the spinning is well done but mostly that does not happen and the output is crap.

  • Greg Dickson

    There is a lot of talk about what google says about article marketing and spinning. For as long as I can remember what googles says and what works in google have been poles apart. As for the price point for AS who cares as long as it works, Which it does.

  • Matt Williams

    The reason I am on this blog is because I was searching for Article Samurai and you caught my eye.

    I too am a very satisfied user of Market Samurai. I was intrigued by their parsing and spinning function.

    However, I manually submit my articles and have no interest in using their posting service. I hunt for content relevant PR 4’s and up to try to get a back link. Why would you spam and get 1,000 content irrelevant PR 0 back links when one relevant PR 4 beats it?

    Thank you so much for your review of Article Samurai. I am off to check out your recommendations.

  • Jon Leon

    I found this article because I was searching for Article Samurai and I think there are some fair comments and Eugene is certainly very open about the benefits and drawbacks.

    I would be interested to hear, however, in the light of the latest Google Penguin update, if people using AS have been affected?

  • Hmmm… so, spinning an article is BS. Then, it follows that the only good piece of content is the first one. Why then are there 120 news channels that essentially tell the same thing? We all know about Reuters, right? They provide news stories by syndication and their reports are used pretty much word for word, right to the delivery device, be it news radio announcements or newpaper articles.

    If the top 10 positions in SERPs all point to content/articles that are essentially rehashes of the same bits of information, then yes, I agree, that’s not helpful. And the search engines are damn right to fight that. And, I find the monthly cost for AS high. Hell, I doubt I’d be able to monetize my traffic to cover the cost of AS alone, but that’s my problem.

    Just like so much else in the Western world, the top businesses get the lion’s share of the rewards, everyone else must fight over scraps. 5 corporations own the distribution of news and entertainment, 5 websites own the internet, three big box stores have 90% market share.

    To make really decent money, yes, you need to develop your site over the course of years, nurture a relationship, deliver good content all the while. My wife’s website about plus size modeling has been around now since 1999, has a PR3 ranking, and you’d be surprised at how little it monetizes monthly even though it ranks #1 for many important keywords.

    But this nobler than thou looking down the nose at people who want to try to get a leg up with article marketing to maybe get a PR2 and make some pocket change with AdSense… not appreciated. We’re not all Bill Shakespeares (though the length of this post is beginning to belie that assertion, no?)

    • Hi Donald,
      Most websites that use article syndication under whatever name are actually not news sites by any stretch of imagination, mostly they are sites in the style of best-pink-laptop-case-for-under-$ (made up example) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Reuters was founded 1851 (see long before the internet was actually thought of and yes, they provide real news and syndicate them to those that can’t or want afford to have their own paid journalists. That is there business model, but their product is real news, and that doesn’t include pink laptop cases ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I agree that the search engine results need cleaning up, for example when I look for ‘WordPress problem XYZ’ in Google I am more often than not presented with articles on the first page that were written years ago, not really helpful as WordPress changes a lot in a short time.

      As for your wife’s website, two questions: Are you sure that you are really ranking for these keywords or are you looking on your own, personalized resulty, in Google? is a good way to check for this since Scroogle went awol permanently. And how is the traffic? If a website has traffic, this traffic can be monetized, sometimes by thinking out of the box. Apart of Adsense, there are also ebooks / Kindle books, online courses, memberships, running your own model agency online – just some ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “But this nobler than thou looking down the nose at people who want to try to get a leg up with article marketing to maybe get a PR2 and make some pocket change with AdSenseโ€ฆ not appreciated.”

      Nothing to do with “nobler than thou” – I am warning people since quite some time, this blog post was written BEFORE Panda and Penguin hit of the dangers of getting the wrong kind of back links to a site, please have also a look at this, more recent, blog post:

      Nothing to do with “nobler than thou” but a lot to do of protecting people from making a serious mistake by getting lots of links from the wrong sites. As for getting “try to get a leg up with article marketing to maybe get a PR2 and make some pocket change with AdSense” PR is really only important if you want to sell links, what you shouldn’t and if you want to make more than pocket change with Adsense, or any other method, check out Keyword Strategy ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hope that helps and clears things up, SY