Back from Switzerland

After a drive of 13h we are now back in Prague. Back to 312 emails that have to be answered, checked or deleted 😉 Tomorrow I will start to blog about the travel in Switzerland and some Expat/ Prague related stuff that was taking a back seat due to the fiasco. I also will visit tomorrow all the blogs that have signed up at ‘Kicked from Today‘  and some more I have heart of on the grapevine. I want to stay in contact with the bloggers, but I have to let go of I think it is time to move on. will not survive for a long time and I feel strongly that it isn’t beneficial at all for me to cling to the past instead of looking in the future. So, instead of blogging about my negative experiences with I am ready to blog about my positive experiences in Switzerland 😉 What I still will do is visiting daily the blogs and bloggers that I have become friends with. Remember guys and gals, there is a live after, lets move forward! Lets net work and support each other via our blog rolls and exiles pages and make out of their lost our win! Take care, see you tomorrow, SY

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5 comments to Back from Switzerland

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to Switzerland!!! And I bet you have some great pictures, too!!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • Hi SY,
    Welcome back. A 13 hour drive, not good. 312 emails culd have been worse could have been 313. lol

  • hospitalera

    Thanks, will write some articles/ posts here about Switzerland. The country gives a lot of material 😉

    hehehe yeah, or 400 ;-( Love your sense of humour 😉 SY

  • You’re very sensible SY. I know people are talking about legal action but for goodness sakes-its only a few dollars being talked about here! Move on people and get a life or blog!

  • hospitalera

    You are only half right, Lis, yes it is about moving forward, but we also have to warn others about unethical sites like A bit the same what you have done with your Site Build It Scam Review 😉 I am doing at the moment some more background research into and their business practices and links and will publish a post/ article with my findings. I will and can’t take legal action against them, how on earth should I pay for an international lawyer??? And I will concentrate to make this blog here a success, for the moment I am cured from providing others with content! But I also will warn as many people as possible of 😉 SY