Backlinkedge Scam

Did you ever wanted to know how blog spammers work? Ok, if you can call that work at all… I tell you what I found today whilst nosing around the www and how I came across a double scam, called This guy is not only spamming bloggers with his comments, he also scams ‘subscribers’ for their money that they pay him. This kind of person, the one that built the web site like the one who bought it and runs it now are …. [harsh words removed to keep the site safe for all eyeballs] in my opinion. So here the story, and yes, I know that this is only the tip of an iceberg and that there are thousands of other spammers like backlinkedge around that make the life of a blogger difficult.

What I found out about the Backlinkedge Scam:
I was checking the recent web site sales at as I noticed this listing, and as I read through the description I found this:

The description how the web site, which just sold for $149, works. In short, the idea is like this:

– Customer subscribes to a service called backlinkedge for $9.99 per month. Customer expects to get backlinks that are relevant to his/ her niche, from authority sites and manually created.

– Web site owner, the spammer, then uses two automated programs that search for blogs on the internet and then submits spam comments to each of them, with the customers url, to generate backlinks.

Now that I call an honest business! You ask people to subscribe to your service that promises “me and the members of my team add backlinks manually” and in the description of the web site sale he states

“There are two programs for this service. One if called the URL harvester and the second on is called the Submitter. First you run the Harverster and put in the keywords that are relevant to your customers niche. After that it goes around and searches for blogs based on the keywords.

3) After you have the URLs …  all you do is you go open up the submitter past the URLs in the web.txt and double click on it. Then go make a coffee for yourself and watch some TV until it is done.”

Backlinkedge is a huge scam, and people like this really make me sick in the stomach! Do me a favor and pass this information around, so that nobody signs up to this so-called “service” and perhaps we can reduce the blog spammer population by one. Every little helps, SY

PS Oh, and I think now I go and submit the url to this blog post to hostgator, they are pretty good in taking sites down that are against their TOS! Will update you when I know about their reaction.

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16 comments to Backlinkedge Scam

  • Why would anyone pay for backlinks? This seems counterproductive and really indicates that the payers don’t know how to write quality content that will draw readers. If the point is to “flip” a website, it seems that paying for backlinks would be a huge redflag to any potential buyer of the site that the traffic is not generated organically by the site and is therefore unsustainable.

  • hospitalera

    You are right, but this kind of “service” is actually worse. They pretend to get people manual backlinks, when all what they get are actually spam links, and they can get even reported for mass spamming other sites… And this kind of “service” is actually the kind of spammer that makes work for us bloggers by weeding them out. Or do you want to have hundreds of nonsense comments on your blog? SY

  • Just another example of getting exactly what you pay for. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just ignore it and it will go away.

  • hospitalera

    What I am worried about is the amount of spam backlinkedge creates, not only on my blogs, on all of our blogs, yours included! Spammers don’t go away by ignoring them, SY

  • It’s a shame but there are lots of spammers like this about. Not only, as you say, do they create a lot of spam on out blogs. They also risk the unsuspecting customer’s site being blacklisted or penalised in some other way by Google.

  • hospitalera

    Exactly, every subscriber that uses this kind of “service” risks being punished by negative SEO. SY

  • Katy

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  • Nasty, nasty nasty! Something smells nasty in..the web?? Please keep us updated regarding what Hostgator did regarding this scammer. Paying for backlinks?? This guy is just making money out of people who don’t know nothing about building a site and giving pagerank to it.

  • I completely hate blog spam, and I have added keyword luv to my own blog to increase traffic and reward commenters, but don’t you find that you have to filter out so much spam? Some of it is pretty hilarious, but it is overall annoying.

  • hospitalera

    I contacted Hostgator and the reply was that at the moment no spam scripts are used from the hosting account in question. This can mean two things:

    As s/he was acquired the site it takes time to set all up, so the spamming of blogs might begin later. Or
    S/he runs the “sales” part from hostgator and the “spam” part from another site or his/ her own server, then hostgator can’t do anything.
    In all cases they promised me to keep an close eye on the account in question!

    If you notice a lot of spam reaching your bvlogs from one ip address it is always worthwhile to figure out the web host and report it to them. All reputable web hosts, like hostgator, have an anti-spam policy in place.

    Yes, I filter my comments manually and yes spam has increased since I installed the two plugins. But the internet is made out of links and I am a great supporter of the dofollow movement 😉


  • Everything I thought of saying is discussed well in the comment section. I will pass on the information regarding backlinkedge scam so that innocent people do not sign up and loss their money and their website! – Mike

  • This is the reason why I do my own backlinking instead of paying another company to do it, which is what is sounds like they do although it works via subscriptions. You never know what links they are getting or how many.

  • Matt

    Well I think services like backlinkedge will do more harm than good. First getting a lot of spam comment links will raise alarms in google’s algo & secondly, such widespread spam will blacklist customer’s website in askimet. I fully agree with the blogger here to avoid using such cheap(& bad) services.

  • hospitalera

    @Eddie from Managed Hosting
    Exactly my point! I am of the same ilk, “when I do it myself, I know that it was done well”, rofl. BTW, did you notice the keyword luv option for comments, hint, hint. Did you read this post, it may help you further SY

    You got my point exactly 😉 BTW, your link to your web site was broken/ wrong, that is the reason I removed it. SY

  • As a fellow blog owner, spam comments are a HUGE waste of time for the editor. In fact, I would say that I spend 40% of my time weeding through quality comments. It would be nice if someone could invent something to eliminate this problem.

    • hospitalera

      I wish so also, what works best for me so far is the captcha, not ideal, but I am tired of receiving hundreds of spam comments a day via bots, scripts etc. SY