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I recently decided to upgrade to the latest version of the theme I use on this blog. This was mainly due to the fact that I needed some of the additional features that the newer version provides. I needed them especially for my entry at the oes tsetnoc contest and to improve the general on page seo of this blog.

Now, using a free theme means that you don’t have to pay for an upgrade (actually I did made a donation or two to the theme developer previously ;-)) But when you upgrade, you still have to transfer your settings and transfer previous code tweaks to the new version. Something I was not looking forward to, but I bit the bullet.
As I was on it, I decided also to clean up a bit my layout, especially the sidebars. I removed some plugins I was not really using and that added no value for my readers. One plugin I removed was the one that displays similar posts. I decided I could save a bit of page loading speed and provide better results, by doing the linking myself, old-fashioned, by hand.

But I installed also a new plugin! But it is very light-weight and unobtrusive 😉 Did you notice the new top stripe ad, the one that is “glued” to the top of the page and moves down with it?
It is provided as “review ware” by Maxblogpress (ad stripe) and makes excellent use of the space on top of a blog. Even John Chow is using it 😉 You can adjust color, font, size, location, stick it to the top or not, and much more. This plugin is free (a review is appreciated) but if you want to loose the “powered by Maxblogpress” bit, you can do this by paying an one time off fee.
So far I am happy to use this stripe ad as it is and it does help me to use the ad space on my blog better and hopefully will improve the click-through rate and sales rate of the product I am promoting.

Next thing I did was to analyze which ads / products /services were the most successful ones on this blog. It boiled down to being Market Samurai (a keyword and seo research tool) and the Hostgator banner. Hostgator is the web host that hosts this blog and many others of my sites and I can really, really recommend it, especially their 24/7 live support is outstanding. I am a happy bunny since I switched to them more then two years ago, my previous web host was an incompetent nightmare! Or actually they were very competent when it came to provide nightmares for their users!

So, that is it with ads. I might inline post ads again when the need / occasion arises like I did during Black Friday / Cyber Monday, but for the moment I am happy as it is. Oh, and there is obviously Chitika, but that is worth another blog post 😉

And now, in the spirit of “pay it forward seo” here my blog post recommendation of the day: Kikolani, whose real name is Kristi, wrote some days ago about “free wordpress themes with a catch” Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of free wordpress themes, I am using one myself here, but what this theme developer did to people that downloaded and used his so-called free themes, was simply – evil. Go over and read the whole story at Kikolani’s blog!

Question of the day: How often and why do you tweak, update or change your blog theme and / or layout? And why? Care to share?

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5 comments to Best use of ad space on a blog

  • LOL, do I really have to answer your Question of the Day?

    I had one friend actually describe my site as being like the “box of chocolate” from Forest Gump … each time you visit, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. I always have the hope/desire not to have to make any major changes to my theme for a long long time … but then I get bored. If I’m perfectly honest, the main reason I change so much is that I actually enjoy tweaking my theme more than I enjoy writing posts. 😉

    As for ads, I really like “scientific” way that you approached your decision … examine which ones are performing best, and attempt to get more eyeball on them.

    Personally I’m moving more and more away from any advertising on my Todd’s Tips blog … my “purpose” there is not to make a few bucks a month selling other people’s stuff. Ultimately, over time, I’d like that site to “sell” my brand/reputation … which if I do it right should be worth a heck of a lot more than I would make from even the best performing flashy banner ads.
    .-= Todd Morris´s last blog ..Todd’s Weekly Reader 12-04-09 =-.

    • hospitalera

      “Box of Chocolate” sounds great 😉 The other extreme would be 😉
      Actually it seems we have a lot in common, you and me, I also do enjoy “perfectionizing” my blog layout / function / layout etc.
      And regarding adspace, I might actually follow Zenhabits example and only have one single ad spot. Anybody ever tried to auction an ad spot on ebay? SY

  • Hmm I did notice the top stripe in fact, and it is a subtle upgrade to your blog. I actually used the same thing on my website as a coupon code for Cyber Monday, and it’s a perfect way to catch the attention of the visitor on your site without an annoying pop-up.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, I really like it because it is not too “into the face of the reader”, lets see how it converts into clicks and sales 😉 SY

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