Big Oops – I deleted the forum!

Ok, long story short, not much time to write an elaborate blog post about this, here is what happened:

I ‘thought’ I had transferred the forum completely from the old domain to this new one.

Today I got an email from my webhost alerting me to the fact that several of my sites have been hacked. Whilst my webhost has already cleaned up the malicious files and scripts, I still have to go through every single site and update themes, plugins, scripts, password etc.

And here comes the big OOOPS!!! as I deleted the forum on the old domain it ‘somehow’ also took the forum here on with it …

The best part of this night will be spend to clean up my sites after this [insert swear word of choice here] hacker so sorry, but for the moment I really have not the time to re-install the forum …

Additionally I had already planned a major revamp of the forum and I will take this has a hint to make a fresh start from scratch, so watch this space as they say 😉

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