Black Friday Hostgator Deals

Update: Black Friday is over, but Cyber Monday is just before the door, read all about Hostgators Cyber Monday deals here: Cyber Monday Hosting!

If you follow this blog and the ramblings on it, you might have noticed that I am a huge Hostgator fan girl, Hostgator is, in my humble opinion, the best web hosts you could use. I have also posted this one on Hubpages under ‘Best Black Friday Deals for Web Hosting‘ but I also want to share the info here, because it really could save you some serious bucks. If you wonder what Black Friday is all about, please refer to the Wikipedia article linked.

Before I summarize the best Hostgator Black Friday Web Hosting Deals ever for you, let me also comment on my main reasons why I do love Hostgator:

Uptime I monitor my sites closely and Hostgator provides more than 99% uptime for them, do I need to say more? Uptime is essential if you want to make money from your website or blog, if the website is inaccessible for readers and visitors, you can’t get sales or clicks. So uptime, real uptime, not the one web hosting companies claim to have, is one of the main criteria when choosing a new web host.

Support 24/7 via live chat and fast turn around times (hours, if not minutes) for tickets. And they did get me out of a few tight spots when either I messed up royally on my own, trying to do things I was not sure about, or when somebody tried to hack into my websites (Yes, that happens, more frequently as you think!). And they never, ever told me off if I did something stupid with my own websites, what has known to have happened. Friendly and patient support is, at least for me, the most important thing when it comes to choosing a web hosting company.

Price Value Ratio or ROI You can’t beat the prizes for what they offer, never found a better web hosting deal, and I did shop around before deciding on them – a lot!

For Hostgator Special prizes on Black Friday, please scroll down

Black Friday Hostgator Deals

Deals start at 12:00 AM Friday November 26th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) 11/26/2010 (See each offer for time and supply limitations and don’t miss out by being late also this year!)

Every deal is available for both, US and International, customers. I am awaiting information, directly from the mouth of the horse, if the deals are also valid for existing customers that want to purchase an additional web hosting product, such as a reseller account. If you are unsure about which time zone applies to you, please see these two comprehensive articles on Wikipedia: CST and Time Zones.

Now the Black Friday Web Hosting Deals:

80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM (-6 GMT) to 9AM CST (-6 GMT) on Friday the 26th November 2010. Only while supply lasts, don’t miss and be late again! (First come, first served; so definitely don’t miss out this year! Unless you have money to spare!)

50% OFF EVERYTHING from 9AM (-6 GMT) to 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) or after the 80% OFF accounts have sold out, Hostgator will continue to offer this 50% discount until the end of Black Friday, which will be at 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) on the 11/26/2010 .

50% OFF EVERYTHING from 12:00AM CST (-6 GMT) to 5AM CST (-6 GMT) on Friday the 26th November 2010. This applies to All accounts and ALL term lengths (savings summarized below for your convenience), meaning you can get three years of web hosting for as low as $35.64.

Now that is what I call the best Black Friday Web Hosting Deal ever! Included in the offer is everything Hostgator offers in terms of web hosting, including dedicated servers (new!), reseller hosting, shared hosting with different plans and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Savings you can make by using Hostgator Black Friday Deals:

  • Shared Hosting for only $0.99 per month
  • Reseller Hosting for only 4.99 per month VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting for only 3.99 for your first month
  • Dedicated Servers for only 34.80 for your first Month

And all you have to do is to buy web hosting from them during the Black Friday period, falling this year on the 26th November 2010 from 12:00 AM CST (-6 GMT) to 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) and buy hosting for incredibly low prizes, the discount will be automatically computed during your sign up process. Remember, some offers are on a First Come, First Served base, so don’t be lazy and miss out! Oh, and if you really want to make me happy on Black Friday, feel free to use my >>>DISCRETE HOSTGATOR AFFILILIATE LINK<<< to help to make my Black Friday green with affiliate bucks, it doesn’t cost you a dime, but it will surely make my Black Friday GREEN!

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22 comments to Black Friday Hostgator Deals

  • Gifts for Her

    Great blog always offer the best and authentic information without creating exaggeration. This blog has given me opportunity to learn many things regarding products and services.

  • Tim @ Orlando, FL

    $0.99 per month for shared hosting! That is ridiculously inexpensive. Thanks for sharing this deal.

  • Roger

    This offer is not available for customers who have already a hosting with them.You can avail this offer only on November 26th friday 2010.

  • 80% discount sale was ended within minutes after opening,all accounts were sold up.So now you can grab the available deal using this this link {spam link removed}

    • hospitalera

      Vlad, I left the link to your website in so that people see that even artists can be spammers. Adding your own affiliate link to a post such like this and pretending that it goes to a new offer, when it promotes exactly the same product, is just cheap in my books. SY

  • Rob

    Hey friends remember to share this hostgator black friday discount to all your friends and also to social networks so that maximum people make use of it coming nov 26th 2010.

  • When I first transferred one of my blogs to Hostgator last year, I was a bit disappointed with the help from Customer Service, however, since then they have been awesome.

    I’m now transferring my largest blog over to Hostgator and am very satisfied with their service.

  • Joey

    I used Host Gator for a month. It only took 20 minutes from me making my payment to having my account being setup. First month was only 7.99 for hosting 1 domain. I had a few problems with the service, but it was mostly due to an error on my part. I e-mailed customer service and had someone call back within 24hrs to help me out. The person who helped me was very friendly and knew what they were talking about. Would recommend and will use for future business.

  • I have had Hostgator for my second year now and I have to say I am very satisfied with my service. There is no down time on the servers and whenever I have problems with anything, support always knows how to fix the problem. Just about a week ago I had a problem with a blog of mine not being able to open, so I contacted support and they fixed it by going into the actual site and rewriting one of the scripts.

  • Kayla

    After trying various webhosts and wasting a lot of money, HostGator gave me everything I was looking for. Simple, easy to use control panel, low costs, fast website. Very happy with Hostgator.

  • waqas

    I am using HostGator from last two months and i am 100% satisfied with it,It is is very comfortable in use and cheaper as well.only in start i was a little disappointed but after few days i found myself friendly with it.

  • Mark Montana

    Thanks for sharing this deal. The Hostgator certainly looks great value for money.

  • Hans

    Though the only sad part is we can’t book VPS and Dedicated hosting for more than one month. So only good offer which we have is to grab shared hosting or reseller hosting for longer period.

  • Jeff

    This is JUST AWESOME. I was looking for a VPS and this is GOD sent! Seriously, just wanted to ask if I would be eligible for an affiliate of my own here If I purchase an account. Also, I already have an account with HostGator.

  • David

    This offer will start arnd 10.30 AM IST ..
    I would suggest buy for 3 years to make most out of it…
    Best time to buy in India would be 3.30 PM ..That’s the time when you will get maximum 80% discount…

  • andamios

    Thank you very much, I used to buy a VPS, since my account at Hostgator Reseller for hostign not give me much more sites. Anybody can recommend Hostgator plans are better value for money?

  • Dang, I missed this one! I already have hosting at Hostgator but it would have been nice to get more at a good price. After five years and trying lots of different service providers, Hostgator is the only one I’ll use. And don’t get me started on Windows servers. Uggh!

  • hospitalera

    Glenn, this kind of others are only for new customers, so don’t feel to bad 😉 SY