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Yesterday was World Blog Surf Day and I spend a lot of time surfing the participating blogs and leaving comments on most of them. Why only on most, and not on all, I will explain soon. As I surfed around the blogosphere I noticed how differently blog commenting is handled by different blogging software and/ or by different bloggers.
‘How do I get more comments on my blog? is a problem a lot of bloggers face, often not being aware of the fact that sometimes they make it damm’ difficult for others to leave a comment on their very blogs! So here my tips and tricks and ABC and 123 or what-you-call-it guide to blog comments plus my usual rants and musings:

1. Make it dead easy to find where to leave / post a blog comment.
Blogspot or Google blogs seem to be the worst offenders here, sometimes I really find it difficult to find the link, to click to be able to make comments in the first place. Look into your lay-out options and try to figure out how you can make it easier for people to find the comment form. MAke it so easy that even your silver-surfing Granny could do it!

2. Invite people to leave a blog comment.
Don’t beg for comments like a certain feline guest blogger I know 😉 Instead end your blog post with a question, ask for opinions etc. Simply leave room for comments, so to speak. And perhaps, see Point 1, even end with a direct link to your blog comment form. Something like this: If you have any further questions regarding blog comments, please click Leave a comment on this blog post!

3. Answer and moderate comments.
I often find blogs with a lot of comments and questions, but the blog owner never comes back to the questions and suggestions. Also if it can happen that a comment slips through without being acknowledged, in general I try to respond to each comment. I think that is a great way to show my blog readers that I value their input and to encourage them to leave more comments on my blog. I really dislike blogs that never moderate their comments section and where meaningful comments are mixed with spam and abuse. I don’t have a comment policy published, but if I do so one day, then it would be most likely somewhere on the lines of Problogger’s Comment policy. And again, really, clean up your comment section, people, it is disgusting to find p… comments amongst food comments!

4. Avoid signing up and logging in traps and delays.
One other thing that really annoyed the heck out of me yesterday, was that some blogs wanted me to sign into either my google or wordpress account to be able to post my comment. And here we come to the “leaving comments on most” bit of the story. I simply refuse to leave a comment on blogs that either ask me to sign up with their network, like multiply blogs do, or that don’t allow me to post with my name / url and ask me to sign into a google, wordpress or whatever account. Don’t get me wrong, I do have google, wordpress and livejournal and a lot of other accounts BUT if I want to leave a comment, I want to do it with the url that is the most relevant NOT just a random profile page. And what REALLY annoys me if such a requirement pops up after I have already written my comment and then can’t publish it. Just for the fun, and the exercise, of it, sign out of your blogging account and try to leave a comment as somebody else on your blog. Is it easy, how does it work, could somebody who never done it before do it without difficulty???

5. Make commenting rewarding.
Commenters add content to our blogs, for free, so I only find it just to give something back to them. That is the reason why all comments here at my blog are set to do-follow and have keyword luv enabled. That allows the people to comment and receive an anchored backlink in return. Cool! Only drawback is that since I have these two plugins enabled, the amount of spam has increased, I even see searches appearing in my Google Anlytics that read like this: “”uses keywordluv” dofollow” what means that spammers look out actively for blogs that have these two features enabled. BUT, still the advantages for my readers, and for me, are so big, that I happily put up with the increased amount of spam comments. So if you want to go down that route look/ search for do-follow plugins/ settings and the keyword luv plugin.

6. Make it easy to come back to your blog and see new comments.
If you spend a lot of time in the blogosphere then you will appreciate this little feature “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail.” after the comment box. This means I can subscribe to the blog post I want to keep track of, not the whole blog. I will get an email each time, somebody posts a new comment and hopefully it will be the blog owner that answered to my questions and suggestions 😉 (See Point 3) This is by far my most favourite feature as a blog reader! And it keeps me going back to blogs I have previously commented on…

So, in a nutshell (yeah, agin, I know):

Keep your comments section moderated, make it easy to find and to comment on your blog and interact with your readers.

I am sure I missed some great tips about ‘How to attract more comments to a blog.’ So feel free to leave a comment on my blog post by clicking the link 😉

If you like this blog post and found it helpful, why not share it with your preferred social network? Handy links and bookmarklets above ^^^ 😉

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  • What a great and helpful post this is! Thanks for providing everyone this feedback. You and Sher have to be proud of how World Blog Surf Day has grown. Hat’s off to you for organizing the first one!

  • hospitalera

    Thanks a lot Karen, Sher and I have a surprise ready for the third world blog surf day 😉 A really, really exciting one! Give us a few days to brainstorm and we will come out with it! SY

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Great post! This is one area where I could use some input–I could use a little more insight about the “do follow” and how to do it. :0)

    Definitely “yakking” with your readers who leave comments is a must! When I first started blogging I was very shy about leaving comments or answering them on my blog. But over time, I realized this is the way to develop friendships and “meet” some interesting people online! It’s been very rewarding on all levels to become involved with comments on my own blog, and leaving comments on others’ blogs! Very fun, in fact!

    I’m already excited about the next WBSD!!! :0)

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • Bruce

    First I thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed it.

    I have a question, What is a good plugin to add the “notify me of follow up comments via email?”

    I have looked but do not know what to use or how to do it.

  • hospitalera

    I am using for this blog, hope that helps, SY

    Have a look here scroll down, the change in code is in the last third of the article. BUT I strongly advice to try this out on a play blog first, and don’t forget to back up your template first! Hope that helps, SY

  • Bruce

    Thank you both. I do not have a play blog to try it, but I will definitely make a backup. Twice I tried a plugin and it crashed my site.

  • Ste

    I’m with you on this completely! It really is so annoying when a blog requires you to sign in, to be honest I usually end up giving up and moving on.

  • Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

  • hospitalera

    That is the purpose of a blog isn’t it? SY

  • Bruce


    Watch out, many comments like this with no real email address is just spam. I get a lot. When I get some basic compliment and no email address or what looks like a self serving backlink I usually delete.

  • hospitalera

    Lol, I know, but the link goes back to Google, an authority site -) I am deleting 40-60 spam comments a day, sometimes I feel generous and let them through. Just for fun 😉 SY

  • Bruce

    What you need is link exchanges with strong page rank sites. I do not know how. hahaha but I have reached a google rank of 3.

  • hospitalera

    This site is PR3, not bad for 3 1/2 months 😉 For getting backlinks have a look at that might help. It also helps if you would make use of the keyword luv feature here on my blog comments. 😉 SY

  • Bruce

    Hello again,

    I was reading and you wrote about guest article.
    How do I email you with an idea for your type of readership.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for reminding me that I have to set up a contact page 😉 My email can be anything (at) hospitalera dot com


  • Katie

    Great post!

    Just thought I would let you know that I implemented some the things you suggested and have been recieving many more comments.

    Just goes to show you what can be achieved with a little slight tweaking!

    Thank again

  • Chuggin

    thank you! I seriously hate how Google blogs make it difficult to figure out where to leave a comment. By the time that I finished looking around the page, I forgot what I wanted to say. And of course, use keyword luv to reward your commenters and garner traffic!

  • Thomas

    I think that your point no. 3 is the single most important factor which increases the communication with readers and blogger. this in return results a larger number of repeat visitors and eventually more comments!

  • hospitalera

    Yes, moderating comments is very important to keep a site nice, clean and pleasant for all visitors! SY

  • SEO

    Very informative Information. This will help the new babies in web marketing business a lot. Keep up the great job!

  • James

    Well what can you say about keywordluv plugin is this great for commentators interest because comments are always meaningful for blogs.

  • James

    What can you say about Keywordluv plugin for blogs. Is it good for blog or for commentators?

  • parrot food

    I think that your point no. 3 is the single most important factor which increases the communication with readers and blogger

  • Those are the very basic tips to encourage blog comments which most bloggers tend to overlook. This is a good reminder. And I too hate to have to sign in or sign up to post a comment. Its just too much trouble.

  • James

    Your point regarding spammers and Keyword Luv is spot on. I have Keyword Luv installed on two of my blogs and it’s a daily grind sifting the the comments to pull out the trash. I also have CommentLuv installed on one of my tech blogs. Whilst not as generous as KL for tailored backlinks it does still give some real juice by using your last post title as the anchored link. If you’re interested, take a look at fiddyp dot co dot uk.

  • Emo Clothing

    Thanks! I seriously hate how Google blogs make it difficult to figure out where to leave a comment. By the time that I finished looking around the page, I forgot what I wanted to say. And of course, use keyword luv to reward your commenters and garner traffic! Emo Clothing

  • Sandra

    Commenting on popular blogs can bring in tons of visitors… By participating and posting blog comments regularly, the readers of those blogs that you frequent would come to recognize you as a subject expert… Frequent appearances can do much good to your credibility…

  • hospitalera

    It is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time to have a dofollow-keyword luv blog. Do you want to have my spammers? But, at the moment, the advantages are still bigger. SY

    @Parrot food

    I tried, but the site doesn’t load for me, problems on your end? SY

    Thans for your comments! SY

  • essay

    I totally agree with point number 3, i also do believe that it’s wise to reward those that make valuable comments. I’m new in the blogging so this info was helpful to me

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  • hospitalera

    @essay + @ Seo Company
    Thanks for your kind words! SY

  • Russ

    I’d like more people to come and post a comment on my blog so come on over folks and get a free backlink. The reason we all do this though is so we get some free content and the commentor gets a link. So you should always post something relevant. In my case it would be by mentioning a baby monitor. It’s not hard..

  • hospitalera

    @ Russ
    Why should I comment on a blog that has noting at all to do with the niches I am working in? SY

  • Matt

    I have to agree that encouraging your readers and visitors to comment builds your content and gives you the opportunity to open a dialogue with them. The spammers are certainly a problem, but it’s not hard to weed out the one liner posts that are just spam.

    I also agree that the KeywordLuv plug-in is a win-win for everyone (including spammers) involved. The blog gets some activity and builds up comments while the commenter gets a link back to his/her site.

  • hospitalera

    I resourced now to a IP ban for the worst spammers, you know the bots that leave huge links lists and posts that consist only of ???. That made my life a bit easier. This blog, very unfortunately, ended up on a few “dofollow blogs” lists and that increased the spam considerably, and with considerably I mean literally hundreds of spam comments daily ;-( SY

  • guaranteed personal loans

    best plan to prevent blog comment spammers is ban their IPs ..that might stop a bit spamming

  • hospitalera

    @guaranteed personal loans
    Not when they have a dynamic ip, only when they have a static one, otherwise you might block real people. SY

  • nathan

    I almost forgot about the keywordluv plugin. Thankfully, I thought of reading post again. I’m going to follow your tips in earning backlinks because I really admire your efforts in making this blog PR4 in just few months.

  • hospitalera

    The real challenge is not the page rank, it is getting a good place in the SERPs, means, getting with our content on Google’s front page. SY

  • ryan

    Thanks for sharing those thing above. It is really great if you moderate comments and make some answers for the continues communication with the readers. And a good thing is to give them rewards.

  • san diego real estate

    World blog surf day is an excellent idea for every blogger to share, post or read each others blog. Really looking forward for the third blog surf day to surf my time for blogging.

  • hospitalera

    Just a quick update, next WBSD is around the corner, here is the list of participants: and our theme will be “holidays & celebrations”, SY

  • Mike

    This is a very nice post on blogging. I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. Could you tell me how can I Participate in the WBSD.

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome, please bookmark to see when we do our journey around the blogosphere the next time 😉 SY

  • monika

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  • hospitalera

    You mean you started to spam? And you wonder why you don’t get quality backlinks? For your information “on page seo” is to improve the search engine visibility ON your site, means excellent content, keyword rich urls, correct meta descriptions and so on. Just look up Google Webmaster Guidelines for that one! SY

  • monikaSNV

    sorry admin i admitted my mistake i agree its is off page seo.really feel sorry for the above comment.

  • hospitalera

    You would have far better chances to get your backlinks approved if you concentrate a bit more on quality instead of quantity! Better one good comment per day / site that helps you and the site owner then 20 hit and miss comments, don’t you agree? SY

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    we enjoyed going through this article, you totally knocked it out of the ballpark! I have forwarded a link to my dad, and shall definately be returning back for more.

  • hospitalera

    @cool car pictures
    Thanks, SY

  • monika

    i agree what you said thanks for your suggestions i will definitely follow them.

  • hospitalera

    Good! Nice to see you back! SY

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