Blog Diary

Do you have one? Do I need one?

A blog diary is basically nothing else than a blog schedule. You decide in advance at which day you plan to blog about what. So for example, you reserve every Monday to write a blog post about “xyz”, do each first day of the month a feature about a famous person in your niche or even plan out whole series of blog posts over several days or weeks. You can leave days “empty” to allow at least for some spontaneity, or you can plan your blogger life for every day in advance for a whole year. And it can certainly help with writers block if you know what you “have to” blog about.
A blog diary helps you to stay focused on your niche and not to stray away from it 😉 It gives a rhythm to your blog and writing whilst avoiding that you leave blog posts “hanging in the air” because you forgot that you wanted develop them in a mini-series about “xyz”. The later happens frequently to me ;-( So perhaps I should start to plan my blogging better and need to start a blog diary?

On the other hand, too much planning can make your writing stale and kicks the spontaneity out of it. It it also makes it difficult to incorporate guest bloggers, recent events and developments if your schedule is too strict and full. You would either have to post outside your normal blogging rhythm or break away from your schedule / adapt it when upcoming guest bloggers, recent events / developments in your niche require it. It can make writer’s block even worse by putting additional stress on you. Actually, if a blog diary is good for you and your blog depends entirely on your personality 😉 Some people it helps, some not.

Pros of having a Blog Diary

  • Can help with writer’s block.
  • Gives a rhythm to blog and writing.
  • Helps to avoid unfinished ideas / mini series and the like.

Cons of having a Blog Diary

  • Can make your writing stale and influence negatively your spontaneity.
  • Makes it difficult to react spontaneously to events and to accomodate guest bloggers.
  • Can make writer’s block worse.

I don’t have a blog diary — yet, but I might start one soon to keep better focused. Do you have a blog diary? What are your reasons to have one or not to have one? Any tips to share your somebody that just starts out to incorporate a blog diary?

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8 comments to Blog Diary

  • Jana


    good idea. Maybe I would have to start a website diary to keep me on track :),

    so many unfinished projects.

    like your blog,

  • hospitalera

    HI Jana, nice web site you have 😉 Yes such a diary or business plan is a good tool to have, SY

  • I’ve never done that. I think you’re right that it depends on a blogger’s personality — too many schedules and deadlines tend to make me feel anxious and boxed in, which is just how my personality works.

    What I do is when I get an idea for a post, but don’t have time to write it right away, I create a draft post, often just a short title and a few words in the body of the post, just enough to remind me what I was thinking when I look at it later. I have a lot of those now, and I’m not going to get to all of them, but having them sitting in the WordPress dashboard is better than having the ideas scrawled on little pieces of paper that I would almost certainly lose. 😉 Those provide a kind of “bank” of ideas, in case I run out.

    P.S. Thanks again for the favicon suggestion. I had to redo it (it wasn’t showing up in IE, plus I found it was too similar to someone else’s), but I think I’m all set now.

  • hospitalera

    @Ms Terri
    I do the same, but I don’t keep them in WordPress, I keep them in a folder in my computer. Glad that you solved the favicon riddle 😉 SY

  • First, thank you for always saying “whilst”, that makes my day 🙂 Second, I think a blog diary specifically a great idea to help with writers block, which can be a nasty enemy sometimes.

  • hospitalera

    That I get for having a truly English proofreader, my hubby 😉 SY

  • Ann

    Having a blog diary might be important from many reasons: it is really great if we want to see how our mind is growing, how we are getting more mature; we can have also a lot of fune when reading our own posts after months or even years – and what is most important in my opinion – you are practising writting and your language is alive and improved day after day. So, keep writing the blog.

  • hospitalera

    What kind of diary are you referring to, a blog AS a diary or an editorial diary for a blog? SY