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World Blog Surf Day
wbsd-food-gif-smallSher from ‘Czech of the Beaten Path‘ has kindly agreed to run the next World Blog Surf Day, so check out her blog for news! I originally planned to have a good section with expat related stuff here on this blog, but that has not happened —yet 😉 As this is not by any stretch of imagination an Expat blog, I really feel I shouldn’t run the WBSD from here, so thanks again to Sher who stepped in to take over.
I have got my final payment from them, and also if I still unhappy that they keep content they have never paid for, like photos and pages, it is definitively time to move on. The ‘Kicked from Today‘ page on this blog will stay, and I will add people to it as they leave comments, but for me it is really time to move forward and look into the future instead dwelling over the past.

If you are planning to join and even think you could make money with than one or two words of caution: They pay – a pittance – and they don’ t pay new bloggers anymore to post, only for the traffic the blogs receives and a percentage of the sales (products/ads). There are better ways to waste your time than blogging for And a lot more and better ways to make money online…

Minimum 24 hubs still to write to take the first hurdle in the hubchallenge, so blogging here might take a back seat for the moment. I also ‘volunteered’ to re-vamp our Church web site which is great fun but also takes time. Both things will keep my fingers busy and my brain smoking 😉

Thanks to having finally a new, working, computer (a mac mini to be precise) I can work on my image backlog, photoshop, keywording, uploading, photoshop, keywording, u….. I have several gb waiting to be edited and submitted ;-( But that is what brings money into the wallet 😉

So, I think it would be optimistic to hope to post here daily, but I will do my best to post 2-3/week. See you, SY

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  • I agree. It’s time to leave and move on to greater and greater blogging.


  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Thanks, again, for inviting me to run WBSD! You have some excellent ground work laid on your blog that helped me get things organized, including the logos you made for WBSD!! Thanks for all that and your advice! I tried to keep everything the way you had set it up, including the rules!

    You’ve said that your new blog–here–isn’t strictly speaking an expat blog. But I would beg to differ! Considering all the work you did on your blog about Prague and the Czech Republic, plus what you’ve started here…AND…the fact that you’re an expat, I don’t see why you couldn’t participate in WBSD! I really don’t think anyone would object, and it would sure be great to have you with us!!!! WBSD is your brainchild…and you’re busy, so I’m happy to run it, but if you would have time to participate, you’d be a great addition to the chain!!!!

    Anyway, thanks, again, for the opportunity to run WBSD and for your advice!!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • hospitalera

    Exactly! There is more to blogging than, but I still think I might use it as material for a hub in the Hub Challenge 😉

    I have signed up, thanks for making an exception for me. Thank YOU for taking it over and I wish you a lot of success with it!

  • Yeah!! Leave and look positively onto the future! Your blog is very interesting and you can devote more time to it.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks, yours is also looking nice and is getting along well! SY

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Just a quick note–thanks for signing up for World Blog Surf Day even though you’re so busy right now!!! I hope I didn’t put on too much of the “strong arm” in my last comment!! It’s great you’re on board!!! Looking forward to your post!!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • hospitalera

    Not too much, just right to get me going. Tell us how it is going, have you posted on also? SY

  • I think you should concentrate on your own blog from what i can see its set to do really really well. You have a good amount of traffic and should push it to new levels wish you all the best 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Yes, but it is difficult to find the balance between writing for my own site and writing on other sites. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Thanks for the nice words! SY