Blog to Twitter? Twitterfeed!

Do you use Twitter? Do you have a blog? Do you promote your blog on Twitter? Ever dreamt of auto-posting your new blog posts, or at least the links to these, automatically to Twitter? I recently found out about an useful little, free, app that helps you do exactly this.

May I present Twitterfeed?!

In simple words, Twitterfeed checks your blog RSS regularly and whenever it finds a new blog post, it send out a tweet. But Twitterfeed not only supports blogs, it supports all kind of feeds coming from web sites. Every time a feed is updated, Twitterfeed tweets for you, drawing more attention and visitors to your web site or blog. And keeps your Twitterfeed fresh and lively at the same time 😉

You can specify how often Twitterfeed shall check for updates, how often it tweets, pre- and suffixes for your tweets and a lot of other goodies. To use Twitterfeed you have to sign up (free) with the web site and connect it to your Twitter account. If you use Feedburner to keep an eye on your submission stats you want also to sign up with and use it to shorten your urls. Yes, you have to sign up (free) for them also and use their api info, which you find in your account panel, to connect and Twitterfeed. This way you don’t loose any of your precious Feedburner stats 😉

What are the advantages of using Twitterfeed.

Basically two, you keep your Twitter automatically updated with links to your latest blog posts and you keep your twitter time line fresh and lively without the need to even login into your Twitter account. Now, that might seem much when you only have one blog, but but if you have a lot of blogs and web sites, it does make a difference 😉

What are the disadvantages of using Twitterfeed.

Not many, really. You might loose some followers when you only auto post from your feeds, but apart of this I haven’t found any real disadvantages yet. And this you can avoid by tweeting frequently original tweets together with the auto-tweets. Also, don’t forget to interact with your followers via @ replies and direct message.

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6 comments to Blog to Twitter? Twitterfeed!

  • Yay! I already use Twitterfeed on a regular basis to tweet my blogs, and I was so happy when I found it because I am a Twitter fanatic. This is the best way to keep anyone in my social circle on Twitter connected to my blog, as well as any interested new readers!

  • hospitalera

    Seems you and I have a lot in common! SY

  • Really a very good application from twitter.
    Actually i had signed up in twitterfeed and submitted the blog feed and now it has checked the status feed and its working.It also displays that it is not a feedburner feed an and 51 clicks
    what does that mean..?

  • hospitalera

    You should use to get a better overview over your feed stats, like how many people read your feed with which application. 51 clicks means that 51 people clicked on the links you twittered, that is a good amount if you just started to use the service! SY

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome, SY