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I thought I post today about three books that helped me as I started out blogging 😉 If you are an experienced blogger or internet markete,r the first blogging book might be a bit basic for you. If you are just starting out, it gives you a good introduction into the world of blogging. The last two books I use more as a reference or tech guide for bloggers. They are great to have around whilst working on your blog or web site.

Blogging with Moxie

Blogging with Moxie was the first “blogging book” I got myself as I decided to start blogging seriously. It walks you through the basics of choosing a blog platform, setting up your first blog, how to interact with others in the blogosphere etc etc etc. It is a great book for somebody just starting out with blogging, but might be not what an advanced blogger needs.

WordPress for Dummies

The only thing I regret with this blog book, is that WordPress updates so quickly that the authors of this book have problems to keep up with them. But despite of that, this is THE book to have if WordPress is your blogging platform of choice. It covers everything WordPress in detail and is a great resource of ideas, tips and tricks.

Syndicating Web Sites with RSS Feeds For Dummies

Granted this book is quite old (2005) but still a great source of information when it comes to RSS feeds and their uses. It is not only aimed at bloggers, but also at people that have web sites and want to use RSS feeds with them. It might be a bit of a technical overkill for some 😉 but if you want to get a good overview about what RSS feeds can do for your blog or web site, this might be the book for you. RSS feeds rightly used can be a great help in SEO.

So, as you have sticked so long around, here a suggestion: Before buying these books, check them first out in your local library 😉

Do you have any favorite books that help you with blogging? Share them in a comment with us!

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