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andrew1 - pngWhen I say the word “brand”, what do you think of? Coca Cola? Mars? McDonalds? What about yourself? Whether you like it or not, you have a brand. The more appealing your brand online, the more successful you blog will be.

Now I know what half of you are going to tell me. Your blog is not a business – it’s a personal account of your thoughts and opinions. The other half of you will probably be thinking that your blog is a business, and hence it forms part of your business brand. Whatever you’re thinking at this point, chances are you want more people visiting your blog. And chances are you haven’t thought too much about how you can do this by presenting a coherent “you” brand too much.

There are three basic steps with regard to branding that will get you on your way to increased blog traffic and increased blog visibility online.

The first one is knowledge. You should who you are targeting with your blog. Whether personal or business, your blog will be specifically appealing to different sectors of society. If it’s a business blog you might want to first decide what target audience you’re seeking. Make sure the styling of your blog fits with who you’re targeting.

Once you know who is reading, or may want to read, your blog you can then ensure it is appealing to them. More specifically, you can make sure that you are appealing to them.

So the second step is bio. You need a bio that is engaging and well written. There is lots of fantastic information online that could help you create a great bio (just do a search with your favourite search engine). I have a few top tips for you as well:

1)Have fun writing it! Sit down with a friend and a large tub of ice-cream and just enjoy yourself while bouncing a few ideas off each other. All the fun that you had when creating it should come through in the writing.

2)Don’t just write about what you do, where you stay, or why you blog. Put in something memorable that people won’t forget in a hurry! Something like, “Andrew has a collection of pens from all over the world sitting on his desk; unfortunately he has a high-end laptop sitting next to them”, would be about right.

3)Utilise restraint when writing with “creative grammar”. While “bending” the grammar basics is more than acceptable in blog writing, your bio is really not a time to do this too much.

4)Include a photograph. People always want to see who is writing as well as read about them.

Finally my third “basic step” is coherence! I imagine that as a blogger you utilise all sorts of social media and probably “guest post” on other blogs from time to time. I know I do. Your brand should be immediately recognisable across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media network that you use when marketing your blog.

Your personal brand online should form the foundation of your marketing. It is the tool that you can then utilise across all social media to raise awareness of your blog and your activities online.


Andrew Ng is a serial entrepreneur and leading media and innovation consultant in the UK. His businesses companies: Fat Mouse Productions Ltd, Expanding Web, re:Markable; and encompass ventures ranging from social media online and mobile showreels, to clothing retail and concierge services.

Alongside his business interests he is currently authoring several books and is building his ever-growing profile in the contemporary art scene. He is currently considering creating a musical from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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