Build My Rank BMR Opens Again

For everybody that has been ‘sitting on the fence’, here the good news: BuildMyRank is open again and accepts new clients. In case you wonder what all the hype is about, BuildMyRank is a link building service that works and that has been closed to new customers for the last two months. Differently to other link building services, ‘BuildMyRank‘ offers the opportunity to post articles with in context links on their own websites that adhere to Google’s ‘content against links’ policy. And it is as good and effective as it gets, when it comes to creating back links for niches that normally don’t attract organic back links. I tried them out before they closed the doors, and was very pleased with the results, both in rankings as well as in on what kind of sites my links appeared.

There are two ways of using their services, one is to write your own articles and submit them and the other is to outsource also the article writing process to them. Additionally you can create a separate login for your own writer(s) and allow them to submit articles directly to the interface.
The other good thing is that they monitor actively the quality of the sites articles link to and the quality, i.e. usefulness of the articles submitted. This way they do keep a high editorial standard across all their sites, something that will benefit everybody in the long run. The user interface is very easy to navigate and, after you have set up the domains you want to link to, you simply submit unique articles with a minimum word count of 150 words that can contain up to two links to any page on your domain. BuildMyRank is then taking care of said articles, or should I better say guest posts?, and publishes them on matching sites and takes also care, with the help of social bookmarking etc, that the articles do get indexed. Prices start at $59 / month for up to 5 main domains AND you can try them out for free! Yep, your first ten links are for free and no credit card detail required neither.

As they offer a free trial and I have good experiences with their services, I don’t hesitate to recommend them and urge you to try them out before the doors are closing again. Ok, ok, I know that I by now I sound like a snakes oil sales man or like a A-list guru, but fact is, that they do keep their user base small in order to be able to review each site and each article carefully. So, what do you have to loose? You only need to give them an email address and they give you a free trial account so that you can test their services, ten free quality back links included. Click the banner below and give it a whirl, it is not every day that you get ten back links for free 😉

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  • Max

    It seems like a win win situation for us wanting to improve the rankings of our site. We get to try out a promising link building service without risking anything (without even mentioning the free 10 back links) Considering the lengths people go for backlinks this trial offer is something which I will definitely try out and hopefully will help me choose the best link building service for my site 🙂

  • rca ieftin 2011

    I’ve used Build My Rank about one year ago and I was impressed by their results. However, the most important thing is that provide quality services and the prices are not high.

  • Hi SY,

    Your sales and marketing style is clearly evolving. You do start to sound like the gurus and A-bloggers which I see nothing wrong with if what you promote is of help to others.

    As long as you promote things you’ve tried sand believe in nobody should mind.

    I have not used any link building service like this and there seems to be plenty of them.

    I wonder what is the position of Google on using such services. I’d be very surprised if they don’t still see it as trying to game the system.

    I would like the link building services companies to have some kind of certificate or expression of approval from Google saying that they approve of the practices and services the company is engaged in, specifically in building links for other sites.

    Google I think expressly states that buying links is not a practice they endorse.

    Recently I read a post elsewhere promoting another link building service. They say it’s all white hat.

    To me it is not completely natural, to say the least, and while it may not be a black hat practices it probably is a grey hat.

    You have been online for as lot longer than I have so perhaps I’m wrong on this.

    I wonder how you view this and if you can provide some proof for that view.


    • hospitalera

      Lol Vance, last time I looked I had 100 click throughs on my affi link and not a single sign up, not even for a trial 😉 That tells you something about my copywriting / marketing skills 😉 Or perhaps my readers like more to read about things, then trying things out? Who knows …

      As for the rest you wrote, it is certainly a borderline situation. I think it is similar to guest posting, you provide content for their sites in exchange for two back links to your sites. The really fishy-smelly link building services sell you back links as such, without you doing something in return, which fulfills Google’s definition of ‘buying back links’ 100%. Said all that, it is nearly impossible to ‘proof’ anything when it comes to Google TOS. For example in their webmaster guidelines they state:

      “This is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results. Examples of link schemes can include: ….
      Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)”

      But they never defined ‘excessive’. As I see it, and take this with a grain of salt, as I might be wrong, BMR is a service that allows you to publish content on their sites that can contain up to two back links to your own sites. They do monitor the quality of the submitted articles and where they link to. This distinguishes them from link selling services that just sell you an amount of links on their sites, without any added content / value, and that don’t care about the quality of the sites you want to get links to. Is there a risk involved in using BMR? Yes, as nobody outside of Google really knows what Google thinks, yes, there is always a risk involved in doing anything to improve the SEO of your sites. As for:
      “I would like the link building services companies to have some kind of certificate or expression of approval from Google saying that they approve of the practices and services the company is engaged in, specifically in building links for other sites.”
      I really doubt it that Google will ever do this, as they would then have to monitor the approved services continuously to make sure that they continue to play by the rules.
      I also think that using BMR is similar to submitting a lot of press releases for your website. Recently somebody on a forum I am part of said: “I see link building as advertising, but to be successful the advertised product has to be good.”
      I am convinced, but I have no proof what so ever for this, that Google doesn’t care how you end up on position 1 in their search results AS LONG AS YOUR SITE IS THE BEST POSSIBLE MATCH FOR THE SEARCH TERM / KEYWORD. They are strictly against people gaming the system in order to bring a mediocre site to the top, but if your site is truly the best thing a searcher could find when looking for >xyz<, I don't think Google minds how you end up there. But they do mind if you try to rank a thin MFA that doesn't provide any value to a reader. As I said, that are just my thoughts on the subject, everybody needs to make their own decisions if they want to use such services like BMR or not, SY

  • BMR has been known to give great results with SEO for niche blogs with my friends recommending it to me, This offer just gives me a great opportunity to play around with their service without having to pay a cent. Thanks for the info, I will surely try this ou and write a review on it time permitting..

  • I doubt what the position of Google on using such facilities is. I’d be very amazed if they don’t still see it as trying to game the system.

  • Hi SY,

    I have never used BMR, though I have seen it advertised here and there quite a bit.

    Your point about link building being advertising (in the comments) is spot on to me. Certainly, it would not be possible for Toyota to sell without advertising, so why shouldn’t IMers be allowed the same possibilities?

    Regarding BMR, if the first 10 links are free, I would think it would be worth it to give it a shot and see how good the links are that they build.

    Thanks for this idea & have a good day!

  • Mirjam

    hi there,
    been trying to understand just how bmr works, and hope you could enlighten me a little bit, seeing that you have been using it for a while.

    When paying the monthly fee for 5 domains, you can submit 50 articles each day? Can you also use it for deeplinking? Are you allowed to use squidoo as one domain and then write 10 articles each day linking to different lenses?

    Seeing that you can pause domains, is it possible to actually create links to more than 5 domains each month? say for example build 10 links a day to one domain for a week and then put it on pause while using the freed up spot for another domain?

    hope you can help me,

  • Brian

    I have heard a lot of good things about Build My Rank, mostly because of the quality of their network and how they monitor the articles that are submitted. A lot of the other link networks really need to increase their quality because most of them post your article on blogs that are trash and there is no way you can get good rankings from those blogs.