Build My Rank Closed – What Now?

Build my rank has closed, but another door might open!

Build My Rank (BMR) has closed, but another door might open!

If you have been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed that all the nice affi banners to link building services have disappeared over time. Reason being that I don’t use them anymore, nor do I recommend this kind of services anymore. Why that is the case, I will tell you shortly. But I am still on the mailing list of a few of them and some days ago I received an email from Build My Rank that was interesting to say the least! Granted, BMR has closed the doors temporarily in the past and might open in the future again, but that is not the really interesting bit. Here two quotes from their email:

  • While we are closed we will be 1) rapidly expanding our network footprint

I mean that one is a big ‘OOPS’ and I am sure they didn’t mean to send that out like this! But for those that can read between the lines, it gives a strong hint on what has happened to Build My Rank – they, like a lot of other link building networks, got discovered and de-valued by Google. More to that also later …

  • “Please keep in mind that everyone benefits if we can continue to keep BuildMyRank viable over the long-term.”

Every time I see ‘if’ used in this way, it raises red warning flags with me …

OK, you could now say that is only my personal opinion and interpretation, so I spend the last days asking around and investigating on the interwebs, forums and generally chatting with people in the internet marketing niche. Here my findings regarding rankings, Build My Rank users and also other networks:

  • Some people report that whilst BMR didn’t work since months as good as it used to, their rankings were still stable. These were mostly people that build few, or only a moderate amount of links, to their sites. When these links got devalued / not counted anymore the impact was less because they were not relying solely on them. Meaning they had also natural backlinks and / or the percentage of links build by BMR and other services were lower, hence the impact was also lower as these links disappeared from the algo.
  • Others have seen as massive drop in their rankings, and traffic! These were mostly big sites that relied massively on link building services. They felt the drop painfully because they had an over average amount of links build to their site. As those links were de-counted, it affected their rankings more heavily.
  • General agreement is also that Build My Rank is not the only network that is affected. Others seem to have suffered the same fate.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, I couldn’t find any mention of recent rankings having improved by recent use of Build My Rank!


Google is cracking down massively on link building networks and services. Don’t kid yourself in thinking that there is something like an undetectable, footprint-less network! There are several ways such a network can be detected, from the easiest (Google employee signing up anonymously and detecting it ‘from the inside’) to employing advanced techno stuff and scripts to discover the footprint. Google is one of the biggest techno companies in the world, they basically invented search engines and rankings, do you really think they can’t discover link networks? So, what to do now?

Build My Rank is closed – What door is opening for you?

First of all I suggest having a good long look at your site(s) and ask yourself the most important question:

“Does my site(s) actually deserve(s) to be on the first page of the Google search results?

If the answer is ‘No’, because your website contains mainly of rewritten content that you have found in turn in the top ten sites in Google for your keyword(s) / topic(s) and ads, then I suggest you start right there and improve it 😉 Your chances of ending up on the first page on Google are so much better if your site provides really the best answer a searcher could hope to find when typing >keyword< into a Google search box. And, it will then attract natural backlinks from real people that are recommending it as a source of information and / or a great place to buy things from. Oh, and don’t give me the: But nobody will link to a site about >keyword< naturally! Virtually every problem has its dedicated sites and forums that link to resources, if your site is a real resource that helps people interested in that topic.

If your site is good enough, provided you have been honest with yourself, then you can do several things:

  • Add more content.

More, keyword targeted, content that is actually useful to real human readers will attract more traffic and that means more income. Just take the money and time you save by NOT using link building services, outsourcers to write ‘just good enough for link building articles’ for you and use them to improve your own site and not somebody else’s network 😉

  • Try a PPC campaign

If your site is actually selling something real, service or product, you can run a PPC campaign in Google adwords which will show you a couple of things. One is the real amount of traffic and conversion you can expect by being in the top spot in Google and secondly you will learn the Adsense game from the other site of the fence. As an advertiser, not as somebody that runs ads on a website. One word of warning, be careful that you don’t burn money that you don’t have doing this, it is a steep learning curve!

  • Build back links to your own site by guest posting and article writing.

To do this right, concentrate on real readers and traffic first and then on link. Make a short list of the most important sites and blogs in your niche and approach the owners and offer them unique content that is targeted to their audience. Also don’t forget about forums, they can help you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and give you a lot of inspiration about what to write next. By concentrating on attracting real eye balls to your content and taking the links as a bonus you might shift your inner perspective 😉


Link building is an constant uphill battle that costs you time and money that would be better invested in building up your own site. There are strong indications that Google has declared war on artificial link building for 2012 in order to improve the search results for everybody. Add to this the recent changes when it comes to personalized search results and the first page in Google as we know it might be soon a thing of the past. But that is material for another blog post …

Like always, questions / suggestions and corrections are always welcome in a comment!

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12 comments to Build My Rank Closed – What Now?

  • Good post! Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried several link-building services. I didn’t last beyond the trial period on most of them, because I was so horrified by the quality of the blogs in the network. I simply couldn’t believe the links would be long-lasting – and so it has proved. Some of them never even got indexed in the first place.

    I’m amazed at how many people go on using these services when it’s clear they don’t have much long term impact. I even had one webmaster say, “but you have to keep creating links, because backlinks lose value over time.” Yes, the backlinks on these services do – but surely a real backlink will GAIN value over time?

    Build My Rank seemed to be an honourable exception and I had been thinking of adding more posts there – not now! I am a member at Cobra but although they’re doing their best to stay under the radar, I do wonder if they’ll run up against the same problems in the long run.

    • hospitalera

      Whilst no backlink is ‘safe’, real links are most like ly to a) stay up and b) keep there value better. All these networks are typically build with blogs, meaning each new post pushes the article that contains your link further down and less likely to be spidered again. They all have also in common that a lot of new posts are added daily, so your backlink article might not even have the time to get indexed before it sinks.
      As for Cobra, I don’t have much insider knowledge about them, but I guess it takes only one Google employee to sign up and discover the whole network.
      I think we all, and I include me in that, have been ‘brainwashed’ into believing that artificial backlink building is the only way to have success in internet marketing, often by people that either sell these backlinks directly or are affiliates. I hasten to add that a lot of these people do this because they are actually convinced that it is necessary to build these kind of links to rank in the search engines. But links pointing to a site are only one factor in the Google algo, which is said to contain 200+ factors on how rank in the SERPentines is determinate.

  • Bizz

    Apparently, Cobra is closed now too. At least the link I followed thru a blog post took me to a defunct page. I’ve never used any link networks other than Postrunner, but even that is just a guest posting network with incredibly high standards, so no worries there.

    I’m gonna try out Blog Blueprint for awhile I think, plus I still write Postrunner articles and do other stuff here and there.

    I’d love to sit around for years and wait for my amazing writing to push the cream to the top of the serps (my articles would be the cream in this scenario), but I need to find a way to supplement my meager income right now, and linkbuilding is the only way to do that.

    I optimize the hell outta my blogs, interlink, write noteworthy content, etc. I’ve been at this for over two years, and I’m seriously starting to lose my patience. I’ve had to start over at least twice and I think I deserve a piece of the proverbial pie…

    Another helpful article, SY, and I actually found this one thru a Google search instead of a random visit or email notification.

  • amad soim

    I’m amazed at how many people go on using these services when it’s clear they don’t have much long term impact.

  • Garen

    Very interesting post and it might be safe to say that in 2012 the “private network” world might come to an end. Honestly, I don’t believe they will be opening back up anytime soon and while they don’t admit that, they do want to keep their paying customers “paying”. Not to mention put yourself in their position; if you were making hundreds of thousands of dollars by operating a private network would and you knew it was becoming devalued and a thing of the past, would you openly tell people that “hey BMR is dead!”. I think not!

    For those of you that were using it my advice would be to use a trusted seo service that builds links for the longterm and isn’t in it just to make a couple bucks. Mix up your links like crazy to minimize the footprint.

    • hospitalera

      And my advice would be to forget about artificial backlinking altogether and to concentrate on providing excellent content, a good user experience on your site (easy site navigation comes to mind) and good on page SEO 😉

      • Garen

        I could agree more. Enough with trying to pull one over on Google. They are insanely smart. I always tell people does your site deserve to be number one on Google. If not than create a better site with “real” value.

  • One should never rely on any third party service with respect to backlinks. We should probably start fosucing on adding more relevant content to our sites and trying to get more exposure by using a “be everywhere strategy”, which means – videos, podcasts, pdf sharing, social bookmarking and other social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The more we interact with people the more exposure we will get and the better rankings we will achieve.

  • Just recieved my partial refund and cancellation notice from BMR. I have to say I was bored to sobs with writing the snippets so that’s an answer to a prayer…but, I have now dropped down the ratings within days.
    My niche is dominated by the big boys who have established authority sites so I’m going to be back here for advice on what to do to compete with them.
    My content is original and passsionate..I hope it’s enough!!

    • hospitalera

      Cher, first of all, how much content do you have on your site? Do you target keywords / searches and do you concentrate on what the searcher is looking for or not?

  • Leonard Evenson

    I’ve also burnt myself with services like this, therefore, I changed my agenda and took things into my own hands. I started building backlinks myself and when I learned how to do this, I hired remote assistants to help me do more. This was a very good decision as it boosted my business into the next level of online marketing, I was faster and more productive than on my own. I had to take precautions, of course, with these strangers I found online, I’ve had enough bad experiences to know I can’t trust anyone at first sight, so I found this free employee monitoring software which keeps my staff under surveillance and my business safe.
    I like what I’ve read on your blog, so I will certainly share it with my acquaintances on social media!
    Best wishes,

  • vasu

    I could agree more. Enough with trying to pull one over on Google. They are insanely smart. I always tell people does your site deserve to be number one on Google. If not than create a better site with “real” value.