Internal Linking โ€“ The Do’ and Don’ts (IMHO)

Everybody knows that having a good internal linking structure is an important part of both, reader experience (they find other content by you they might be interested in) and on page SEO (the search engines find your older content and know which part of your site is the most relevant for which keyword). Plus it lowers your bounce rate if people visit more then one page on your site ๐Ÿ˜‰

But part of the latest Google update seems to have been also an ‘over-optimization’ penalty. Officially, according to Matt Cutts in the video below, this refers more to keyword stuffing (especially meta data like image tags etc), but it can also refer to excessive, automatic, internal linking.


I want, for the moment concentrate on the internal linking aspect of on page SEO. Many moons ago I had a discussion going forward and backward with Allyn H. from ‘BloggerIllustrated’, . . . → Read More: Internal Linking โ€“ The Do’ and Don’ts (IMHO)

Woothemes Coupon โ€“ 12 Days of Christmas

Woothemes Coupon Code

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Yup, it is the season for a lot of special offers coming in, some of them are crap, but others are worth sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Woothemes offers until Christmas a daily coupon to get massive reduction on some of their themes and that is an offer I am happy to share with my readers, and yes, the links are affi links ๐Ÿ˜‰ a woman has to live. But seriously, here is

Why I like WooThemes?! I am obviously not using it here on this blog, but I have worked with it on client sites (see >Custom Design by SY<) and I am really impressed with them. They are a close to ideal mix of editable WordPress Themes and ease of use. If you want to avoid to meddle with code and still be able to customize your . . . → Read More: Woothemes Coupon โ€“ 12 Days of Christmas

Best WordPress Plugins 2011

Best Wordpress Plugins 2011

These are the best WordPress plugins I found and used in 2011. The WordPress logo is no endorsement by WordPress itself, it only serves as decoration ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, since it is already December 2011 (Tempus Fugit!) I think it is safe to write up a post about the best WordPress plugins I used in 2011 and will, most likely, also use in 2012! Here a list of those that I use on some or all of my sites, just bear in mind that the less plugins you have the better as your site will load faster and less plugin conflicts might occur. So choose wisely ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW the titles of each description will take you to the main page where you can download the plugin โ€“ and yes, all of them are free ๐Ÿ˜‰ A bit of a pre-Christmas gift for my readers ๐Ÿ˜‰ All of them in order . . . → Read More: Best WordPress Plugins 2011

Silly SEO Mistakes I Made โ€“ Images and Links

SEO Mistakes Illustration

I thought it might be helpful and funny for others if I put together a mini series of SEO mistakes I made. Here the first post of my new SEO mistakes series: Image Links. If you use images in your blog posts and pages, chances are that you just upload them via the WordPress interface, perhaps give them a good caption and that’s it. If you are interested in improving your on page SEO when it comes to images, here some Do’s and Don’ts for you. If you are short in time, read at least the first paragraph, it really might lighten a light bulb, at least it did it for me as I discovered my own stupid mistake!

How not to do it!

Where is your image linking to? Ooops! When you upload an image to use on your blog, the image gets automatically a link . . . → Read More: Silly SEO Mistakes I Made โ€“ Images and Links

Keyword Strategy Tips 2 – How to Write a Blog Post


I was planning to publish this, How to write a blog post with the Keyword Strategy tool, a little bit later in this series, but as Lynn from College Athletic Scholarship asked a related question on my previous blog post ‘Keyword Strategy Tips 1 โ€“ How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site’ I decided to publish it earlier. The good thing is also that this blog post is even useful when you are not using Keyword Strategy, but it gets easier if you do ;-). Here a link to my ‘Keyword Strategy Review’, in case you haven’t an idea what I am speaking about. Now to Lynn’s question and my usual long-winded answer to it:

โ€œThanks for a helpful article. I am not clear on a point. If you have several keywords going to the same url. Is this ok?โ€

. . . → Read More: Keyword Strategy Tips 2 – How to Write a Blog Post

Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Keyword Strategy Welcome Screen

Keyword Strategy Welcome Screen – Click to enter!

Lets face it, we all have them, sites that we love, that are old, at least in the terms of the internet, and that don’t perform as we think they should in the SERPentines. Or you have a site that used to do well, but suffered during the last panda updates. Reason being for both is that these sites come from the times when we haven’t had a clue about how to write reader-focused and keyword-focused content at the same time. If your site targets the same keyword with multiple posts, also called overlapping content, this can give it the look of a ‘content farm’ in Google’s eyes! There are two ways of solving this dilemma, ditch the site and start from scratch or try to save the site taking advantage of the content that is already indexed and ranking. . . . → Read More: Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Do You Use a Camfex Currency Converter? Your Site Might Be Re-Directed to Cash Parking by Now!

If you have a travel related site, chances are that you have some sort of currency converter on it to make life for you, and your readers, easier. Who wants to write continuously things like:

The price for a 90min public transport ticket is 32CZK ($1.91/Euro1.32/GBP1.17 as of August 2011)

So much easier to just slap a currency converter into the sidebar or footer and just state the actual prices and let the reader figure out themselves what they equal in their own currency. Plus you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations etc. That is the theory. Here the problem.

Some time ago I put the camfex currency converter on one of my sites and all worked fine for months. Yesterday I checked something on the site and, lo and behold, the site loaded for a second or two and then re-directed to another domain, full of ads. PANIC! . . . → Read More: Do You Use a Camfex Currency Converter? Your Site Might Be Re-Directed to Cash Parking by Now!

Wordpress Plugins Hacked

27th June 2011

A quick warning to everybody that uses WordPress (which will be most of you ;-)). admitted that three popular plugins in their plugin repository have been, maliciously, replaced by hacked versions in the last 24-48h or so. The affected plugins are:

Add This (social bookmarking) W3 Total Cache (caching) WP Touch (blog to iPhone application)

The full story can be found here at the official WordPress blog (link to story), here the summary for the impatient reader ๐Ÿ˜‰

It seems that only the three plugins mentioned above are affected.

You are only at risk if you have updated the plugins in the last days or so, when the hack happened and you downloaded an infected / hacked plugin.

If that is the case, simply download / update NOW your plugins as the WordPress repository has been . . . → Read More: WordPress Plugins Hacked

Books that help blogging

I thought I post today about three books that helped me as I started out blogging ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you are an experienced blogger or internet markete,r the first blogging book might be a bit basic for you. If you are just starting out, it gives you a good introduction into the world of blogging. The last two books I use more as a reference or tech guide for bloggers. They are great to have around whilst working on your blog or web site.

Blogging with Moxie

Blogging with Moxie was the first โ€œblogging bookโ€ I got myself as I decided to start blogging seriously. It walks you through the basics of choosing a blog platform, setting up your first blog, how to interact with others in the blogosphere etc etc etc. It is a great book for somebody just starting out with blogging, but might be not what an advanced . . . → Read More: Books that help blogging