Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Keyword Strategy Welcome Screen

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Lets face it, we all have them, sites that we love, that are old, at least in the terms of the internet, and that don’t perform as we think they should in the SERPentines. Or you have a site that used to do well, but suffered during the last panda updates. Reason being for both is that these sites come from the times when we haven’t had a clue about how to write reader-focused and keyword-focused content at the same time. If your site targets the same keyword with multiple posts, also called overlapping content, this can give it the look of a ‘content farm’ in Google’s eyes! There are two ways of solving this dilemma, ditch the site and start from scratch or try to save the site taking advantage of the content that is already indexed and ranking. . . . → Read More: Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Which Aweber Alternative Should I Choose?

Aweber Alternative Image

To build an email list or not to build an email list, that is here the question!

Lis from >>>Passive Income<<< and I have a lot in common, no wonder, we started our internet marketing journey around the same time 😉 Like her I have contemplated on and off about adding an email list to the ‘mix’ and like her I was very reluctant to do so, perhaps for different reasons, but still. This morning I found her latest blog post in my inbox, entitled >>>’An Apology – I Need To Come Clean – A C-List Blogger Is Born‘<<< which describes her reasons to add an email list sign-up form to her blog and an rather unnecessary apology. Like always, it makes for a good read and the comments are also interesting.

Now here my email list dilemma: Around four or five times a year . . . → Read More: Which Aweber Alternative Should I Choose?

Do You Use a Camfex Currency Converter? Your Site Might Be Re-Directed to Cash Parking by Now!

If you have a travel related site, chances are that you have some sort of currency converter on it to make life for you, and your readers, easier. Who wants to write continuously things like:

The price for a 90min public transport ticket is 32CZK ($1.91/Euro1.32/GBP1.17 as of August 2011)

So much easier to just slap a currency converter into the sidebar or footer and just state the actual prices and let the reader figure out themselves what they equal in their own currency. Plus you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations etc. That is the theory. Here the problem.

Some time ago I put the camfex currency converter on one of my sites and all worked fine for months. Yesterday I checked something on the site and, lo and behold, the site loaded for a second or two and then re-directed to another domain, full of ads. PANIC! . . . → Read More: Do You Use a Camfex Currency Converter? Your Site Might Be Re-Directed to Cash Parking by Now!

Wordpress Plugins Hacked

27th June 2011

A quick warning to everybody that uses WordPress (which will be most of you ;-)). admitted that three popular plugins in their plugin repository have been, maliciously, replaced by hacked versions in the last 24-48h or so. The affected plugins are:

Add This (social bookmarking) W3 Total Cache (caching) WP Touch (blog to iPhone application)

The full story can be found here at the official WordPress blog (link to story), here the summary for the impatient reader 😉

It seems that only the three plugins mentioned above are affected.

You are only at risk if you have updated the plugins in the last days or so, when the hack happened and you downloaded an infected / hacked plugin.

If that is the case, simply download / update NOW your plugins as the WordPress repository has been . . . → Read More: WordPress Plugins Hacked

Why I am not participating in this Seo contest

Why I am not participating in this Seo contest

Promojunkie has announced the keyword phrase and the rules for their next SEO contest, starting the 18th December 2009 and finishing the 18th March 2010. I was actually looking forward to it. I mean, it would have been great fun to actually start at the start and not 3 weeks close to the dead line 😉 But there are a few points that prevented me from submitting my entry.

Your mileage may vary, so if you want to try to catch the $1000, that they offer as first price, start here: PromoJunkie SEO Contest

In case you are still in doubt, here my some of my main and minor reasons not to participate in this seo contest:

The keyword phrase does make sense.

Now, that sounds like an advantage at first sight. Instead of . . . → Read More: Why I am not participating in this Seo contest

Is the internet destroying good manners?

Is the internet destroying good manners?

Yesterday I got the following message via my blogcatalog shout box:

“hey dude, howwa ya. currently i’m participating in my country’s seo contest. any tips?”

(That is a exact copy of the message send, no joke.)

After taking a deep breath, I compiled the following answer:

Dear (name removed for privacy protection),

Thank you very much for contacting me. My best advice would be to use a combination of excellent content and back links.

Regarding the content, here two additional tips. Write content that is most useful for your readers and pay attention to correct grammar and spelling. Thank you for contacting me, kind regards, SY

Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to help a fellow blogger or webmaster, but in return I expect a minimum of good manners. And that includes . . . → Read More: Is the internet destroying good manners?

How not to win a SEO contest

So, now it is official, I didn’t win the Oes Tsetnoc Seo Contest, instead I ended up on place 21 (give or take a few, depending on your Google location). Before writing up my mistakes, failures and shortcomings, first of all my sincere congratulations to the three winners:

First Place: Handsome from

Second Place: Hellas from

Third Place: Phreakaholic from

And obviously also a special Thank You to decipher from PromoJunkie for running the contest. I benefited enormously from participating in it. Not only by getting more back links to my blog in general, but also by observing and learning more about SEO.

It all boiled down to content+back links in the end. Here some interesting stats:

My entry: Content, hence also indexed in Google: 1 meagre page, back links to that page . . . → Read More: How not to win a SEO contest

Seo Contest and Health Update

Health Update

Thanks again to everybody that left a comment on my shortest blog post ever (I was really not in my sane mind as I posted that one, I even messed up the url ;-() It turned out not to be the real flu (thanks God) but “just” a very nasty cold. I am feeling better by now and managed today to approve / review / answer all comments on my blog. Next thing, after publishing this blog post, is to visit all my favourite blogs and catch up with things in the blogosphere! So, yes, I am back 😉

Seo Contest Update

Regarding the Oes Tsetnoc, I am still lingering around on place 20 and, bearing in mind that the contest finishes tomorrow, I have a very slim chance to win anything unless Google does one of . . . → Read More: Seo Contest and Health Update

Update image captcha

Hi, I am back home and can you update now on the captcha situation that caused the problem so that nobody was able to comment on my blog.

First of all I am sure imHuman captcha is based on a great idea and the malfunctioning was most likely caused by an incompatibility with one or more other plugins I am using. And there is the catch for me! This blog is about blogging, tech stuff included. I often use plugins and then write a blog post about them as I did here: Blogging Tools. And that involves installing and using and testing and evaluating new plugins I come accross and that might be useful for my readers — you. So, I simply can’t risk that a new plugin upsets an old one, the plugin that doesn’t play well along with the others gets send outside until it learns to . . . → Read More: Update image captcha