What is WBSD?

Tomorrow will be the third time that WBSD comes around, so as I am this time guest blogging from a friends blog, I thought it would be a good idea to blog here a bit about what WBSD is all about 😉 and a bit about the people involved also.

WBSD stands for World Blog Surf Day, and was invented by yours truly back in March this year. The first WBSD was organized via my, now de-funct, Golden Prague Blog and the next two were organized by my friend Sher from Czech of the beaten Path.

The idea behind WBSD, similar to other blog carnivals and the like, is to bring together a bunch of bloggers that blog about the same subject on the same day and that link to each other. This way a chain of related blog posts is formed around the globe and . . . → Read More: What is WBSD?

WBSD and 100th post

Time for another WBSD (World Blog Surf Day) and also time to celebrate my 100th blog post. Ok, a lot of the long time, hard working and so on internet marketers will sneer at this small blogging milestone. But nevertheless, I think, for me it is a reason to celebrate! Bearing in mind hat my hyperactive brain makes it difficult for me to concentrate and stick to it, posting so regularly and sticking more or less to the main theme of this blog which is “blogging”, it IS an achievement for me. So what have I achieved over the last seven months that this blog is active?

99 100 blog posts published 1440+ comments published on this blog, the ones of readers and my responses to those 😉 PR4, for what it is worth Alexa Rank <80 000, showing that I target the right group of people . . . → Read More: WBSD and 100th post

Expat Cat Food

An Expat Cats journey to healthy eating

Disclaimer: The post below was written by a guest blogger, a feline guest blogger, so some food related details might not be appropriate for human consumption.

*Enters Oscar the Expat Cat*

Hi everybody, welcome to World Blog Surf Day! In case you wonder what on earth that is, it is a series of blog posts that got published all on the same day and that all have a common theme. Most of them are written by humans, this one is written by me – Oscar the Expat Cat! Mommy has taken all the photos, so please respect her copyright also! This time the organizer for World Blog Surf Day was Sher from Czech Off the Beaten Path, please give her a roaring round of applause for all her hard work! Thank you 😉

As I heard that the theme . . . → Read More: Expat Cat Food

World Blog Surf Day and feedback please

June Blog Updates

World Blog Surf Day Tomorrow is World Blog Surf! My post is written and scheduled to be published at 00:01 my time here in Prague 😉 My blog post is actually not the right description, it is a blog post written by … a surprise guest blogger! So check back tomorrow and be -surprised! In case you don’t know what World Blog Surf Day, WBSD for short, is, have a look at Sher’s Blog Czech of the beaten Path for more information. You will be too late to sign up for this event, but perhaps you like to follow us as we ‘blog around the globe’ And I am pretty sure that there will be a third WBSD in autumn/ fall. If you want to see who is all participating this time round, have a look at the list of . . . → Read More: World Blog Surf Day and feedback please