Prague to Turkey and back Part 1

2 continents, 12 countries, 4500 miles, 7200 kilometers

First of all my apologies to my readers, I fell ill shortly after we came back, so blogging took a backseat for a while ;-( But I am up and running again and here the first part of my promised travel report:

Uff, how to start a travel report about such a journey? I tried to draw up a Google Map to show you where we have been, but somehow I am too stupid for that. The lines kept either disappearing or lines appeared where I didn’t wanted them to appear. BTW, if you want to “read” a second opinion, my hubby also plans to blog about our travels, for this check out the blogging chaplains blog 😉

So, go ahead, grab an old-fashioned printed road atlas of Europe and follow along. I will post photos as I have them, . . . → Read More: Prague to Turkey and back Part 1