Schwingen – an especially Swiss sport

Painting of Schwingers, photo (c)S.Yates

Schwingen can be translated as ‘swinging’ and is a deeply Swiss sport, a kind of outdoor Sumo in clothes 😉 It is also known as ‘Swiss wrestling’ or ‘Hoselupf’ which translates to ‘trouser pick up’ or ‘trouser gripping/ lifting’. The earliest picture of this peculiar kind of sport can be seen in the Cathedral of Lausanne (of all places!) and dates from the 13th century. Schwingen is typical for the Deutschschweiz, the German speaking part of Switzerland. It was originally a sport amongst farmers, shepherds and other country folk, but has, since the early 19th century, also found its following amongst the town folk. Since the 19th century so-called ‘Schwing festivals’ have been held and nowadays there is even a national competion for the title of ‘Schwingerkönig’ (Schwing King).

A ‘Schwinger Kampf’ (Schwinging tournament) takes place in a circular, sawdust covered, arena with a . . . → Read More: Schwingen – an especially Swiss sport

Hotel Hari Adelboden Review

A review of the Hotel Hari in Adelboden and some points to consider out of my own experience.

Hotel Hari Adelboden (c)S.Yates

We, hubby, I and 90+ conference members stayed from the 20th to the 24th April 2009 in the Hotel Hari im Schlegeli in Adelboden (Switzerland). Being the oldest hotel in the village, it has quite a bit of history, which started in the year 1873, as the village teacher Christian Hari gave hospitality in his farmhouse to his very first guests, the family Rohr from Bern. After some successful tourist seasons with already many international guests, a second building opened in 1878 to accommodate even more guests. As the road from Frutigen to Adelboden was finally finished in 1884, the tourism industry really took off, animating the family Hari to build two more guest houses in the Schlegeli. At the beginning of the 20th century the hotel . . . → Read More: Hotel Hari Adelboden Review

Adelboden – First Impressions

20.04.2009 After a long 10 hours drive from Prague (Czech Republic) we arrived finally at 19:15 in Adelboden (Switzerland). Hubby and I are taking part here in a conference and will stay until Friday in the Hotel Hari. Adelboden is a small village tucked away in the Swiss Alps, famous for its fresh air, hiking trails and skiing possibilities. Whilst it was already summerly in Prague, here it is still early spring with rather cold evenings and nights. Hotel Hari, where we are staying, is a family run hotel that is actually the oldest hotel in the village. But more about that in a later post, first a bit more background info for my ‘overseas visitors’. 😉 Adelboden is, like I wrote before, in Switzerland (Europe), more exactly in the Kanton Bern. I have inserted a Google Map so that you can see it better.

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