Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It

The original question arose on The Keyword Academy Forum, where somebody asked ‘How do I make more money with my Postrunner site?’ For the ones of you that are not members, which you should, Postrunner is a guest blog post distribution hub that takes out the emotional tingle-tangle of guest blogging. It allows people to send guest posts to blog owners and these blog owners then can accept or reject the post. If rejected, the post goes back to the creator and he or she can apply to another post for publishing. Content for back links is the trade. Now people that receive such posts often end up with a variety of keywords on their site they have never really researched the potential for. And, over time, they start to rank for these keywords, because it is good content and other reasons. A lot of these sites are also monetized . . . → Read More: Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It

How not to make money online

Seems there is a bit of a Google clean up going on! I might write more about this later, but for the moment I recommend you to read this blog post “How Not to Make Money Online” by BenK. Pay special attention on his tips on the end on how to not to set up your site. I would add another tip: Avoid using “seo optimizing plugins” that everybody uses. I don’t like and never used “All in one SEO” and it seems that was a lucky coincidence…

So far I took from the most recent developments that:

The old saying “quality content is king” is today more true then ever. Google has increased massively his team of human reviewers. Using blogspot blogs for building mini sites is dead. (You can still use them for building an authority site, but with the risk that you do that on . . . → Read More: How not to make money online

Recent Google Adsense Changes

Google has recently announced that they will include, gradually, over the next months, other certified ad networks into the Adsense network.

That is good news at the same time as it is bad news. If you are an Adsense publisher, means if you are displaying ads on your site to earn money from them, than it is basically good news. More ads that compete for ad space should increase the price and the earning possibilities for everybody involved.

If you are an Adsense advertiser this could mean that it becomes more expensive for you to advertise with the Google Adsense program as more advertisers compete for the available ad space.

If you are one of those internet marketers that use cheaper ads to drive traffic to sites with better paying ads, your possible profit margin might shrink – considerably.

All this began already over a year ago, as Google started . . . → Read More: Recent Google Adsense Changes

Checklist for new web sites

Setting up a new web site from scratch is easier then you think. Just follow this easy checklist from “idea” to “Finished Sites” and your new web site is up and running in no time. . . . → Read More: Checklist for new web sites

Bounce Rate

Why is it important to have a low bounce rate in your Google Account and how it affects your SERP Search Engine Ranking Position for your keywords. . . . → Read More: Bounce Rate

Adsense Niche

What is an adsense niche and how to find a good one? Over the last posts one word kept creeping up again and again, the word “niche”. It was either mentioned in comments / questions or nonchalantly thrown in by yours truly. So I find it only fair, before continuing to write about Google Analytics, to tell you what internet marketers, us guys and gals want to make money on the internet, mean when we say “niche”.

In a nutshell (yeah, again) a niche is a “narrow topic” that gets monetized. So a blog like this one is not a “niche”, a web site about travel in general is not a niche, a web site for people that want to backpack in Prague IS niche. Lets look at same aspects of “niche”, perhaps it becomes then clearer:

Content / Topic: The topic is defined and narrow and the . . . → Read More: Adsense Niche

Google Analytics Help 2

Now you have installed Google Analytics, what does it actually do for you? How can Google Analytics help you to get more, targeted, traffic visitors to your site? Admitted, it is great fun to see how your visitor numbers are climbing (hopefully!) but the data provided about your web site can also help you to cater better for your visitors. Google has an extensive help section that explains very well how the data is collected and what everything means. For an introduction from Google itself, see the video below. I will concentrate in showing you how to use this data to create a better web site for your visitors. And hopefully a more profitable web site for you! First lets have a look at the main dashboard:

Visits: Shows you the overall development of people looking at your site. You obviously want this graph to climb 😉

Page Views: Is . . . → Read More: Google Analytics Help 2

Google Wave Concerns

Google Wave Logo (c)Google, fair use assumed

I remember when I tested Google Chrome for the first time, there was this tiny, unobtrusive checkbox saying something on the lines of “I agree that my usage data is transmitted to Google”. It was already checked, just for my convenience… I didn’t test Chrome for very long, you may imagine and I sure like anything unchecked that little box! Whilst Chrome is “only” monitoring your browsing habits, Google Wave will convert you into an open book that Google can read, copy and distribute freely…

So what is Google Wave? In a nutshell (ya,ya, ya, I know that this is one of my favourite expressions, and? 😉 So, in a nutshell, Google Wave is a shared, real time, collaborative, web based application that aims to replace email, chat, social networking, wikis, documents, photo and video exchange, instant messaging and the like by . . . → Read More: Google Wave Concerns

Google Wave and Bing

Below the first glimpse, published by Google, about their new, OPEN SOURCE, product – Google Wave. Have a look and tell me, great or scary?, the new Google Wave…

Meanwhile Microsoft entered, at a cost of approximiadetely, $80 Million the search engine market. Silverrose over at hubpages has written a great hub about optimizing your web site for Bing. Do we really need a new search engine? Can Microsoft break the Google, nearly, monopoly? Wht do you think? I will write my own thoughts later, first I am curious about yours! SY

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