Long Tail Keywords โ€“ Can you find them with Keyword Strategy?

Picture of pagode in Myanmar Burma

Lis published a few days ago an article with the catchy title >Right Keywords + Right Platform = Cash!<, where she advocated to use another, additional, tool to Keyword Strategy in order to find long tail keywords, that is keyword phrases that are longer than three words. I disagreed, we do disagree often by the way, but we are still friends, at least I hope so ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have no clue about Myanmar, but I do know a lot about Prague – and how to use the Keyword Strategy Tool ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I offered a proof, and run into a major problem, her seed keywords were ‘Myanmar Travel‘ and I have no idea about the locations and geography of that part of the world. I simply didn’t know if a certain exotic name is that of a town in Myanmar or that of a beach . . . → Read More: Long Tail Keywords โ€“ Can you find them with Keyword Strategy?

Making Money Online 2011 2012 โ€“ What has changed?


My personal take on making money online in 2011 and what I plan to do in 2012 and what not.

Seems it is this time of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know that time when all, or nearly all, internet marketers publish their yearly review and make their firm resolutions what they will do better next year ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually I didn’t plan to do this, but as it seems to be a sort of tradition in the MMO world, who am I to swim against the stream ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here my take on 2011 and my resolutions for 2012:

Making Money Online 2011 Review

1. Adsense: Pretty much stable, Hubpages took a dip, some of my own sites improved, especially the German ones, income pretty much the same or slightly rising over that of the past year.

2. Amazon: Nice, nice, very nice year for me on Amazon! Compared to . . . → Read More: Making Money Online 2011 2012 โ€“ What has changed?

The Real Reason Google Fights Web Spam

Sorry, couldn't find anything more appropriate to illustrate this article about web spam. Image in the public domain, if Google objects against using their logo in an editorial piece (fair use assumed), they know where to find me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, gals and guys, that will be another of this long-winded and far too in-depth posts, so please pour yourself something nice to drink and take a few minutes out of your busy life ๐Ÿ˜‰ For the purpose of making it a bit easier to understand, I skip those parts of Google that have little to do with internet marketing like Android (OS for mobile devices) and concentrate on those that concern those of us that make money online: Adsense, Adwords and Search. First let’s have a look at what Google actually is and then let’s have a look at bigger picture of what Google actually wants โ€“ and why! . . . → Read More: The Real Reason Google Fights Web Spam

Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Keyword Strategy Welcome Screen

Keyword Strategy Welcome Screen – Click to enter!

Lets face it, we all have them, sites that we love, that are old, at least in the terms of the internet, and that don’t perform as we think they should in the SERPentines. Or you have a site that used to do well, but suffered during the last panda updates. Reason being for both is that these sites come from the times when we haven’t had a clue about how to write reader-focused and keyword-focused content at the same time. If your site targets the same keyword with multiple posts, also called overlapping content, this can give it the look of a ‘content farm’ in Google’s eyes! There are two ways of solving this dilemma, ditch the site and start from scratch or try to save the site taking advantage of the content that is already indexed and ranking. . . . → Read More: Keyword Strategy Tips 1 – How To Clean Up a Messed Up, sorry, an Established Site

Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Google revoked access to their Adwords API for literally hundreds of developers and applications on the 12th September. Here is what Google said about this:

โ€œWe have done this to ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with Adwords API Terms and Conditions.โ€

Developers have to reapply for their tokens and it can take 5 to 6 weeks before they are re-approved, if they are, that’s it! My personal suspicion is that Google did this to reduce the amount of webspam created with this kind of tools, you know, the good old ‘find profitable keyword, buy exact match domain, write some crappy content and promote the heck out of it’ approach. I really doubt that Google is eager that the information that is meant for Adwords advertisers is used in this way, but that might just me being suspicious …

So your favorite keyword tool is . . . → Read More: Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Making Money Online 1

Making Money Online โ€“ With Information

Is it possible to make money online without investing first any? The answer is a loud and resonating โ€œYESโ€! I will show you a simple way of making money online, for free โ€“ and legal. This is not the only method that exists, but it is a great place to start. I will try to keep it as simple and step-by-step as possible, later on you can expand on this foundation, but for the moment lets keep things K.I.S.S., ok? I will also include some paid alternatives and shortcuts, but the main focus of this blog post, and others that will follow, is to show you for free how to make money for free. To follow this method, you don’t need to spend any money at all. The only thing you have to do is to read, learn and apply what . . . → Read More: Making Money Online 1

What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

No, this is not a โ€œgroupieโ€ post to praise one of the so-called A-List bloggers, but much less it is a, lately so fashionable name calling and bashing blog post against another blogger. I just want to show that, when looking behind the obvious, there is a lot to learn from the A-list bloggers. Like my grandmother would say: โ€œYou can learn something from everybody, and if it is only how NOT to do things.โ€ Or, to alter another famous saying: โ€œDo as they do, not as they say!โ€ Enough babbling like a bumbling band of baboons, here a few points we all could learn from John Chow:

1. Don’t undersell yourself

Charge $750 for a sponsored blog post of, hold your breath, less than 60 words.

2. Don’t discuss with the customer.

But for your faithful, and attentive, readers, make your point in a subtle . . . → Read More: What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

Using Yahoo Answers to find new niches

Just a quick note on how you can use Yahoo Answers to find new (nano) niches. Yahoo Answers is a good place to start looking for which sort of problems people try to solve. Search the categories for topics that may interest you and look what kind of questions / problems people have. If you find something you can answer and that looks like a good niche, research its potential with either Market Samurai or the free Google Keyword Tool. Yes, I know, a lot of this questions are coming from people that don’t have anything else to do than inventing bogus questions, but still, a lot of the questions are valuable sources for problems and questions people might have.

When you spend some time in Yahoo Answers, you will notice that some questions and problems are creeping up over and over again. This are the ones that . . . → Read More: Using Yahoo Answers to find new niches

Internet Marketing and Weight Loss

No, that is not a blog post about how to break into one of the most competitive niches on the market. It is a comparison BETWEEN Internet Marketing and Weight Loss.

Like a lot of people, since I work from home, my best trained muscles are the ones on my fingers that busily type the whole day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sitting for hours without end before the computer, doesn’t help to keep your slim and fit. Ok, yes, it keeps your brain cells fit and your fingers slim, but that’s it. As I am not a big dancer myself, combining Online Income with Dancesport like Lis does, isn’t an option ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to resort to more traditional methods like reducing my calorie intake and increasing the amount of calories I burn each day. Read, diet and exercise ;-( Now whilst eating healthy and going to the Gym, it occurred . . . → Read More: Internet Marketing and Weight Loss