Drift by Sara San Angelo

One day, quite some time ago, an email landed in my inbox, entitled “Do you still review ebooks?” Oh, yes, I do, just send it over! Fast forward, ooops, mega ooops it is a novel! Now, as I offered to do reviews for ebooks I thought more of the “make money online” and “travel guide” variety, not of modern discovery novels. In the end, I am not even a native English speaker, far less a literary critique 😉 So I had a read and conveniently forgot about/ buried it in my sub-conscience where it kept nagging me, as such things do. Some weeks later a new email arrived in my inbox “Just wondering if you got my book? Oh, ah, uhm, ok, I try again, my mistake, so back to reading again. In the end, I agreed to do it, so I had to stick to my word 😉 Slowly, . . . → Read More: Drift by Sara San Angelo

Ebook review of “7 Secrets to Success Abroad”

Actually I could finish my review here by writing only one sentence: Go, download the book and read it! But that wouldn’t make a good blog post, would it?

So here some more reasons to download this ebook:

It gives great advice to people who want to or are living abroad. The same advice can be applied to other situations as well, like moving to a big city. It is written by someone who has lived abroad for 20 years. It doesn’t sell you anything. It doesn’t use a fancy psychological technique. It is common sense applied to the situation of an expat and everybody that has to cope with changes in his / her life.

It is not a self-help book in the classical sense more like a “Cultural Survival Guide”. Don’t be mislead by the catchy title, there is far more information, tips and tricks than only seven . . . → Read More: Ebook review of “7 Secrets to Success Abroad”

Ebook review “Making Money from Travel Web Sites”

Sounds like everybody’s dream, right? Traveling and living from it. Not to work to be able to travel, instead to live and travel, financing your life by the same travel that makes your life worth living. Sounds like a sales pitch, right? Or is it your dream also? The here reviewed ebook was downloaded from a site with the delightful name “Retire young and wealthy” (web address at the end of the article). So what is behind the sales pitch? First of all, before I get into the nitty-gritty detail of a review: Yes, this ebook is worth downloading! It could be improved with some re-writing, but the basic information is there and the information is sound and good. For the download link, see end of article. The book is free and contains valuable information, so go for it! Now the review proper:

Mike, the author, has managed a difficult . . . → Read More: Ebook review “Making Money from Travel Web Sites”

John Chow ebook review

If you are into making money online and don’t read John Chows blog regularly, then you are living under a rock, seriously. John Chow is a first generation internet marketer, means he is one of those that invented the game. He got himself banned from Google for several years, continued to make money without Google and is now back in the Google index again. His blog is top notch, updated several times a day and a reliable source of information when it comes to making money online.* Like many money bloggers, John Chow has an ebook, but unlike many other money bloggers, he gives it away for free. Ok, nearly for free, you have to give him your email address, you know for list building and all this 😉 John Chow’s ebook is also different in respect to that you can re-distribute it for free, as long as you don’t . . . → Read More: John Chow ebook review