Market Samurai Discount – Now available for $75!


Market Samurai now available for $75 limited time offer! Ok, let’s cut through the hype 😉 Lately my inbox has been filled with newsletters by all sorts of Imlers announcing a special offer for the keyword tool Market Samurai for only $75 (free trial, one time fee and money back warranty). Market Samurai retails normally for $97 (when bought during the free trial period) to $147 (when bought after your free trial has expired) so this offer is good. If you look around this blog a bit you’ll see that it is one of my favorite keyword tools – since many years!

What upsets me slightly is that I, as an long time affiliate, never got an email about this promo nor is there anything in my affiliate dashboard that tells me how to give my readers access to this special offer. After a bit of digging I found out . . . → Read More: Market Samurai Discount – Now available for $75!

Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

Market not Article Samurai

Market Samurai is a good product, Article Samurai is — NOT!!!

Hi guys and gals, I just got the ‘priority email’ aka ‘don’t miss this super-duper chance that comes around only once in your lifetime (Not!)’ that Article Samurai opens again and that begs the question: Should you buy it or NOT!? Like I wrote in my previous post here >Article Samurai or Spamurai?‘ I consider this type of internet marketing and attempt at SEO sooo pre-Panda! And no, imho, save your money also this time round and don’t buy it! Why you ask? I still hold to what I stated previously:

Cheap article marketing, especially one that uses / promotes, spun content, is an absolute No-No since the latest Panda / Farmer Update that Google implemented.

Methods like this add no value whatsoever to your own websites nor to the internet as . . . → Read More: Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

Article Samurai or Spamurai?

Updates regarding ‘Article Samurai Price’, ‘Article Samurai Launch’, ‘Article Samurai Sold Out’, ‘Article Samurai Purchase Link’ etc can be found in the comment section 😉

If you own a copy of Market Samurai and / or are subscribed to their newsletter, chances are that you have received over the last weeks a series of well made sales pitches. Today I received the email with the details of their new product ‘Article Samurai’, including the price. Before you even think of buying it, I would strongly suggest that you read not only this blog post, but also the comments left on the last Article Samurai video! Here a summary what is published so far and my, not so humble, opinion about their latest offering.

First let me make clear that I love Market Samurai to bits and use it extensively (for some of my previous blog posts regarding this genial piece . . . → Read More: Article Samurai or Spamurai?

Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It

The original question arose on The Keyword Academy Forum, where somebody asked ‘How do I make more money with my Postrunner site?’ For the ones of you that are not members, which you should, Postrunner is a guest blog post distribution hub that takes out the emotional tingle-tangle of guest blogging. It allows people to send guest posts to blog owners and these blog owners then can accept or reject the post. If rejected, the post goes back to the creator and he or she can apply to another post for publishing. Content for back links is the trade. Now people that receive such posts often end up with a variety of keywords on their site they have never really researched the potential for. And, over time, they start to rank for these keywords, because it is good content and other reasons. A lot of these sites are also monetized . . . → Read More: Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It

Join the challenge, get Market Samurai for free

Rofl, I guess a lot of people, especially the kind of A-list bloggers and internet marketers that sing continuously the ‘don’t let money on the table’ song, will now declare me for stupid! Doesn’t matter, this offer is too good to not pass it on to my readers!

As you all know, I am a real Market Samurai fan girl and promote the product where ever I can. Now Vance from has alerted me yesterday to the fact that this years challenge (previously known as the 30 day challenge) will in fact go over three months AND they offer a free trial of Market Samurai for the whole period!

Yups, a free 100 days trial for Market Samurai!

The challenge is free to join, just sign up here and then go to one of the blog posts to download your . . . → Read More: Join the challenge, get Market Samurai for free

Cool Market Samurai Tips- Keeping track

This blog post was inspired by Lissie’s review of Andy Blacks Index Checker, if you scroll down to the comments of her blog post, you can see that Lissie and I had a little exchange about this. She said it can’t be done, I said it can. So I set out to figure out “how” and after using it for weeks I came finally around to write up this short blog post.

Why bother checking your indexing?

Indexing means that the big G (and other search engines) have visited your new blog post, article or hub and have taken noticed from its content and included it in their index. Checking that all your blog posts and articles get quickly indexed is a good way to check if “Google still loves you” 😉 Bearing in mind the recent crack-down Google did on mini-sites and especially on spammy . . . → Read More: Cool Market Samurai Tips- Keeping Track

Best use of ad space on a blog

How to use the ad space on your blog best – a case study. . . . → Read More: Best use of ad space on a blog

Market Samurai Review

Benjamin Cip asked recently in a comment “I didn’t know about Market Samurai until I visit your blog, could you tell me more about it?” I am happy to oblige 😉 I must admit I have so far only scratched the surface and not fully explored all the features Market Samurai has, so I will write about what I know it does, and not about what the sales copy says it does, ok?

Let me also get one thing more out of the way, the banner in the top left corner of this blog post, the one in the sidebar and the text links are referral links. That means that if you use them to get your free Market Samurai trial and decide later to buy it, I will earn $s 😉 These $s are paid by Market Samurai, not by you btw, but if . . . → Read More: Market Samurai Review

Keyword Elite versus Market Samurai Comparision

Rofl, if you ever have signed up for a single newsletter of one of the main internet marketers / A-list blogger or the like, than I know how your email inbox looks at the moment 😉 Full with sales letters and pitches and super-secret download links. Before you now head of and spend $197 (yep, that expensive!) let me present you an alternative. If you have followed my blog over the last weeks than you have noticed that I mentioned frequently “Market Samurai”. If you are looking for an alternative to Keyword Elite, or if you are on a Mac!, I suggest you have a look at the following comparison:

Operating System:

Keyword Elite: only available for Windows

Market Samurai: available for both, Mac and Windows

Free Trial Period:

Keyword Elite: None

Market Samurai: 12 days


Keyword Elite: $197

Market Samurai: . . . → Read More: Keyword Elite versus Market Samurai Comparision