Which Aweber Alternative Should I Choose?

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To build an email list or not to build an email list, that is here the question!

Lis from >>>Passive Income<<< and I have a lot in common, no wonder, we started our internet marketing journey around the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like her I have contemplated on and off about adding an email list to the ‘mix’ and like her I was very reluctant to do so, perhaps for different reasons, but still. This morning I found her latest blog post in my inbox, entitled >>>’An Apology โ€“ I Need To Come Clean โ€“ A C-List Blogger Is Born‘<<< which describes her reasons to add an email list sign-up form to her blog and an rather unnecessary apology. Like always, it makes for a good read and the comments are also interesting.

Now here my email list dilemma: Around four or five times a year . . . → Read More: Which Aweber Alternative Should I Choose?

Keyword Strategy Review

As I have mentioned the Keyword Strategy Tool aka the Fraser Method already several times on this blog, without explaining it much, I thought it might be a good idea to write a proper review about it and use that to point people to instead of repeating myself over and over again in the comments or on Facebook … So here you go and, as nearly always, pour yourself something nice to sip as this will be a longish blog post ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW, if your approach to website building is to find a keyword that might pay well, build a website with a few dozen posts / pages about it that consist mainly of content you found on the internet and have re-written to make it ‘unique’ and then to build back links to your site until you die, this method is not for you. Have a look at . . . → Read More: Keyword Strategy Review

Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Google revoked access to their Adwords API for literally hundreds of developers and applications on the 12th September. Here is what Google said about this:

โ€œWe have done this to ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with Adwords API Terms and Conditions.โ€

Developers have to reapply for their tokens and it can take 5 to 6 weeks before they are re-approved, if they are, that’s it! My personal suspicion is that Google did this to reduce the amount of webspam created with this kind of tools, you know, the good old ‘find profitable keyword, buy exact match domain, write some crappy content and promote the heck out of it’ approach. I really doubt that Google is eager that the information that is meant for Adwords advertisers is used in this way, but that might just me being suspicious …

So your favorite keyword tool is . . . → Read More: Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Seems SBI and Ken Evoy are on the Google War Path

Back in 2009 a certain SBI review made some waves in parts of the internet marketing world. You can read it here >>> SBI<<

SBI or Site Build It! is a membership site that helps people to build up and maintain their own internet based business. The good point about them is, that they take people by the hand and walk them through all the steps and that they provide all the tools, website builders etc that are needed to achieve this. The bad point is, that people will have to stay with them, and continue to pay, a whooping $299 per year if they want to keep their sites working as usual. Moving a site out of the system is certainly possible, but difficult for non-techie people (and that are the once that SBI mostly seems to target, and in all cases people wouldn’t be able to . . . → Read More: Seems SBI and Ken Evoy are on the Google War Path

Article Samurai or Spamurai?

Updates regarding ‘Article Samurai Price’, ‘Article Samurai Launch’, ‘Article Samurai Sold Out’, ‘Article Samurai Purchase Link’ etc can be found in the comment section ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you own a copy of Market Samurai and / or are subscribed to their newsletter, chances are that you have received over the last weeks a series of well made sales pitches. Today I received the email with the details of their new product ‘Article Samurai’, including the price. Before you even think of buying it, I would strongly suggest that you read not only this blog post, but also the comments left on the last Article Samurai video! Here a summary what is published so far and my, not so humble, opinion about their latest offering.

First let me make clear that I love Market Samurai to bits and use it extensively (for some of my previous blog posts regarding this genial piece . . . → Read More: Article Samurai or Spamurai?

Seems Google went Primal ;-)

Internet marketers and SEO specialists have learned over the last few days a hard lesson: It is not a human right to get your site ranked favorably by Google ๐Ÿ˜‰ The IM community was buzzing since the latest search algorithm update, both with gossip, as well as with interpretations. Here a few voices (links will open in new tab): The Gentle Grizzly from far up north stresses two points: Suspicious link profiles (often obtained via content farms and article directories) and notoriously spammy niches, such as payday loans, weight loss etc that can bring danger to your website.

The less gentle Mark Knowles criticizes the lower quality of the search results AFTER the update with this pungent hub โ€œHelp Google is Brokenโ€ And he is right, even before the mayhem and uproar on the forums broke loose, I already noticed that Google’s search results have gotten . . . → Read More: Seems Google went Primal ๐Ÿ˜‰

Allyn and I might be up to something

This might be the shortest blog post since I wrote about ‘anchored keywords‘ but whilst I was still polishing up my ultimate blog post concerning the latest Google Farmer Update, and reading a lot of the hype, interpretation and whining in the internet marketing blogosphere, I came across this brilliant post by Allyn from Blogger Illustrated: ‘How Google Interprets Content Quality‘ Read it and pay special attention to the comment section, you will not regret it, promised ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

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Build My Rank BMR Opens Again

For everybody that has been ‘sitting on the fence’, here the good news: BuildMyRank is open again and accepts new clients. In case you wonder what all the hype is about, BuildMyRank is a link building service that works and that has been closed to new customers for the last two months. Differently to other link building services, ‘BuildMyRank‘ offers the opportunity to post articles with in context links on their own websites that adhere to Google’s ‘content against links’ policy. And it is as good and effective as it gets, when it comes to creating back links for niches that normally don’t attract organic back links. I tried them out before they closed the doors, and was very pleased with the results, both in rankings as well as in on what kind of sites my links appeared.

There are two ways of using their services, . . . → Read More: Build My Rank BMR Opens Again

Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It

The original question arose on The Keyword Academy Forum, where somebody asked ‘How do I make more money with my Postrunner site?’ For the ones of you that are not members, which you should, Postrunner is a guest blog post distribution hub that takes out the emotional tingle-tangle of guest blogging. It allows people to send guest posts to blog owners and these blog owners then can accept or reject the post. If rejected, the post goes back to the creator and he or she can apply to another post for publishing. Content for back links is the trade. Now people that receive such posts often end up with a variety of keywords on their site they have never really researched the potential for. And, over time, they start to rank for these keywords, because it is good content and other reasons. A lot of these sites are also monetized . . . → Read More: Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It