Resolved: Idea Theft is Not Cool!

Click image to buy the real stuff!

Click image to buy the real stuff!

One Day Later: The original developer has been offered a compensation 😉 Thanks to everybody that helped to achieve this! I took the original article down on request of the affected developer whose idea had been stolen.

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What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

No, this is not a “groupie” post to praise one of the so-called A-List bloggers, but much less it is a, lately so fashionable name calling and bashing blog post against another blogger. I just want to show that, when looking behind the obvious, there is a lot to learn from the A-list bloggers. Like my grandmother would say: “You can learn something from everybody, and if it is only how NOT to do things.” Or, to alter another famous saying: “Do as they do, not as they say!” Enough babbling like a bumbling band of baboons, here a few points we all could learn from John Chow:

1. Don’t undersell yourself

Charge $750 for a sponsored blog post of, hold your breath, less than 60 words.

2. Don’t discuss with the customer.

But for your faithful, and attentive, readers, make your point in a subtle . . . → Read More: What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

John Chow hacked again?

Update 29.07.2009: John Chow dot com is online again. Apparently this was the longest outage ever experienced by the web site. No explanation what has happened has been given so far.

28.07.2009 I was just typing a review of his ebook for this blog, went to his site to verify a few points and it doesn’t load at all. John Chow has been previously hacked several times and it seems that this is the case again, that or a denial of service attack. What, in the end, means pretty much the same. Yesterday it was just slow to load and now, nothing at all loads and in the end it gives a time out message. I’ve send him an email, not much use as that is rooted also via his domain and a pm via a blogger community site. Lets see what is going on and if the site recovers. . . . → Read More: John Chow hacked again?