Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Google revoked access to their Adwords API for literally hundreds of developers and applications on the 12th September. Here is what Google said about this:

“We have done this to ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with Adwords API Terms and Conditions.”

Developers have to reapply for their tokens and it can take 5 to 6 weeks before they are re-approved, if they are, that’s it! My personal suspicion is that Google did this to reduce the amount of webspam created with this kind of tools, you know, the good old ‘find profitable keyword, buy exact match domain, write some crappy content and promote the heck out of it’ approach. I really doubt that Google is eager that the information that is meant for Adwords advertisers is used in this way, but that might just me being suspicious …

So your favorite keyword tool is . . . → Read More: Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Twitter Lottery

Sometimes it pays out to read the a-list blogs because you find something interesting. Like last week, when I was surfing around John Chows blog and found this gem: Peep Lottery

Why it is a gem you ask? No, not because of the slim chance of winning the jackpot just shortly before Christmas, but because the example this kid gives.

But first a short summary how it works: Peep Lotto is a Twitter Lottery that makes money by tweeting sponsored tweets and placing advertisement on their own homepage. This money goes into a jackpot, that will be awarded to one lucky Twitter follower on Christmas day. The only thing you need to participate is a (free) Twitter account and to follow Twterlotto, no fee, no gambling or risk involved.

So why am I impressed with this guy? And why do I think this idea . . . → Read More: Twitter Lottery

Re-Thinking Twitter

Twitter is full of spammers, and I am one of them! OK, that might sound a bit harsh, but I really lost my likening of Twitter lately and, sub-sequently have only tweeted to announce new posts here and on my other blogs or to pass coupon codes and other offers on. Few real exchange with other twitters, apart of some DMs. On the other hand, I must also admit that I haven’t received much of value from my followers. 95% of the tweets in my timeline consisted of invitations á la “join my mafia family” and @spam. Seems to me, I and Twitter have reached a dead end road, or not? So I decided that I have three possibilities to make the best out of Twitter:

1. Delete my Twitter account No, I am not exhausted enough for that, there are some people I want to stay in . . . → Read More: Re-Thinking Twitter

How to protect your brand with Google Alerts

Imagine somebody distributes wrong information about you, your business and / or your products and you don’t know about it. But you will feel the consequences, dropping traffic, hostile comments and even diminishing sales / income.

Imagine somebody praises you, your business and / or your products and you don’t know about. You will miss the opportunity to build on the momentum and take advantage of it. Not as bad as scenario one, but still not good ;-(

To avoid these scenarios happening, you can either cruise ceaselessly the internet and watching out on the usual spots (forums / review sites / related blogs) or you can automate the process and make sure you know asap if something is happening that concerns your online reputation.

After Andrew Ng’s great guest post about bloggers that create / are an online brand, I thought I follow it up with some tips . . . → Read More: How to protect your brand with Google Alerts

What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

No, this is not a “groupie” post to praise one of the so-called A-List bloggers, but much less it is a, lately so fashionable name calling and bashing blog post against another blogger. I just want to show that, when looking behind the obvious, there is a lot to learn from the A-list bloggers. Like my grandmother would say: “You can learn something from everybody, and if it is only how NOT to do things.” Or, to alter another famous saying: “Do as they do, not as they say!” Enough babbling like a bumbling band of baboons, here a few points we all could learn from John Chow:

1. Don’t undersell yourself

Charge $750 for a sponsored blog post of, hold your breath, less than 60 words.

2. Don’t discuss with the customer.

But for your faithful, and attentive, readers, make your point in a subtle . . . → Read More: What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

Blog to Twitter? Twitterfeed!

Do you use Twitter? Do you have a blog? Do you promote your blog on Twitter? Ever dreamt of auto-posting your new blog posts, or at least the links to these, automatically to Twitter? I recently found out about an useful little, free, app that helps you do exactly this.

May I present Twitterfeed?!

In simple words, Twitterfeed checks your blog RSS regularly and whenever it finds a new blog post, it send out a tweet. But Twitterfeed not only supports blogs, it supports all kind of feeds coming from web sites. Every time a feed is updated, Twitterfeed tweets for you, drawing more attention and visitors to your web site or blog. And keeps your Twitterfeed fresh and lively at the same time 😉

You can specify how often Twitterfeed shall check for updates, how often it tweets, pre- and suffixes for your tweets and a . . . → Read More: Blog to Twitter? Twitterfeed!

7 Useful Social Networking Sites for Photographers

Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have become extremely popular with today’s computer savvy culture. And, while these sites provide great entertainment for people and offer a simple way to stay connected with friends near and far, there are also social networking sites that are targeted to certain professions. On these sites, users can keep in touch with friends in the same field, but they can also market their work, share successes and failures and keep abreast on new techniques and technologies.

Social Networking, Photography-Style

Some of the best targeted social networking sites are aimed at photographers. Following are seven that seem to have had great success at providing social networking along with useful tools of the trade.

American Photo – This site has a great blog that allows registered users to comment and post their own ideas. It also has plenty of information on topics of interest . . . → Read More: 7 Useful Social Networking Sites for Photographers