Choosing a Niche Market to Make Money Online

If you are interested in affiliate marketing or starting an online business, choosing the right niche market is the place to begin. Anyone and everyone can sign up to promote affiliate products on Clickbank, but the secret is to find a real gem of a niche market that people are looking for so that you can make money right away.

First of all, look for products that are really in demand. Many of the well selling products can be found in technology, beauty, fitness, and other popular industries, which contain products people are looking for. Once you’ve chosen an in demand market, you can start promoting it with full force to make affiliate sales.

From there, don’t be afraid of the sub-niche market. Often times, this can be something much better that you stumble into after looking for your desired niche market. As an example, if you are promoting candles, that is a pretty generic topic. You may have serious competition within this niche market, so it may be difficult for you to get your website ranking high so that people can find you. But what if you were to promote soy candles? This is a slightly more specialized and unique niche market that works as a sub-niche of candles.

Last of all, make sure that you study your competition thoroughly. This is something that will make it easier for you to target your niche market and also to design your website accordingly. Once you have selected your niche market, check out what all of your competition is doing, as well as the keywords that they are ranking for. This will give you the opportunity to see which keywords are being most searched for so that you can also target them within your rankings.

The bottom line is that it is important to choose a niche market that you do have some interest in or knowledge of, and it can work to ignite serious sales online as a part-time or full-time income!


Guest post by Chuggin McCoffee, for a great selection of all things coffee, check out Chuggin McCoffee’s site.

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7 comments to Choosing a Niche Market to Make Money Online

  • I agree that niche markets are the way to go and this is because the buyers in these markets are often a lot more focussed on what they want and are thus more likely to convert into buyers.

    Taking your candles example, people who search just for “candles” are in the early stages of the buying process and will lilely browse many sites before deciding what to buy. Searchers for “soy candles” have already decided what they want to buy and because of the relatively low competition for this term you can more easily achieve higher rankings in Google and you should have a higher conversion rate with a well designed site.

  • I like your example with the soy candle. What if, to continue this example, you were to make a candle/broad niche related site with sections targeting each type of candle/sub-niche? Do you think that would be an effective way of capturing the broadest amount of customers while including all the narrow niche customers too? Or is it better to just focus on the small things exclusively?

    • hospitalera

      Jerry, that depends entirely on your experience. If you are new to niche marketing I would suggest that you start with one niche you are really knowledgeable in and build the best possible website for it. And with best possible I mean to provide a website a buyer actually wants to find and enjoys using. Not just a thin “made for making money site”. Hope that helps, SY

  • I totally agree with you and loved this article. Niche marketing is a very effective means of advertising as it focuses on a specific target group. Unlike other forms of marketing which tend to focus on the entire market niche marketing centers around one particular market segment. This focus on a particular market segment enables you to address the unique requirements of that target group

  • My experience is that success is easy when you can narrow the search past the point of any reasonable competitors. To site an example that I briefly used elsewhere, when I try to sell a hotel that is near the McCormick Place convention center I have lots of competition. I have no chance to promote my independent hotel client above the Hyatt, Marriot, and other downtown “flagged” (chain) properties.

    So, what is the solution? In this case, I included the word “budget” in my SEO and success (bookings) came my way! My conversion rate increases as someone becomes more specific in their searching. When some looks for a “budget hotel near McCormick Place with free wifi and free breakfast and free parking and free midway airport shuttle” then not only am I the number one search result, but the chance of them booking hotel rooms is sky high. No general search yields such high conversion rates.

    In many ways these SEO details can help you understand your larger marketing approaches. Find a way to differentiate your product/service from others in the words of potential customers.

  • Niche marketing is always fruitful. Some niches will already have attracted the likes of myself, and other experienced marketers, but the world is constantly evolving and new niches are appearing all the time, so there’s no excuse for not finding your own profitable niche market.

  • You’ve summed it up in a nutshell. But there’s certainly a lot more to it. It may be ok looking for a sub-niche but analyze the competition carefully, aswell as the demand. It’s not as easy as just choosing a niche and off you go, you really need to be careful otherwise you could end up spending months, or even years, wasting your time promoting something that you will never succeed in selling.