Coming out as a Christian blogger

This will be a short blog post but for some of my readers a surprising one. I am coming out! No, not exactly the way you think, I am coming out as being a Christian and a Make Money Online blogger.
Making money online the Christian way, is that possible? I personally think it is. I think you can make money online the honest way, without misleading anybody for personal profit. Not to sell products just for the commission or to recommend something just to gain a benefit. For a long time I kept my online life and my Christian life apart, mostly because of being a Christian is a hugely unpopular thing to be on the internet. But I decided against this cautious approach because I want to be the same person online that I am in real life – a Christian that makes money by writing about methods to make money the honest way. Therefore I pledge myself to:

  • To respect everybody’s faith or non-faith as much as I respect my own faith.
  • Never to belittle anybody because of his or her faith or lack thereof.
  • Never to try to convince anybody that being a Christian is the only way to salvation, what ever the under standing of the term “salvation” is.
  • Never to censor a comment on the sole grounds that the commenter disagrees with me.
  • Never to try to convince anybody that my way of Christian life style and living my faith is the only right one.
  • Never to sell or recommend products for the commission, or other benefits, only.
  • Only to recommend products / services I have tested, used and can honestly recommend.
  • To write about my findings and experiences on the internet in a way that points out the good as well as the bad points, in short, to be as impartial as humanly possible.
  • Oh yes and I promise to never “Bible Bash” you 😉

Signed Hospitalera aka Sybille Yates

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12 comments to Coming out as a Christian blogger

  • The world needs more ethical business people, especially in the make money online niche.

    Maybe I’m the only one that noticed but I thought being married to a pastor already gave you away 🙂

  • hospitalera

    ROFL, you must know me then from the workingnomad forum, I don’t think that I ever mentioned here on this blog that I am a “vicar’s wife” SY

  • One more thing we have in common! I am a Christian too, but I appreciate you putting that out there as someone who is in the Internet business because it is a fantastic example of the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a scam for people to be successful. Haha, caught me off guard when you referred to it as “coming out” 🙂

  • hospitalera

    ROFL, seems there are more around then I thought. Yes, I know “coming out” was a bit of a pun, but intended. I guess “coming out as a Christian” can be a shock for the system of the people around us 😉 Especially on the internet, where we normally have a very “narrow” perception of people, based only on how they “sound”. SY

  • Charlotte

    I am very impressed with your site. The quality of the design and content makes it a real winner! Thanks again for a great site and a great resource.

  • hospitalera

    Thank you! SY

  • aditya

    very nice thought.There are lot of people on the internet who mislead the people for their profit. It is easy to give the incorrect information on the net. it is great that you are keep your self same as you are in real life.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, that is very important to me – to be always the same person and NOT to have different personas 😉 SY

  • Vijendra

    Great idea.
    The world needs more ethical business people, especially in the make money online niche.Good stuff.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • hospitalera

    Oh, there also ethical non-Christians around in the MMO world, and I fear, also some not so ethical Christians, I just try to be both 😉 ethical and a Christian, SY

  • Hi, congratulations on your decision to come out as a Christian blogger who will try to make money online! Welcome to the club =) I myself am trying to make a decent second income through the publishing of my own all-about-the-virgin-mary-website. I know that Christians and Catholics really don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but I think both of us will at least agree that the Virgin Mary is the Mother of Our Lord Jesus, and therefore deserves at least as much of the respect that we give to our earthly mothers. Anyway, good luck on your online business!
    .-= Arthur@Catholic Website on the Virgin Mary´s last blog ..Apr 7, My father’s recovery =-.

    • hospitalera

      Rofl, “I know that Christians and Catholics really don’t see eye to eye…” Do you want to say that Catholics are not Christians? And how do you know that I am not Catholic? As for the Virgin Mary, many denominations respect her, for example the Orthodox, Episcopalians and others. SY
      PS Your web site is already linked to your name@keywords plus your last blog post is displayed, no reason to repeat it again in the comment itself 😉