Do follow comments with anchored keywords

Thanks to Lis from Passive Income I have added two plug-ins that make comments dofollow and enable you to use targeted keywords 😉 Please use responsibly 😉 SY

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  • Jack Clarke

    I have installed DoFollow on all my blogs hopefully this will attract more visitors and more links for everyone.

    – Jack

  • Make Real Money From Home

    My Make Money Online From Home blog also has dofollow commenting. Vistors are welcome to comment and get a free backlink juice.

  • Looks like people are reading below the comment box to get the keyword luv bit – its a less well knows plugin than the comemntluv one! Also might be worth mentioning to get the little pic next to your name got to gravatar,com and associate your photo with email address!

  • hospitalera

    @Jack Clarke & @Make real money from home
    Yes, it is a great way to reward commenters, but I have still to weed the spammers out 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    Yes, good idea! Goes into my list to write about. DO you think an ebook ‘ABC for bloggies’ would be a success? SY

  • I thought long and hard about doing something like that – but every where I look I see a lot of comment about how writers and bloggers don’t buy ebooks …

  • hospitalera

    New bloggers might be interested in it 😉 But if I do it I would give it away for free, linkbait 😉 SY

  • […] well for the key word phrase ‘Google Keywords’ in our searches, off now via a friendly anchored keyword link one of the blog commenters has left, regards […]

  • servesbest

    Could you tell me more is how I could found Do follow blog lists for specific keyword like data recovery.

  • hospitalera



  • hospitalera

    Yes, but most of these additional traffic is from — SPAMMERS! SY

  • brett

    Do follow is the way to go, anyone running dofollow comments get such a traffic boost

  • weight loss

    Hi can guys please let me know how to add do follow on my blog?

  • hospitalera

    @weight loss
    Just do a search for ‘dofollow plugin + your blogging platform’ I am sure, you’ll manage 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    All my comments are hand moderated, so it depends a bit on my mood where I set the border between spam and no-spam. SY

  • Joan

    Most of the dofollow blogs are abused by spammers. So, it would be better if you have time to at least do some moderation. I know it’s very a painful task but we’ve got no choice, it’s either to remove the plugin or to remove spam message.

  • Payday Loans

    Passive incomes spams line everything that I hold dear. The other day my friend received some spam mail that found its way on its own into his various different folders corrupting some of them. Be careful to leave all sources as do follow.

  • hospitalera

    @Payday Loans
    I have no idea what you are speaking about, but I recommend a good antivirus for your friend, SY

  • Simon

    Thanks for adding this plugin to your site – I’m considering doing the same for mine – but I’m just havnig trouble intergrating it with my theme.

  • hospitalera

    What exactly is the problem and which theme are you using? SY

  • Marijuana Legalization

    Dofollow blogs are a great way to get links and find amazing bloggers.

  • RIP off Banks

    We swithced out blog to do follow, get alittle more spam, but not a huge amount or anything.

  • Solar Power

    This is a great topic. Im shocked that there arent more Do follow blogs. I think people see how much spam comes to normal blogs, then are scared away from do follow, in reality its not bad at all.

  • hospitalera

    @the last free commenters
    Spam is definitively increasing if you install dofollow, SY

  • louie jerome

    just started running dofollow and I am still learning but it sounds like the way to go.

  • hospitalera

    @louie jerome
    The only thing to learn is how to cope with the spammers ;-( SY

  • Lina

    Spammers are easy to spot anyway. Just reading the first line of a comment will tell you if it’s a spam bot or not.

  • hospitalera

    The bots are not so much a problem, they are quickly deleted. The problem is to determine if somebody comments to participate or just for a backlink. SY

  • KeywordLuv is absolutely a great plugin. I believe more Bloggers should use it. I see you using it.

  • hospitalera

    @Albert if you believe that really, why are you not using it on your own blog??? SY

  • hospitalera

    Yes I do, pleaase refer to my latest blog post how to do it, to link your url / web address to your anchored keywords, SY
    PS I have a very low tolerance threshold for spammers…

  • David

    Do you allow use of anchor text in your blog? Your blog is very valuable in terms of backlinks as it has got a pagerank of 4.
    I would also make my blog dofollow through these plugins.

  • mens designer shoes

    Does Keywords have any relation with Social Bookmarking? Anyway good post .Keep blogging.

  • Zippers

    Hi Everybody !! I am searching the best keyword of my blog which have traffic please help me?

  • hospitalera

    @mens designer shoes
    No, not at all, SY

    What is your blog about? SY

  • Website Design

    I wanna promote my website should i maintain a blog with it.

  • hospitalera

    @Website Design
    Can you be a bit more specific? What kind of site and who is your target audience? SY

  • NiceBlogger

    I have these plugins on my blog as well and i must say that if your blog is moderated spammers shouldn’t be a worry and Askimet is doing a good jobs too.

  • hospitalera

    Yeah, the only thing it costs is my time, but I am still putting up with it, for the benefit of everybody, SY

  • David Internet Marketing

    Well, all I can say is that all blogs that use dofollow are being very generous with their PR spread. Of course PR doesn’t really mean a whole lot if you have all the followers and links you need.

    Me thinks it’s just another plug that Google uses to maintain some connection with the world wide web (of course
    search engine optimization plays a part in it too.) I don’t blame them, because they do do a pretty good job. (Except when they’re slapping people around).

  • Emo

    Do follow really makes sense. Thanks to do follow the traffic of site increases and and makes benefits to the visitors that will do a comment. Comments also help the blog to increase its keywords that can be crawl by search engine.

  • hospitalera

    @David Internet Marketing
    Google wants to keep its search results clean and useful, that is why they “slap” around. Play to Google’s rules and you should be safe, but accidents may always happen 😉

    What really helps to increase the traffic to participating blog is the, newly installed, commentluv plugin. It shows the headline of ones last blog post every time when commenting. SY

  • NiceBlogger

    @hospitalera I notice that your blog is do follow too,this means if i add your blog to my Do Follow List you’ll switch it to no follow ? 🙂

  • hospitalera

    If the spam increases too much, YES! I would prefer that you keep me out of your list, will you? Thanks for being a nice blogger, SY

  • Michael

    DoFollow is GREAT! I share the link juice with all my sites, give and take, share the love!

  • Michael

    Dofollow is great, but comments are better. When you have a good dofollow blog, you get alot of spammers, BUT, you do get people who are going to read your article, and make a well structured comment that really will add something to your blog.

    Just my oppinion, worth about as much as yours~

  • hospitalera

    Before actually promoting a site you should put at least some content on it! Feel free to put your url into another comment, when you actually have something to link to. SY

  • Las Vegas Real Estate

    I have enabled do follow on my blogs too. This was we can attract more relevant and good content comments from the viewers and also can share our page’s link juice with them. But keeping the spammers at bay is hell lotta task. I use so many widgets and plugins which automatically blocks spam comments. But still I get too much of posts which has to be moderated.

    Mack McMillan

  • hospitalera

    @Mack McMillan
    Correct, the “human” spammers can only be weeded out by hand! SY

  • cinsel sohbet

    Thank you, you answered the question I have been searching for which was whether or not to place keywords when blog commenting.

  • hospitalera

    @cinsel sohbet
    When possible you should always using your keywords when commenting on a blog, but bear also in mind the comment policy a blog might have. SY

  • hospitalera

    @liquid diet info

    Yes there iis, have a look at this tutorial:

  • liquid diet info

    I wonder if it is possible for blogger blog to make comments do follow. I am using blogspot by the way.

  • Justin Wright

    Thanks for making the blog DoFollow. Really appreciate it! I wish more blogs used the KeywordLuv plugin as well, since it usually results in more comments.

  • hospitalera

    @Justin Wright
    And spammers! SY

  • Eduard

    Very interesting…
    As long as someone posts a meaningful comment it shouldn’t be considered as spam.

  • hospitalera

    rofl, this post is still spammers favourite to write spam comments on, must have been close to half a thousand that I have cleaned up from this post alone, SY

  • Mike

    I have spent the last couple of days researching dofollow, the reason I am doing this is because I have just set up a new blog and want to set it up the right way from day one. Over the last day or so I have read articles from people that hate dofollow and from people that love dofollow. My conclusion from listening to both sides is to use dofollow on my site.
    I have not been able to locate a decent dofollow plugin can you sugest one.
    Oh by the way you got a great blog. Cheers

  • otel rehberi

    i am usin keyword”Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage” in google

  • hospitalera

    @otel rehberi
    Really? Remember, all comments on this blog are moderated by hand 😉 SY

  • Avoid foreclosure in Las Vegas

    Up to what extent to these human spammers being considered as such? Though there are a lot of them right now taking advantage of the do-follows. It sure is a hell of a task moderating them with their absurd comments. On the other hand, though tedious as it is, it sure gets that traffic.

  • hospitalera

    @Avoid foreclosure in Las Vegas
    Traffic is not everything, it has to be of the right kind. People who only visit a site to get a backlink are only “hit and miss” traffic. SY

  • Mike

    Making the blog also invites a good discussion on your posts, but many a time they invite some uninvited guest. The moderation by hand as you do is very nice in tackling these. I am also in this favor and I use it for my blog too.

  • Mike

    making the blog do follow is what i meant

  • hospitalera

    Yes, “moderation by hand” is very important, no automated program can ever replace that! SY

  • Great change. Surely I will spam a lot of on this blog 😀
    Hahah ^_^
    .-= Toan Nguyen Minh@Make Money Online´s last blog ..WordPress 2.8.6 is available –> Upgrade your WordPress Blog to WordPress 2.8.6 Now =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Toan Nguyen Minh
    As long as your comments are useful and the sites you link to are not spam, “spam” ahead 😉 SY

  • assaaa

    Wow great tool, thanks for writing this! One thing I could suggest, is to have an option like “show posts with search term in title”…don’t know if this would be possible

  • hospitalera

    Do you mean something like Chitika Advertisement? SY

  • Am I being overly concerned or does anyone else worry that by having links that are nofollow you may be penalised by google for not following their webmasters guidlines which says something aobut not having any outbound links that you cannot vouch for.

    I understand the pros and cons, but think perhaps the whole comment for backlinks thing is just one google tweak away form imploding.

  • I’m testing this on some of my sites right now. I’d actually much prefer people use keywords and not just names, especially if the sites are related as I believe there is an SEO Benefit to doing so.
    .-= henderson nevada´s last blog ..Henderson NV Residental Telephone Service for Cheap! =-.

  • I really appreciate your decision. However, due to some reason the “YourName@YourKeywords” format seems to be buggy. I was trying to leave comment as “TechChunks@Technology Latest Updates” on another blog entry of yours and somehow it got recorded as “echChunks@TTechnology Latest Updates”!!! 🙁 Just FYI as i think you may want to investigate this little glitch.

    You have got a great blog here, by the way. keep going 🙂
    .-= Technology Latest Updates´s last blog ..Office 2010 Beta now on MSDN, TechNet [Screenshots] =-.

  • Julie

    By the way, KeywordLuv is amazing. I use it on all of my blogs and it really does increase the amount of REAL comments from readers, as there is an incentive for them to post.

  • Jack Lee

    This is an excellent step by step process and its great to see so many people turning their attention about this topic. Very interesting information.I look and learn and learn and look. I am grateful for your sharing.

  • hospitalera

    Interesting thought. I don’t think it says anywhere in the Google Guidelines that you can get punished for having nofollow links on your site / blog as these show that you are not vouching for a site. But in my case, the case of this blog especially I check the urls of the commenters very carefully and edit those out I don’t want to link to. I don’t support “comment for backlinks” per se, but I want to give those people that take the time to leave a valuable comment something back. If somebody relies mostly on blog comments for their SEO efforts then I agree, this might backfire soon! Like always, it is the dose that decides between medicine and poison, SY

  • hospitalera

    @henderson nevada
    Please see answer above, I also use “keywordluv” so that I don’t have to address people by their keywords and can use their names, SY

  • hospitalera

    @Technology Latest Updates
    So do a lot of spammers apparently! The problem with the format is now fixed, thanks for bringing it to my attention. SY

  • hospitalera

    It also increases the amount of spammers, I go regularly through my comments and remove the urls of the “one time commenter only for the backlink” spammers. SY

  • hospitalera

    @Jack Lee
    It would actually help if you read the blog post you are commenting on, please refer to for more information, thanks, SY

  • Eric Ft Myers Limo service

    Thanks for the info on the no and do follow, it has helped me alot. Eric

  • hospitalera

    @Eric Ft Myers Limo service
    Ehm, it would help if you actually read the blog post before commenting, it is short enough 😉 Or is it that you were only after the backlink? SY

  • Very interesting hospitalera but why would you want to do this and create extra work for yourself monitoring comments?

  • hospitalera

    @ John
    Monitoring comments is part of a bloggers life 😉 and for why I do it? I like to give something back to those that leave regularly valuable comments on my blog. SY

  • monika

    Great article, I glad you are helping people find good blogs to post comments on. This plug in should help not only the people commenting on the blog but the blog itself.really good job.

  • oes tsetnoc

    I think for useful comments on a blog, the blogger should provide the commentator with a do follow link as the commentator is taking his time to read a blog post and write a comment. This should be a win win situation. Everyone wants there website to progress…

  • Jill

    CommentLuv is amazing. I use it on all of my blogs and it really does increase the amount of REAL comments from readers, as there is an incentive for them to post. I like how you can post your name for a link. Thanks for the post.

  • Joe Ricks

    I understand the risks of making the blog do-follow, for I have enabled it for my blog. In my opinion that is the only thing that attracts comments. I don’t have any problem, as long as they participate in the healthy discussion, or else they get cleared away. BTW this is a nice blog.

  • hospitalera

    Article??? It is barely an announcement of a few words! No, I am not helping people to find good blogs to post comments on, I am rewarding readers that leave a good, valuable comment on my blog, there is a difference, do you really understand the difference between participating and spamming?! SY

    @oes tsetnoc
    Yes, and the blogger took the time to research and to write the blog post in the first place. And no, not “Everyone wants there website to progress…” at least not at all cost. Do you know that spamming blogs can be harmful to your own site? SY

    No, it doesn’t, but I have measures in place to weed the spammers out! SY

    @Joe Ricks
    If the only thing that attracts people to comment on your blog is the dofollow backlink, then you do something seriously wrong! SY

  • I’m using blogger and my comment is nofollow. I don’t know how to do it as dofollow to attract more visitors and comments. By the way my blog is about dogs.

  • hospitalera

    If you look through the comments here, you will see that I gave already a link to a tutorial to answer that question. BTW, as a first time commenter on a blog you shouldn’t overload your comment with links, the one connected to your name will do nicely, cute blog! SY

  • Hi I’m back. I’ve been constantly reading your posts, and I’ve seen SY. Hehe. BTW, thanks for keeping my comments and not considered as spam. I appreciate that. Good luck.
    .-= Jeff@Avoid foreclosure in Las Vegas´s last blog ..Hard times for Hi-Rise lender =-.

  • hospitalera

    Until now 😉 But I’ll keep an eye on you 😉 SY

  • 🙂 I know how hard to be certain if the comment made is spam or not. But I do understand the feeling. Although, when I think that the comment is relevant, I think I’ll consider that remark, but if not, then I have to reject it.
    .-= Jeff@Avoid foreclosure in Las Vegas´s last blog ..Hard times for Hi-Rise lender =-.

  • hospitalera

    One symptom of a spam comment is that it is posted on older posts that have already a page rank. So, perhaps you should also add some relevant comments also to newer posts, just to disperse my suspicion 😉 SY

  • Yes, I’ve been thinking on reading latest posts. I just had to make visits on the post I made for the replies. Anyway, thanks for the reminder.

  • enver

    I closed all comments and my site get PR 3 to PR 1 in little time.

  • Is there any recommended software to check whether the blog is dofollow or nofollow? I’ve been looking at the source code all the time and it’s taken all my time))
    .-= Karin@Home Business´s last blog ..Reasons Where Short Term Vehicle Insurance Might Be Necessary =-.

  • Reza

    I think commenting on a do follow blogs is such a good thing, but you can make it mroe better by commenting when the posts is has just released/published. The more fresh the post, the more chance to get your backlinks indexed instantly by Google. So, if you find a blog with high PR, subscribe to it or get a RSS reader so you can get notified as soon as possible.

  • Hi Hospitalera,

    Have you ever used the software from DoFellow? I am curious to see if anyone had any success with it.


    • hospitalera

      No, I have never used that one. I must say, it looks a bit spammy to me, to comment just to get a backlink. And one more thought, if you only have dofollow links back to your site, wouldn’t you think that Google notices it and puts you in the sandbox? SY

      • According to this post by Google (, it sounds like there is no problem with Do Follows for those commenting.

        • hospitalera

          No there isn’t any SEO wise, apart of that having only dofollow links for a web site / blog might raise a warning flag for Google. The Big G is very sensitive when it comes to “unnatural” link pattern. And I personally would feel like a spammer, if I would only comment on a blog, because it gives me a backlink.
          I tell you my approach: I have a simple word document stating blogs I like to visit regularly. I also noted in this word doc if the blogs in question are dofollow, have keyword luv / comment luv installed and what they are all about. I keep a record on when I visited and commented the last time. I don’t share this list with nobody, these are blogs I actually like and that is the reason I visit them, and yes, some of them are nofollow 😉 SY

          • Approach noted. I think of SEO like accounting..there are some gray areas and this is certainly one of them.

            • hospitalera

              Correct, everybody has to do what s/he feels comfortable with. Only remember if a dofollow blog receives too many spam comments it will convert back to nofollow. So keep your lists to yourself and don’t publish them if you don’t want too loose all your links 😉 SY