Do you text and drive?

The video below is very realistic and graphic!

Do you use the mobile / cell phone whilst driving? Ever? I hope after you have watched this video, you will think twice before doing it. I also hope that a lot of people re-post this video on their blogs or on forums, it might help to save some lives! If you scroll down, below the video, you can read my own experience with a texting and driving accident. Take care, and please don’t text and drive!

I got this video this morning send via a friend on Stumbleupon. After watching it I decided to post it here, and in a few other places, in the hope it wakes some people up and makes them stop using their phones whilst driving. Something that nearly cost me my own life some years ago.

I was walking on the sidewalk / pavement as a driver lost control over his car and drove up the sidewalk towards me. I escaped by jumping over a wall into a front garden, milliseconds later I heard the car scrtching the wall where I just stood. I came out of this unharmed, apart of a few bruises, but until the end of my life will I remember the shocked look on the mans face — and the phone in his hand.

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  • San Jose Shower

    OMG.. I couldn’t watch this full video. Its.. Disturbing my mind. I never used to text while Im in drive. But still Im disturbed. I will link back to this post from my blog.

    Thanks for the share.

  • hospitalera

    @San Jose Shower
    Rather than linking back, why don’t you post it on your blog, the more people see it, the better. BTW, the web address you gave didn’t work, it returned an error, please try again, SY

  • I couldn’t watch this full video…but nice blog.. liked it very much….can someone give me some other related blog address..???ne ways appreciated..!!!

  • hospitalera

    @Deaf school

    “some other related blog address”??? Related to what? Can you be a bit more precise? SY

  • It amazes me that people think they can do this without endangering anybody. I struggle to text when I’m sitting still and fully concentrating on the text – let alone when I’m driving.

  • Seriously, people should lose there driving licence for a few months and get serious fines if they drive while talking in their phone or texting. Even though a lot of people do not seem to think of it, keeping focus on your driving should keep your occupied.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..Make Money Online With Sponsored Tweets =-.

  • hospitalera

    Or even better, let them do a few months duty with the emergency services, to get some first hand experience how dead and injured people do look. And how many could still be alive if they hadn’t touched their phone whilst driving!

  • hospitalera

    Same here, difficult enough when doing nothing else! SY

  • I’m afraid that no matter how many people will see that kind of video, they won’t stop using their cellphone while driving unless they experience an accident or their relative got injured in an accident… people seem to learn by experience, not by seeing other people bad experience or prevention. Even if they saw this video and got shocked, I’m pretty sure they will forget all about it after few days, and continue their bad habit… It’s really a problem of bad habit..
    .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..OIOpublisher review =-.

  • AHHHH! That’s scary! I always text and drive, and I need to pull it together. I would like to say that I have gotten better, but I definitely am not doing my best. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  • hospitalera

    I really hope and pray that you stop doing it! Imagine one day you wake up in hospital and somebody tells you that you killed people because you texted whilst driving! SY

  • hospitalera, a great video. I avoid texting while driving, only a couple of times I’ve done that and I also avoid calls much. But I sometimes drive too rough so thank you for reminding me what effects it can have. People should focus their complete attention into driving.

  • Here in the U.S. most states no longer allow talking on the cell while driving without a hands-free device.

  • hospitalera

    @Preston Hollow Real Estate
    You are welcome, please stick to it, I don’t want to loose a reader 😉

    @Event planning
    That it is forbidden doesn’t mean that people don’t do it anymore, unfortunately! SY

  • that is a pretty scary commercial, they have a pretty harsh idea of what can happen. i guess its true but geez.

  • hospitalera

    It is not a commercial, it is an accurate reconstruction of events that have actually occurred. It is true and it could happen to you or to somebody you care about if you “run into” somebody that is texting and driving at the same time 😉 SY

  • I saw this earlier. It’s a shocking video but needs to be in order to grab peoples attention, and maybe the message will sink in. Sad, sad, story.

  • hospitalera

    If only one person stops texting whilst driving, then it will be worth it. Somebody suggested to show this video footage to children, as they might be able to prevent their parents from texting and driving and as it easier to prevent bad behaviour then it is to change it! SY

  • No I don’t. And besides I have a touch screen phone so texting while driving is even more difficult.

    Now we also have Don’t text and drive aside from don’t drink and drive.
    .-= MichaelR@VoIP Blog´s last blog ..All About the V Thing =-.

  • hospitalera

    Yep, driving is a task that requires full concentration, SY

  • billy@car-hire croydon

    i think you would have ti be a idiot to tet and drive if anything i would say it was worse than talking on the phone while driving.You would be more likely to crash texting on the phone than talking on the phonr because you would have to look down at your phone which could couse some one to get killed just so you coulds send your text.any way i sais what had to say lads think bout it is your life worth it.

  • hospitalera

    @illy from bcar-hire croydon
    You are so right 😉 SY

  • I think that if you drive an automatic and have a standard non touch screen phone talking on it while driving is not a problem its only if you drive stick. Texting is much worst though and a real distraction although we have all done it.

  • hospitalera

    @ Jimmy
    Ever heard of a hands free set? Driving requires full concentration, there is a reason for it that most countries now prohibit to drive and hold a phone the same time. SY

  • I drive about alot when I am working and obviously have a mobile phone, I never ever answer it whilst driving – what is the point?? Can the call wait?? (in most cases YES). Pull over somewhere safe if you want to take the call. I think an advert should be on TV like this video clip here, people need to realise the dangers.
    .-= Kevin @ Scrap Car Croydon´s last blog ..How to scrap your car in Croydon =-.

  • hospitalera

    You are so right, I really wish they would broadcast this and similar videos regularly on TV and more bloggers would post it! SY

  • People generally talk while driving… which is very risky n dangerous
    but text while driving is simply a stupidity…

    • hospitalera

      Both is deadly stupid, not only for the driver, also for his / her passengers and everybody that crosses their way. Cool domain you have there, btw 😉 SY

  • nokia mobiler

    I am really scared at times even talking aon the mobile phone while driving forget about texting. I will definetly share this link with others.

  • But sometimes the iphone comes out for maps/GPS and then I feel okay with it. And, I know this is wrong.

  • hospitalera

    @Ken Lewis
    What is wrong with stopping at then using the phone / GPS / maps? Perhaps you should watch the video again! SY