Drift by Sara San Angelo

One day, quite some time ago, an email landed in my inbox, entitled “Do you still review ebooks?” Oh, yes, I do, just send it over! Fast forward, ooops, mega ooops it is a novel! Now, as I offered to do reviews for ebooks I thought more of the “make money online” and “travel guide” variety, not of modern discovery novels. In the end, I am not even a native English speaker, far less a literary critique 😉 So I had a read and conveniently forgot about/ buried it in my sub-conscience where it kept nagging me, as such things do. Some weeks later a new email arrived in my inbox “Just wondering if you got my book? Oh, ah, uhm, ok, I try again, my mistake, so back to reading again. In the end, I agreed to do it, so I had to stick to my word 😉 Slowly, slowly the whole project grew at me, and today I did a third read of it and finally put my bum down before the computer to type my review, hope it helps 😉

Instead of telling you the story, I would like to write about how the story affected me. In short words, it made me wish to throw some basic things in my old trusted backpack and hit the road again! Only that hubby would strongly disagree to that one! The book needed some time to gain momentum, but then it really gripped me. Perhaps because the protagonist is a woman and I can identify with some, but not all, events in her life. Perhaps because it evokes strong feelings and made me think at the same time about my own “pecking order of values” and what my current priorities are. Making money online with blogging is not all what there is in life, right?

The book starts off with a strong desire of Carrie, the protagonist, to end her life, provides her reasons to do this, using flashbacks into her life story, and then returns to the main time line and continues from there. This can be confusing at the beginning, but as you continue it all makes perfect sense. The only thing what I don’t like is that she needs a “hero / guru” to save her / teach her the meaning of life. I am longing for a book where the woman figures it out all by herself 😉 But, in the end, nobody is an island!

Will this book grip everybody, no, surely not, it is not a the material a mainstream bestseller is made of, it is too edgy, but it will grip some, the ones it was written for, because everything happens for a reason 😉 Is it worth reading, and paying a couple of bucks for it? Certainly yes! One word of warning: My advice, if you are on the verge to leave the rat race and hit the road, this book might be just what it takes to push you over said verge.

Oh, yes, the book is called “Drift” and the author is Sara San Angelo, the book is available at Amazon, but only as a kindle edition and as a pdf-file from the authors web site. So, no, it is not a free book, you have to pay a few dollars to actually read it! See below to find out where to purchase it and how much it is. One last word of warning, also if the novel “Drift” is a finished story in itself, the last words are “to be continued…”

Authors web site (PDF downlaod $3.14)
Amazon link (Kindle edition from $3.14)

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