Ebook review of “7 Secrets to Success Abroad”

Actually I could finish my review here by writing only one sentence: Go, download the book and read it! But that wouldn’t make a good blog post, would it?

So here some more reasons to download this ebook:

  • It gives great advice to people who want to or are living abroad.
  • The same advice can be applied to other situations as well, like moving to a big city.
  • It is written by someone who has lived abroad for 20 years.
  • It doesn’t sell you anything.
  • It doesn’t use a fancy psychological technique.
  • It is common sense applied to the situation of an expat and everybody that has to cope with changes in his / her life.

It is not a self-help book in the classical sense more like a “Cultural Survival Guide”. Don’t be mislead by the catchy title, there is far more information, tips and tricks than only seven in this book. Being myself  an expat for 10 years, I can only confirm that it describes the attitudes you will need to be a happy expat 😉

Now, no review is complete without me moaning about something, in this case the layout. Shesh, it is a bit, how to say it politely, ehm, lets say, yes it looks as done by a ten year old that has his / her first go at scrap booking. The background color changes after two pages, there are too many different fonts and styles and the use of graphics is inconsistent plus some of them might be in breach of copyright, at least the Nike logo is. Links are not clickable, costing the author traffic to his website plus making the book less useful for the reader. There is no page with image, graphic and text credits, something that should be standard in each ebook. Also the writing style jumps a bit around, from the first to the third person and back. I really would suggest to keep such an ebook written in the first person, to make it more personal and give it a “from me to you” feeling.

But all this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a great manifesto for living abroad and a great guide to tackle life’s challenging situations in general.

Web site: Tefl ebooks Ebook (free): “7 Secrets to Success Abroad

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