ECommerce SEO is Key to a Successful Commercial Site

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of working and reworking your website content so that it improves your site’s ranking in search engine returns for specific keywords and phrases. And ecommerce SEO is key to a successful e-commerce site.

Whether you are selling your own products or services, or are running an e-commerce site based on affiliate marketing, the key to success is traffic and conversion. The more visitors you get on your pages, the more likely one of those visitors is to click-through and/or make a purchase. Some affiliate marketing networks also pay based solely on the number of views your site provides, meaning that no one needs to click-through for you to make money, but you need an incredibly high volume of traffic to make good money that way. Instead, focus on drawing visitors who are already looking for the products and/or services your site provides. You do this by focusing on ecommerce SEO.

The first keywords and phrases you think of are generally also going to be the ones with the most competition. Unless you are offering something truly different from all the many other websites offering “magazines,” for example, or “books,” you need to be more specific. “dog magazines” or “cat hardbacks” are better phrases, though they may still be too general. Do some searches in the popular search engines to get some idea, then modify your strategy appropriately. You can evaluate the possible traffic, competition and / or earnings potential of said keywords either with several free tools (see Free Make Money Online Resources article here on this blog) or with the all-in-one keyword and Seo tool Market Samurai.

SEO helps your website rank higher “organically” – that is, naturally. Most web users are aware of sponsored sites, especially since almost all search engines use methods to set them apart from organic returns. While it is not exactly true that searchers will always choose the first result, it is true that they are unlikely to wade through several pages to find what they need. Proper SEO strategies ensure your site not only attracts more visitors, but the type of visitors most likely to click-through and/or make a purchase.


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