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An Expat Cats journey to healthy eating

Disclaimer: The post below was written by a guest blogger, a feline guest blogger, so some food related details might not be appropriate for human consumption.

*Enters Oscar the Expat Cat*

Hi everybody, welcome to World Blog Surf Day! In case you wonder what on earth that is, it is a series of blog posts that got published all on the same day and that all have a common theme. Most of them are written by humans, this one is written by me – Oscar the Expat Cat! Mommy has taken all the photos, so please respect her copyright also!
This time the organizer for World Blog Surf Day was Sher from Czech Off the Beaten Path, please give her a roaring round of applause for all her hard work! Thank you πŸ˜‰

As I heard that the theme is FOOD, I asked Mommy if I could write the post, please, pretty, please! Because I love food, glorious food AND I am an experienced blogger, I have written one blog post before! Mommy said yes, under a few conditions: I don’t refer to her and Daddy as ‘my human slaves’, I take care with my speling and she has to approve the post first to make sure that I use only family friendly language. Phfff, as if I ever would be rude…

oscar yawn

(c) S.Yates

See the photo at the left? That is me, do you think I look family-unfriendly? Mommy said also, if I do a good job this time, I might, just might, get my very own blog! I would love to be a pro-blogger! What do you think? Please leave a comment and tell Mommy and Daddy that I NEED an own blog!

But I get distracted, back to food, glorious, food:

Where we lived before, in England, I we had a garden, with a lot of yummy things living in it. Things like mice, baby rabbits, birds… So despite getting tinned/ canned food, I always had also something fresh and natural to chew on. As we moved to Prague, we moved to a flat and as I refuse, absolutely refuse, to wear a harness, I became a ‘flat cat’. And then the food fun started… My human slaves Mommy and Daddy bought me all kinds of new and exciting cat food to try out, and I ate it all. Did I tell you that unlike other cats, I am an omnivore (I had to look that one up, hehehe)? I eat everything, including freshly baked bread, but that is another story. So now, here in the Czech Republic, I only got tinned/ canned food. And it didn’t agree with me, I liked it, but my body didn’t like it, does that make any sense? I got all kinds of nasty problems, but the worst was itchy skin, in fact my skin was sooo itchy that I didn’t sleep anymore and bit my fur/ skin the whole time until it was all sores and bloody. I looked a right mess, I can tell you.
So they brought me to the vet, YIKES! I don’t know what is worst, driving in a car to a vet visit or having so itchy skin that you can’t sleep. And not being able to sleep is pretty serious for cats, I tell ya! The vet said I had a real bad combination of problems, caused by stress from the move, food, allergies and perhaps even mites! Yikes again, somebody was living on me! GET OFF!
She, the vet, dropped something called Stronghold on my neck and prescribed me really boring, bland, tasteless anti-allergic food for 10 days! Only one flavour, boooring! So whilst I was living on the anti-allergic stuff, Mommy dived into a research for the best cat food/ nutrition. She spend hours and hours researching the topic. I was really thankful, because it showed that she cares about me! Mommy is German, so she is very methodic and thorough. First she researched cat nutrition and food in general. She said to me: You are what you eat. Now that confused me a bit at first. I used to eat mice, baby rabbits and birds, amongst other things, but I am a cat, not a mouse, a baby rabbit and surely not a bird – I don’t have wings! Then she explained further: Whatever we eat, gets digested and used as building material for our own bodies, so if we eat good, healthy things, we will have good, healthy material to built up our own body which in return will be also healthy and not itchy. If we eat things that are not good for us, our bodies have only low quality building material at their disposition and our fur might itch. Seems logical, not?
So she did some further research into what a cat should eat or better said, what cats do eat in nature. And came across a book title saying: Cat would buy mice. I was nodding like crazy as she told me that, yes, absolutely! Mommy, just buy me fresh, tasty lively mice, please. I can live on them, no problem at all. But Mommy and Daddy were somehow reluctant to have me chasing living mice in the flat and eating them. I can’t understand why? So they did the next best thing: They bought fresh meat for me! Even rabbit, yeah! The two photos below show how my food looks now, the first shows the food before it is cut up (chicken necks, rabbit meat and rabbit liver in that load) and the second when it is all cut up and filled up in little portions.

Raw Cat Food (c) S.Yates

Raw Cat Food (c) S.Yates

Mommy buys it and than mixes it and freezes it in portions she de-freezes before feeding it to me, so that I have a bit of everything in my bowl. And I LUV IT, I really do. And my fur is now so shiny and healthy you wouldn’t believe it. At the very end of this blog post is a close-up Mommy did of my fur. She calls it minky fur, because it is as thick, shiny and precious as a mink coat now.
So now I like Czech food, you can buy a lot of different meat in Prague, I normally get chicken necks (the bones are good for my teeth and for my own bones), chicken hearts, rabbit liver and rabbit meat. Sometimes I also get pork or beef meat and chicken gizzard (my least favourite one). Mommy looks that I get a really varied diet. And all raw obviously, or have you ever seen a cat cooking the mice s/he just caught? One very, very important thing:

Never, ever give your pets cooked bones, especially not chicken bones, they get brittle when heated and can pierce our intestine and kill us! Seriously, bones only raw, never heated!

But I also get something else, not only meat. Can you guess from the photo below what it is?

(c) S.Yates

(c) S.Yates

Did you find it out? It is grass, special cat grass, because also if cats live to 99.99999% from meat, they need also a tiny bit greenery. The same amount roughly that a mouse has in its stomach when we eat it πŸ˜‰ Yummy, mice, I do miss them a bit… So Mommy, germinates and grows special grass for cats for me, isn’t she a good slave human? And I also get special cat treats, my favourite ones are called ‘cheese rollies’ and a bit of special milk for cats. Oh, and don’t tell it Mommy and Daddy, but if they are not watching, I jump on the kitchen bench and pre-clean the dishes for them. You know, I am a good cat, always eager to help, and I like the taste of human food, even if I am not supposed to eat it! So, now you know all I can tell you about ‘Expat Cat Food’! Hope you enjoyed my contribution to World Blog Surf Day / WBSD!

Before I tell you where the next blog post is located, a few words about our very own twitter reporter in her own words:

“Anastasia Ashman is an American cultural producer based in Istanbul, and is a creator of Expat Harem, the anthology by foreign women about modern Turkey. Her Tweetstream focuses on women, travel and history and she shares resources for writers/travelers, expats, Turkophiles & culturati of all stripes.”

You can read her tweets here, her twitter name is Thandelike and she is twittering the whole time very busily about all these great food posts that are popping up all over the internet! If you want to see it, follow her tweets and pay special attention to #wbsd, our very own World Blog Surf Day hashtag!

Oscar the Expat Cat (c) S.Yates

Oscar the Expat Cat (c) S.Yates

I just remember, Twitter is a little birdie, hm, yummy, I think I just hop over and re-tweet it a bit πŸ˜‰ at the end, this all about food, right? And you can now all go to Chaplain to read the next WBSD post, have fun! And in case you missed a blog, here is the whole list of blogs that participate in World Blog Surf Day: Blog List.

Have fun and thank you for reading my post,

Oscar the Expat Cat

PS Before you go, please leave a comment and tell Mommy if I did a good job or not and if I deserve an own blog, pleeeaaasssseeee!

PPS I actually have my very own section in our sparkling new Amazon Store, it is called ‘Oscar’s recommendations’ *hint*hint*! All books mentioned on this blog, and a few more can be found there…

healthy cat fur

Minky Fur (c) S.Yates

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61 comments to Expat Cat Food

  • Hi Oscar,
    Wonderful post! I’m afraid I’m a human, and so your food doesn’t sound good to me…But…my daughter’s cat, Bridgit, read your post and thinks your meals sound absolutely heavenly!

    You should definitely have a blog of your own–you do great work!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • @Sher
    Thanks for your support and give my best wishes to Bridget! Is she pretty? Meow! πŸ˜‰

  • What a cute and smart cat you are! You must miss roaming the back yard and hunt for your own food. Maybe you should get your own blog and write all about it :o) Tell mommy that I said so.

  • Thanks Ivanhoe! I will for sure tell her! I really liked your blog, even, ehm, it seems you have a DOG??? Oscar

  • Thanks, Oscar, for your post and the appreciation of the article my human wrote.

    Food could be defined as “Choices made for you!” πŸ™‚

    Sooo truly true for us in-house cats. I hope the awareness spreads and I get to eat less factory-food, too. Remote relatives have a Cairn Terrier (hunts mice if he can) that got diabetes, guess what from I guess? Just sayin’. Tama

  • Roz

    Wow! Oscar, you are a very lucky cat to eat such delicious, fresh food! Your fur looks wonderful!

  • I loved blogging around the world and I think I visited them all. Thanks to everyone. Now I have to go to the kitchen and cook Meatloaf – the good old American standby.


  • Dear Oscar, that was a wonderful post! I know where to get a hold of your mom on Twitter, I’ll mention to her that you should have your own blog (now was that a great call to action, or what? Look at all the support you are getting!)

    I am so happy to know that you are doing better and that you now have beautiful minky fur – all that itching must not have been fun at all.

    Thank you very much for leaving a comment on my blog. Ishtar, our resident Expat Cat Specialist, insisted on replying herself. Which reminds me – I am late with her dinner. Gotta go!


  • Yes Oscar, you never have to cook.))
    And cat food is not bad at all, tried it once.)!’

  • Wow Oscar, I hope you realise how much work your Mommy does for you. You’re very lucky to have an owner who cares for you so much!

    I never thought being an expat could be so hard for a cat!

  • @Tama
    Give my best wishes to your terrier friend! Yes, factory food is not what we are meant to eat! I got too much dry food some years ago and nearly died on ‘feline urine retention’ but that is another story… Thanks for your visit, Oscar, the Expat Cat

  • @Roz
    Thanks for your compliments and yes, I know, I am a VERY lucky cat with my humans, Oscar, the Expat Cat

  • @Marilynne/Maxie
    Care to send me a little piece over, just a tiny one? Oscar, the always hungry Expat Cat

  • Aww,what a luxury of food you get there. I am missing my own cat back home now!! But shall be seeing her in a few days’ time weee…

  • Excellent job, Oscar! We only recently started learning about raw food after we have been trying to find a food that will help Harley, who has eosinophilic granuloma complex. Harley and I both love Nature’s Variety raw food. It has raw chicken, turkey, ground up bones, quail eggs, turkey heart, and other things in it. It comes in little patties that we just thaw out the night before. It’s delicious!

  • Hello beautiful, of all the visitors to my blog, I am SURE you enjoyed it the most. I’m glad you wrested the keyboard away from your mom and pawed out this post; you gave WBSD a most interesting twist. If you will allow me, please accept a caress on your silky fur and a tickle under your chin.

  • @Emmanuelle please forward following message to Ishtar:

    Meow! What a beautiful name you have! Is there somewhere a photo of you online?

    Thanks for your kind words, yes, I really proud of my fur now, and I am taking good care of it, Mommy sometimes calls me an OCD cat, because I am always cleaning and combing it! Thanks for your kind idea of telling the twitter birdie to speak with Mommy regarding my very own blog! Oscar, EC, OCD, ASBO etc

  • @Hans
    I tried human food many times, rofl!

  • @Yazar
    Yes, I know, I am really fortunate to have such great ‘parents’. And yes, cats can suffer a culture shock as much as humans! Would you believe it, even the water here tastes different!

  • @Nurin
    Give a purrli-murrli from me to your feline friend! πŸ˜‰

  • @Daisy the Curly Cat and Harley also πŸ˜‰

    How is Harley doing? Does the raw-goodie-foodie help him? I don’t know if you can buy it here in Prague, but I will check it with Mommy, it sounds sooo delicious! πŸ˜‰

  • @Romancing Italy
    Meow-meow-meow I always accept caresses and a tickle under the chin from romantic ladies from Italy Meow-meow-meow Oscar, the Expat Cat

  • Ever tried a nice juicy human boon of your Momma? Scrap carefully the meat first off the bone…and jummy!.=

  • hospitalera

    Thank you for giving him ideas! πŸ˜‰ He took a piece out of my eyelid a few weeks ago and today I was reading a cat book and admiring cat photos from other cats, and I swear, he got jealous and came up to me and hit me with one single claw in my arm. Just as he wanted to say, don’t look at other cats, I am the most important cat in your life! SY

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  • Oscar, With all these friends & supporters, you probably don’t need your Mummy & Daddy anymore!!!

  • @Chaplain

    Meow! I do need them, I really, really really do need my tin openers! Meow!

  • hmmm.. interesting to see what a cat would write. I had no idea about cat grass, but I know that I always see my dog eating grass when I take him out??

  • hehehe fantastic!

    Or should I say, Meowoeoeeewwww, prrrrrrrrrrrrrr yooowwwww

  • hospitalera

    Dogs, like cats, use grass mainly to “clean” their tummys, in case of cats that translates to “hairball ejection time” ;-)SY

    Meooowww! Thanks furr the visit! Oscar via hospitalera

  • cash advance payday loans

    Oscar, I wish my hair looked as good as you fur, you are a beautiful and healthy cat, keep up the good work!

  • You are too cute! I’m glad my cat likes to be vacuumed – helps our hair ball problems!

  • hospitalera

    I wish ours would, but no way we could get close to him with a vacuum! SY

  • My dog gets a good brand of dry food, and all the opossums, skunks, turtles, and foxes he can catch! (Plus a nice pill to counteract the parasites.) He weighs 86 lbs, is turning grey, and still leaps 5 ft in the air to catch birds.

    Yes, natural food is good for everybody!

  • hospitalera

    You have a very, very lucky dog that he gets such a nice diet! SY

    I am not sure that Oscar would appreciate chinese cooking, at least not as an ingredient πŸ˜‰ SY

  • Hans

    @Weldone Oscar, but next time I will serve you…..
    as a catburger..baked in fat Czech oil..))!

  • hospitalera

    I really don’t want to frighten you, but yesterday I found Oscar sharpening his claws, very slowly, very carefully, one by one. And he was wearing a strange black outfit with a black bandera around his head. Hans, I fear Oscar has converted himself into NINJA-CAT!!! Take good care of Sarah P. and your family….

  • Hans

    Woha…how tall? 2 feet?
    We will have another dog soon (wde gave Sarah P away) and the new dog will be a big one..)
    Can Oscar also throw knives?….I’m good in it…especially targeting fat cats…..yummie as a catburger and for sure, I know some Koreans who love to buy a cat from me…why do you think I live in Constantinople? Enough catties and one cat is worth 50 € …can make a living out of it..)
    How do you want to be served Oscar: fried, cooked, baked, BBQ’d, or raw eaten by a bulldog..))

  • hospitalera

    Why did you give Sarah P away? For political reasons? SY

  • Hi Oscar

    I am only a very small cat an my human let me write blog comments for the very first time πŸ˜‰
    Can you ask your mommy for some nutrition tips for young kitties like me?

    thanks a lot


  • hospitalera

    You might go over to Oscar’s Blog at http://expat-cat-oscar.blogspot.com/ he might be able to help you! BTW, can you ask your human if s/he would be interested in link exchange for German niche sites? I am German and just building a portfolio of German Mini sites, SY

  • Hi hospitalera

    I am Mimi’s slave, err, human… just contact me via the mail adress of this comment I could offer a range of german sites for link exchange. I suggest we do it in a threeway-style for better effect at the search engines (see how 3waylinks work for what I mean), what do you think?


  • hospitalera

    Hi Mike, yes I know how three way link exchanges work, they are also my preferred way, will contact you soon. SY aka Oscar’s slave

  • quick payday loans

    you are one very lucky cat somebody loves you very much

  • hospitalera

    @quick payday loans
    He is, and he knows it, SY

  • Amanda

    Oscar, my kitty Jasper was thrilled by your post. He wants me to let him post on my site, which is all about anti-oxidants and health. Jasper thinks he can educate the cat world about how important anti-oxidants are for kitties, and how call felines should get their daily intake of cat-grass. He was excited that your people are smart enough to feed you cat-grass too. I haven’t decided if I should let Jasper write his piece yet, but if he can come up with a solid 350 word article on kitty health, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.

  • hospitalera

    It is well worth to give it a try, this post is one of the most popular ones on my blog πŸ˜‰ Cats make great, successful, bloggers. SY

  • I have only a very small cat an my human let me write blog comments for the very first time.can you provide some nutrition tips…

  • hospitalera

    @cats health car
    Sure, what do you want to know? SY

  • Great article! very informative πŸ™‚

  • hospitalera

    @Cute Videos
    Thanks, your site is also — cute πŸ˜‰ SY

  • gosh, id better start feeding my cat some green – it only gets meat!! Is there a cat equivalent to the dogs BARF diet at all???

  • hospitalera

    @ millie
    That is basically what I do feed Oscar, you can call it “BARF for cats” πŸ˜‰ SY

  • Eva Holmes

    First of all great blog you have here.. Also wanted to know what type of commenting system do you use to fight spam?

  • hospitalera

    @Eva Holmes
    Thanks, my spam fighting system is easy, comment moderation by a real, human being — me πŸ˜‰ SY

  • That is a great article. Makes me miss my cat Rover who was a great hunter. Like Oscar for a time we lived in an area near a ravine where he hunted to his hearts content. And when the town was hit with a mice “epidemic”, they didn’t last long on our property. His coat was also so shiney and he was very healthy.

    Great work finding substitutes to keep on track and healthy.

    And definitely he needs his own blog. No question. πŸ™‚

  • hospitalera

    Oscar actually got his own blog over at http://expat-cat-oscar.blogspot.com/ but hasn’t updated it in ages! Too much to do with taking naps all over the house, I guess! SY

  • This was a very entertaining and informative post, one thing my cat loves and goes crazy over (besided the catnip mouse) is a can of TUNA !!! MmmmmMmMmm
    .-= dave@home improvementsΒ΄s last blog ..How To Fix a Leaking Faucet =-.

    • hospitalera

      Just make sure it is not too much and it is tuna in spring water, not in oil πŸ˜‰ See it as a treat, not as regular food, and your cat should be fine, SY

  • Cute little post from your feline guest blogger ;). While I’m in the United States, i.e. not feeding my cat Czech food, I noticed that pets can be just as intolerant of food as people. Went through different kinds of cat food before I found one that she liked and digested well.