Free WP Plugin That Saves Time by Importing Keywords as Draft Posts

What has the world come to? Two blog posts in one day 😉 But as I just was using this plugin today I thought I’ll post about it! Here what it does, who of you might profit from it and yes, it is free and available via the official WordPress Plugin depository here: CSV Importer Plugin I actually featured this plugin already in my >Best WordPress Plugins 2011 and 2012< post, but decided it deserves its own blog post because it really saves time – and time is money, also in the internet marketing world 😉
Here what it does and some shortcuts for using it more efficiently:

Using the right WordPress plugins can save you time - which is money ;-)

Using the right WordPress plugins can save you time - which is money 😉

CSV importer imports your keywords, and other data you put in said spreadsheet as draft posts into your WordPress dashboard. Here is how its done:

Download the CSV importer from the WordPress Plugin Depository and activate it.

Prepare a spreadsheet with the data you want to import as draft posts, each line / row in your spreadsheet will result in one draft post and the heading you use for your columns will determine how your draft post is formatted. Here some of the csv short cuts (column headers) and how I use them:

  • csv_post_title – main keyword

Imports title of the blog post, big surprise 😉 But you can change later to be the url and expand your blog post title to be more appealing to readers.

  • csv_post_post

If I know of a url / blog post I want to link to from that post manually, I put it in there in order to to not forget it. I also add here any, related, keywords I plan to mention or information for the writer, if that is somebody else then me (or if I don’t trust my own memory;-))

  • csv_post_categories

Helps to sort the blog post into the appropriate category from the beginning.

  • csv_post_tags

I use this one to add the keywords (and related keywords) as a tag for those sites where I use tags.

  • csv_post_author

If several people are writing on the same blog, or if you use outsourcers to write part of your content, this will assign the draft post to the right person to pick up 😉

After all is done, just go to the plugin settings under Tools > CSV Importer, check the box that says ‘Import posts as drafts’ (if you don’t check this they will be published directly!), browse to your spreadsheet and upload it. And magically your spreadsheet data will be converted into draft posts, ready for a writer to be expanded and published!

Handy-dandy, isn’t it? Granted, it takes a bit of time to set all up, but then you have a series of draft posts ready in your WordPress dashboard to fill in, write and publish. Or, if you run a multi-author blog / use outsourcers to write content for you, you can just assign each of them some and let them work their way through it.

This works really well if you get easily distracted by ‘wading’ through your spread sheet data or keyword tools as it takes the ‘what should I write next about’ decision of you. BTW, WordPress is not horribly fast uploading this kind of files so best to keep it to around 100 keywords per upload!

Any questions / suggestions? More ideas? Just leave a comment and I get back to you ASAP!


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  • FINALLY you fixed the navigation so I can find stuff around here! I like the sound of this plugin – I’m going to try it out – I have also just started using WP Editorial Calendar which is excellent for planning posts too

    • hospitalera

      Lol, actually I haven’t changed anything navigation wise lately – as far as I remember. Perhaps you just got used to my peculiarities? SY