Getting your web site indexed in Google in less than 72h

Some people try to sell this “secret” for a lot of money on the World-Wide-Web. And I give it away for free 😉 Read on, follow my tips and your site will be indexed by Google (and other search engines!) in less then 72h. Then you have only to work on your page rank 😉 And to learn how to improve your Page Rank – watch this space, or even better, subscribe to this blog for free! Just click on one of the symbols in the top right corner of the blog and my good old friend feedburner will talk you through the process.

But here the plan of attack to get your web site indexed by Google in less then 72h:

0.) This post is about getting your blog indexed by Google, it is not about how to rank high in Google’s search results. That is another post to come!

1.) Add Google Analytics to each single page of your web site (easiest way to do this is by using a template, a blog or CMS). This way Google gets the first “hint”. This can be done at a very early stage, before the actual “launch” date. Don’t forget to exclude yourself from the statistic, if not, you get all exited about the time people spent on your site — and it is only you and you ;-(


After/ At the launch date:

2.) Only launch a finished site, never one that looks “under construction”. It is fine to add content over time (actually it is important to do so) but don’t launch your site too early, wait until there is actually something to index for Google.

3.) Add a sitemap, Google bots, the ones that crawl the web and index it, love an easy journey, give them a “travel-map” and they happily spent a lot more time on your site.

4.) Add your site to Google’s webmaster tools. They are free and helpful and show you even where there might be problems, so do check them from time to time.

5.) Submit your site to the MAIN directories Don’t waste your time with link farms etc., submit your site only to the “biggies” and the rest will follow. MSN, Yahoo, DMOZ and Alexa will do nicely.

6.) Add the site to your “online personality” I use a simple word document (duh!, how boring) to keep track where I have an online existence. Forum signatures, myspace profiles, facebook etc are great places to put a link in. Look for high traffic environments where Google bots might “stumble upon” your link.

7.) Write a short article about your site at Squidoo, hubpages and Qassia. Don’t just copy, write original content that is directly related to the main topic of your blog.

8.) Blog about it! Google loves blogs, if you have a blog, write about your new web site and if you haven’t a blog, and don’t want one ;-(, leave a comment on a blog that is related to your main topic (don’t put your url in the comment itself, that is rude, put it only in the appropriate section/ field) Check that the links are “dofollow”, not “nofollow”.

This eight steps should be enough to get your web site indexed by Google in less then 72h. Feel free to add more ideas/ suggestions in the comment section. Have fun and web-success, SY

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  • I saw your note in Golden Prague, and so signed up for this one. No need to do the entrecard thing — I just wanted to let you know that I’m here. (I know, you were hoping I would! (g) )

  • blackdog

    Well I really enjoyed reading this inspite the fact that I don’t agree with every word here, but I agree with the most of it…

    Good job

  • Hi, I read your note in your other blog.. And I feel sad about it because you’re one of those people who are always dropping in my blog. I hope that eventhough you’re not already a member of Entrecard we can still support each other… If it’s okay…:-)

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    Very well written. This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP’s. Keep up the good work.

  • hospitalera

    Welcome, I hope you like it here.

    I am always open for constructive critique, care to elaborate with what you don’t agree? 😉

    Thanks for the nice words, today made a last minute change and I will be able to keep my EC widget on my Golden Prague blog 😉

    @Earn Money Online
    Thanks for your nice words

  • Hi! I’m glad you worked out keeping Entrecard on Golden Prague. I read all your posts there. I hope to visit Prague someday. Looks beautiful.

  • hospitalera

    It is beautiful and well worth a visit! Give me a shout if you are coming and I show you a bit around !

  • Windows Vista

    I am using vista for over a year now, still not okey with it. I surely miss XP. Anyway looking forward for SP2 to be released. 🙂

  • hospitalera

    @Windows Vista
    Interesting comment, btw, what is its relation with my blog post???

  • Jason Bricks

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  • Ex Back

    The topic is quite hot on the Internet right now. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

  • Wow. 800,000 visits is serious traffic. Is that real? If so, you are onto something there. Just pardon my skepticism. So much of what I read is just not real.

  • hospitalera

    Don’t worry, it is not real 😉 And even if it would be, the quality would be most likely hit&run traffic, not people that actually use the site. The secret to web traffic is still the same, good quality content that people WANT to link to. The rest is just the icing on the cake. SY

  • Dalaman

    Finally someone who can write a good blog ! I loved your post and will be telling others about it. Subscribing to your RSS feed now. Thanks

  • hospitalera

    Thank you! SY

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    This is quite a hot information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

  • Vince Delmonte

    The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  • hospitalera

    @Vince Delmonte
    Sometimes, is that an offer 😉 ?

  • Thanks for the tips, though I’m still working out how to use a bunch of them within blogspot. While I’m not expecting to ever make my fortune by blogging, it seems worthwhile to have the odd reader now and again, no?

  • My trick has always been to use digg. Usually within less then a day the article on digg is indexed and then your own site beats it out the following day. Also make sure to have a google webmaster account, I know you mentioned it but do not miss this point. Verify your site and ask to be indexed, usually it’ll happen for sure within a couple days. If you’re not indexed within a couple days, don’t worry just keep adding content and you’ll be set within a week or so.

  • hospitalera

    Your blog is looking great so far, for making money, I would suggest that also look into related products, for example from amazon and the like.

    Great tips, thank you! SY

  • I think building backlinks is such a good idea too for getting indexed faster. Backlinks helps Google to detect your blog, just ask your friends to give a link to your blog/site. This is very effective way since I’m been indexed in 5 hours.

  • rasim

    thanks for the keywordluv plugin. I wish more sites would follow.

  • hey, I just “re-found” this post, and I agree how important it is not to launch your site too early and jump the gun while it is still under construction. Obviously, you can take your time after that in adding content, but it does need to at least be ready to launch.

  • Submitting a press release in (good PR sites) about your website launching is another effective technique i used it for my site and get indexed in about 5 hours.

  • Is there any particular reason for wanting to get indexed so fast? It’s not like you’re going to get massive amounts of traffic.

  • For a couple of years being a SEO specialist, I find it easier to get your site, even blogs of blog posts, easier to be indexed by Google if you have a XML sitemap and do social bookmaking. Compared to manually or even automatic submissions to search engines, these methods are more effective. Providing SEO services to foreign clients is what I do best, especially giving them advices on how they can further improve their rankings.

  • Hi there,
    Visiting your blog is great and I think I can learn English grammar to improve my English skill and after reading this post, I’m interested in this topic and I want to ask you where I can find more information of this topic? And can you give me any references? Thanks for any response, just comment below my comment because I’ll be back soon.

  • Be nice to geeks when you’re in school, you might end-up working for one when you grow-up

  • perfectly written.this one is great .. much useful for me.thanks.keep sharing.

  • hospitalera

    Good point if you only have one site, but if you have a lot, your friends and family might get a bit annoyed with the time.

    Which sites would you recommend?

    “Time is money” as they say, even more on the internet, the faster a site is indexed, the faster it will turn up in search results, i.e. traffic=money.

    I agree, having, and submitting, a sitemap to Google is important also. Social bookmark sites are good also. Which is your favourite one?

    I am not sure if your English will improve by reading my blog, I am not a native speaker 😉

    Thanks for all your nice comments! SY


  • This sure is an interesting writeup. I always make sure I stay tuned with what is happening in the SEO scene, and this one here sure is helpful. I’ll share this to others.

  • Great post, I remember I work on a fashion designer magazine before and my task is to upload images etc, my boss is easy to advertise or tell the clients about the website and since I am the one who is in-charge I get a lot of feedback bout websites is under maintenance or constructions and client complain why and what happen etc etc, that is one big mistake if you can’t wait til the time your site is ready, patient is a virtue as always 🙂

    Thanks i got more ideas from you and I would like to those!

  • hospitalera

    Uh, oh, working for clients, not really my thing 😉 SY

  • I think getting indexed in google is quite simple.Just submitting the blog to google is sufficient.But the main thing is ranking in Google.That is a difficult and long term process.

  • hospitalera

    @5530 vs 5800

    If you mean the “add url to Google” feature, than I STRONGLY advise against it! It is the best way to stay forever in the sandbox and to get ranked only in a very distant future! SY

  • If you want your site / page indexed instantly i strongly suggest looking at thw Mem Frag tool 🙂 you can only use it once though. It’s for specific URLs rather than an entire site, quite handy though!

  • hospitalera

    @Maldives holidays
    That sounds like an interesting idea,, I must look into this a bit more, SY

    PS Yesterday I broke my own record, got a site indexed in less then 8 hours, and no, it was a completely fresh and new domain, not a pre-owned one 😉

  • I don’t understand, what is wrong with submitting url to Google.

  • hospitalera

    @5530 vs 5800

    First lets make sure that we speak about the same thing, this is the URL / Google Tool that I am referring to and that I do NOT recommend.

    Submitting your url here, tells Google that your site exists; that is correct. BUT the next thing what Google does is checking if the site is already in its index, if not, Google will assume that your site is basically worthless, so worthless that nobody in the whole internet is linking to it. Because if there would be already backlinks to your site in place, Google would have already indexed it. Google will then send your site into waiting position until Google notices enough backlinks to your site and takes it finally serious again. So, if you want to kill your new site, go ahead and submit it to Google via their “add url” feature. That is btw one of the few things all SEO experts and Internet Marketers agree on! SY

    PS I finished last week a site and got it indexed, with my methods, described in this blog post, and got it indexed in less than 8 hours. That is a record, even for me.

  • Thank you very much for the tip.I was not at all aware of the consequences of this step.I will take care in future.
    .-= 5530 vs 5800´s last blog ..Nokia 5530 Potential – Things you can do with your Symbian S60 Smartphone =-.

  • hospitalera

    @5530 vs 5800
    You are welcome, keep hanging around and reading this blog and I am sure it will help you 😉 SY

  • One question, the submit page of Google was for the request to be indexed by them right? I’ve heard that this is not a good practice and instead you should be patient and let them find you themselves. Just clarify me on this since you know better on this topic. The rest seems pretty good! Thanks 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Please refer to my comment in reply to “5530 vs 5800”, that should answer your question. SY

  • Can’t you get indexed by Google within a few hours by… (1) Register domain (2) Install SEO friendly WP theme blog (3) Post 4 quality unique relevant blog posts (4) Submit feed to FeedAgg (5) Post relevant comment on high PR, low Alexa, dofollow relevant blog and forum (6) Use Pingomatic

    I’m pretty sure you’d get indexed right quick – for whatever that is worth.
    .-= David with Tip Top Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Seomoz, PageRank Update, Nofollow movement and more =-.

  • hospitalera

    Nice variation of my approach, yes, that works well for a wordpress blog. My approach includes / works also for other web sites and blogging platforms. SY

  • Great if this introduction works. I will try it. I came through the keyword combination “less google indexed web site” because i am searching a method to index my site faster. For now i am waiting 8 days and my website is not indexed. Sometime the google bot have to be a bit faster like usian bolt 😉

    Best regards and thanks
    Volksphone (germany guy 😀 )
    .-= Volksphone´s last blog ..Usability-Schnelltest für die eigene Firmenwebsite =-.

  • hospitalera

    Tell us how it goes 😉 Viel Glueck! SY

  • That’s really informative. These are some of the basics every web developer has to do and understand. Being ranked higher in the search engine is every site owners priority. But there are so many things that I learned today from your blog. It was of great help. Thank you.

  • hospitalera

    @Jane Ritcher
    You are welcome, nice site btw! SY

  • Hi SY, have you used automaticsitemap? I use bluehost and overall I am happy with them, but I have only been doing web development for a couple months. They provide automaticsitemap as a free option, but I’m wary of using anything that is not listed by you. Also, any suggestions on hosting? I noticed a experienced web developer who uses Media Temple, any thoughts?

  • hospitalera

    No, I haven’t, I use a free tool / wp-plugin to build my sitemap and then submit it one time to Google. No need for more in my case 😉 One word of caution, you write “I’m wary of using anything that is not listed by you” I hope that is a joke and / or an attempt on flattery, you should never follow blindly what somebody tells you to do or not to do. Regarding the web host, I am using hostgator and be a happy bunny with them, but I heard also good things about the two you mentioned, I simply don’t have personal experience with them, SY

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    I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

  • Article Friendly

    I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

    • hospitalera

      Signs of a stupid spammer:
      Posts the exactly same comment under two different names and linking to two different sites. Makes false claims like “I am launching a website soon” and then links to a well developed web site. How stupid do you think I am? You want a back link? Great, leave a valuable and honest content! SY

  • Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

    • hospitalera

      Your site design is a bit cluttered, but it is a great niche and well executed, all credit and back link to you! SY

  • What about ping? Google has indexed one of my websites before I even finished it, because I use WordPress ping plugin.
    .-= Eternity Perfume´s last blog ..Eternity Summer Perfume for Men =-.

    • hospitalera

      Happened to me before, but don’t overdo it with the pings, you might get flagged as a spam site 😉 SY

  • Hi Sy,

    I promise you I am not a spammer. I am an entrepreneur trying to build a pretty big effort. A very small team has been building It has taken us longer than expected. But, we have launched (today – officially, but, we put the site up 2 months ago). I found your site when “googling” the a question about AutomaticSiteMap. I got a call from them today. Evidently, we have close to 100,000 pages currently (that will only go up); and, they wanted to see if they could sign us up. They say we are only getting about 900 pages submitted to Google. They also say that they have a business relationship with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. They think they can do much better than our robot.txt file and get much of our site indexed. They also say that we will have issues due to the frequent changes/real time updates we have. Frankly, I am suspicious – forgive me :-)… But, I wanted to get your insight into this practice and this company. Going from 900 pages indexed to 50,000 or 100,000 DAILY (which is their other claim) sounds great. maybe too good to be true? I don’t know…. hope you can help me better understand this issue.

    Also, your site is very valuable. I am adding myself to your email list and will be back!


    • hospitalera

      Hi Scott, sorry, nearly overlooked your comment. Nice site you have there! Google shows that they have already 1280 pages indexed. Now, I never heard about AutomaticSiteMap before, so I can give no advice specific to this company, but generally spoken, I think you are doing really well so far with being only 2 months online. I would need a bit of background information about how your site is build (platform etc) and ask some impertinent question about your Google Stats etc. What I can offer you is the following: Send me an email via and I will send you my questions back. After having looked at your site thoroughly I can provide you with some free tips and a short, free, seo report. How does that sound? SY

  • I should also add that we are doing all of the steps you outline in your great post. We have daily text blogs and videos, use Twitter intelligently, and, update the site with the newest deals. Again, we are trying to do things right…

  • Hi, I came across your blog and your post provide some nice suggestions to get indexed in Google. But nowadays it becomes easy due to Twitter coz Google live update feature mainly depends on Twitter so if you tweet your link spontaneously, it is cached and indexed by Google quickly.

  • Eaun

    The points you mentioned in this post certainly can get a site indexed in Google in 72 hours. I had never concentrated on Hubpages and Squidoo because I find them too hard work, but I think I will have to use it after I have read this post and found that they also have an Important effect on SEO of a site

    • hospitalera

      You will need to work hard if you want to have success with any business, even on the internet! SY

  • When I read the title of this post, I started thinking “When does YAHOO started to add those kind of results on their SERP’s”. Haha. As of this moment, I am still not in the thinking of Youtube as search engine. Great insights here Sir. Pretty informative.