Good and bad reasons to visit Prague

Prague is a wonderful travel destination, really, it is, but some people might be happier here than others. And to be frank and honest, we are also happier with some people coming to visit Prague than with others 😉

For example we, the people that live here in Prague, are very happy with visitors that appreciate the cultural and historic heritage of the “Golden City” that was 2000, one of the “European Cities/Capitals of Culture”. Prague is home to symphony orchestras, galleries, museums, architectural gems and more art than one can hope to cover and explore in two lifetimes! The Czech capital was the birthplace of writers like Franz Kafka and the historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Prague, or Praha as it is known by Czech speakers, is a never ending journey of discovery and I feel very fortunate to live here! In case all this wandering around has made you hungry and thirsty, we have also great food and beer here! 😉 And if this is not enough, the city has also the largest castle in Europe, so enough good reasons to come and to visit the Golden City! So if you like all this, you will be a very happy Prague tourist!

On the other hand we are less happy with stag/hen parties falling like wild locusts swarms over us ;-( These ‘fun parties’ are dedicated to, no matter the consequences, enjoying yourself with the help of large amounts of booze and are often seen, and heard!, dancing “sparsely dressed” and singing loudly and out of tune, in the streets and on Charles Bridge. Typically they spend a long weekend in the city, from which it takes them, and us, days to recover. Praise God, they normally don’t stay longer! Stag party weekends, or sometimes also hen party weekends should, imho (in my humble opinion) stay at home, or go, for example to Edinburgh. Preferably in January 😉

For the lucky ones of you that have no idea what a stag party is, here some glimpses at this ugly reality:

A stag (male group) or hen (female group) party or weekend (UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand) is a passage rite also known as “bachelor party” to the US Americans and South Africans, known as a bull’s party (also South Africa) or even as a buck’s party/ night/ weekend in Australia. It consists of a several days long party that is held for a groom (or a bride) before his or her wedding. The main goals are to enjoy this last opportunity to engage in activities his new wife/ her new husband would certainly not approve of. Favorite activities include getting drunk, gambling, visiting a strip club or another “erotic” venue and a lot of silly jokes like tying the prospective groom naked to a lantern post. The last one, a favourite amongst English people! In general hen parties tend to be a bit more civilized than stag parties, I wonder why 😉 But I guess you can understand now why we don’t like them, especially not as Prague is a favourite destination for stag parties and you meet, in season, several of them every day when you go through the Golden City.

On the other hand you can also find more educated versions, often mixed male/female groups, that delight in visiting cultural events like concerts and/ or going on a sporting trip, renting a river boat and cruising the Vltava/ Moldau together. So there is hope!

Another point to discourage you to come for a stag/ hen weekend to Prague: You will encounter many signs in hotels, bars and restaurants that read “Strictly no stag parties” The people here are pretty much fed up with drunken foreigners that ruin Prague’s reputation as a cultural capital of Europe. In the same “class” of unwanted foreigners fall also those that mainly travel for the cheap beer/ booze. So please, if you only want to get drunk, stay at home!

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27 comments to Good and bad reasons to visit Prague

  • yes, prague is wonderful travel destination like my country.

  • I haven’t tried visiting Prague, but I believe it’s just based on the person who visit to see the upside or the downside of the place. But anyway, this is a good review. thanks!

  • I like traveling. And it’s a very nice thing to find other good places to visit. Thanks for the post. It’s interesting. Surely, it’d be great to visit Prague one day.

  • Nice and informative review. Would love to visit in near future

  • Prague is one of my dream place to visit next year next to Niagara falls. I’m surely got a lot of tips from this topic. thanks!

  • Michal

    I’m goint to Prague this Summer – I can’t wait to see it, ’cause I’ve seen lots of great pictures and those we beauuuuutyful! Do you know any cheap hotels where I could stay in with my gf?

  • I have been to Prague once and it was a very pleasent trip although I wasn’t able to stay long enough but I have it on my list for my forth-coming holidays 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Give me a shout, when you are coming again to Prague! SY

  • I’ve been many times in Prague (business or private) and each time I enjoy. Check accomodation before, choose food and drinks. Five stars to Prague!
    .-= Martin Kovacz´s last blog ..Qutb complex, Delhi =-.

  • My friend who is staying in Praque for three years already has so much to say about Praque. We will be visiting him this sem break and we are all excited to see the museums….
    .-= kristine@martial arts supplies´s last blog ..Forged Steel Octagon Sai =-.

  • Jim

    I’m going over to Germany next year but seriously considering a stop over in Prague as well 🙂

  • hospitalera

    @Martin, kristine and Jim
    Don’t forget to drop me a note if you know when you are coming to Prague and we could meet-up! SY

  • Prague is a wonderful city brimming with beautiful architecture, welcoming pubs and has some great markets for bargain shopping.
    .-= Dave@Best Man Speeches´s last blog ..Graduation Speeches =-.

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    Dude, this is quality information for visitors. I will try to write something on your blog for Christchurch. Since we are in the travel and tourism industry, we knew the pros and cons better and above all we know what the tourists are exactly looking for. You have stirred a great idea and my special thanks to you. I will let you know more details soon.

  • hospitalera

    @Christchurch Motels
    Thanks for your kind words, SY

  • Aiza

    This is a very useful post. I have plans of visiting Prague this Christmas. Will travel there with my family. Would love to see the culture of Prague and its people.

  • hospitalera

    Great, give me a shout when you are coming, perhaps we could meet up for a coffee? SY

  • I think I’ll go by the good reasons. I just now had “Prague” Googled and I’m literally blown away. Hope I’m gonna love this place when I visit here coming New year. Thanks for the post 🙂
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  • hospitalera

    @Technology Latest Updates
    Give me a shout when you know when you are coming, perhaps we have a blogger meet-up around that time! SY

  • monika

    I have heard about the PRAGUE for years. This article makes me want to book my next vacation there.WELL I am thankful to you for sharing this useful article i keep all your points in my mind.

  • hospitalera

    Good, like always, send me a message when you come to Prague and I invite you for a pivo 😉 SY

  • Jill

    Prague is on my list of places to visit before I die. I love this city from reading about it and can’t wait to go. Thanks for the post.

  • hospitalera

    You are also welcome 😉 SY

  • Sounds like you have a problem with stag parties over there! I have to say, I’m a fan of people being able to let their hair down, and even get drunk if they want to, within the bounds of the law. If the stag parties are disruptive enough to the residents, I think the laws may need to be changed to reflect what people are prepared to accept and what they won’t. There’s little point complaining about something that is legal (unless you’re trying to change that) … if there’s demand and no restriction, people will just keep doing it!

  • hospitalera

    “Letting your hair down” and roaming drunken the streets are two different things! There is a fine line between “breaking the law” and “being an absolute pain in the backside”. I hope that more and more places here in Prague concentrate on quality, cultural tourism and less on cheap drinking tourism, SY

  • Prague is a wonderful city, I have been there and I found it to be so beautiful, interesting and attractive that I promised myself to go back to it at some point in the future. Your article mentions the infamous stag party situation. I have to agree, this is an ugly situation but bear in mind this would not become the “industry” it is if it wasn’t bringing so much money to the city of Prague. Never the less, the city itself is one of the most beautiful in the world and I highly recommend visiting it. Thanks for an interesting article.

    • hospitalera

      You are welcome! Thanks God the hotel and catering industry here changes and is more and more interested in getting “quality tourism”, i.e. tourists that are more interested in the cultural aspects of the city rather then having as their only reason “beer is cheap in Prague”, the touristic landscape is changing here for the better, SY