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I wrote previously about How to add google analytics to your wordpress blog and How to add google analytics to your blogger/ blogspot blog, describing how to add the analytics code to your templates directly. There are actually easier ways to achieve this, sorry, for coming up with this so late. This post describes only how to insert the google analytics code, for the rest, how to get it, etc, please refer to the two posts mentioned above. So here you go, some other, easier ways to insert the google urchin code into your blogs.

For Google Blogger / Blogspot Blogs
This refers only to the ‘new’ blogger templates, not to the classic ones. Are there still some of those around?

OK, go to your Blogger Dashboard, click Layout > Page elements and add a new html / javascript gadget to your footer area. Copy and paste your analytics code in it, make sure it is the last / most bottom gadget in the footer and you are done.

For self hosted WordPress Blogs
You will need a customizable theme like Atahualpa, the theme I am using for this blog. In your theme options click “HTML/CSS Inserts” and scroll down to “HTML Inserts: Body Bottom”, copy and paste the Google code in the box, save, done.
If you don’t have a full y customizable theme like Atahualpa, you can either use the method described in my first post How to add google analytics to your wordpress blog or use a wordpress plugin like Google Analyticator.

OK, I hope that covers nicely the task of adding Google Analytics to the two main blogging platforms, wordpress and blogger blogspot. Any more questions, suggestions or complaints that I forgot, again, something? Just leave them in a comment 😉

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7 comments to Google Analytics Help 1

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  • it was great to simply click on the HTML/CSS Inserts in my WordPress theme in Atahualpa, so thanks for giving this other shortcut option!

  • hospitalera

    On which blog are you using atahuelpa? SY

  • bob smith

    Very nice tips. I have added the analytics code for my sites, but I wish that google wouldnt make the limit to the amount of sites you can add to one account at 50. Why dont they make it unlimited? I have over 100 sites and I still have to make 2 account?

  • Google anayltics is a very powerful tool. I would encourage anyone to add this to their blog. Thanks for the tip on how to get this added to blogspot as that is what I use.

  • Alex

    I am having a problem with google analytics. When ever I try to update my blog i am redirected to a google analytics page. the loading of this page stalls and I can’t move forward. I can’t seem to find a sight that will let me ask google directly about this problem. help? my email is:

    aranerv (at) gmail dot com

    • hospitalera

      Alex, first of all, never put your email address up like you did, always disguise it (like I did for you) if not you will get inundated by spam emails. As for your problem, can you describe when this happens. As I understand you it happens when you have put the GA code into your footer area? Not sure how that would lead to a re-direct to the GA home page. Or does it happen when you try to add a new site profile to your GA account? If you can describe the problem step by step, I am sure we can help you, SY