Google, keywords, links and you. Part 1

Ok, if there is only one subject you need to know about to have success on the internet it is keywords. More exactly how key words relate to your site, to your links (the ones you get and the ones you give) and how almighty Google finds and sees your site/ blog via keywords. So please, do yourself a favour, pour a cool glass of something and read, re-read and try to understand all what you can find about keywords. It really can change your on line marketing life, no matter if you blog, built mini sites or if you get paid to write content. It will change your views on what and how you are doing on the www. And it is completely free, a lot of people charge for this kind of information and here you get it for free, what do you want more? Lets do first a few exercises, to warm our internet marketer muscles up:

1. Discover how Google sees your blog or site.

Go to the Google Keyword Tool, click ‘Website Content’ and change the language if necessary, put your url in the field, click ‘Include other pages on my site linked from this URL’ click ‘Get Keyword Ideas’. Wait and — be surprised, this is what Google thinks your site is about! This is what google suggests you go for if you wanted to advertise your site with google adwords. Read the list, save it and – most important- compare it what you think your blog or site is all about! Do they match, your perception and Google’s?

2. A second little test for you. Which of the following do you think is the more valuable link to a site and which is the less valuable? If you were Google, how would you weight these links for your search results? Both links are from wikipedia, and no, I haven’t written a single one, they are just here for illustration purposes.

[Article is about dog behaviour]… BTW, I also write about yoga click here to read more.


[General article is about Yoga]… Another article that concentrates on the history of yoga can be found here.

That is a very, very simplified example, there are more nuances possible between this two extreme examples 😉 But for the moment they will serve. The first link appears on an unrelated article and links the word ‘here’ to the site in question. The second link appears in a related article and links a relevant keyword to the site. Google will give much more weight to the second one! To be continued…

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23 comments to Google, keywords, links and you. Part 1

  • Val

    Wow…Google thinks I write a Lost blog…heh. Which is okay, because I DO write about lost, and some other keywords I use came up, so all in all not too far off. Thanks for this helpful info!

  • That was a very interesting exercise!

    I went to an internet marketing seminar last week, & the guy did something like this as a demonstration. He said that the best way is not to use tags with the keyword that is looked up the most often. The reason for this is that you’ll be way back on page 25 of the Google search results. But if you pick a middle sort of keyword, that gets looked for a moderate number of times, you’ll have a more exclusive niche and be less likely to be lost in the crowd.

  • hospitalera

    @Val Your blog is a good example of a niche blog, I am sure that in no time you could dominate this niche 😉 Remember that this blog has a keyword/ comment luv plugin installed, use it! SY

  • hospitalera

    I hope you didn’t pay too much for this seminar, as all the necessary information for having success on the internet is available for free – on the internet. The guy was right, what he showed you -hopefully- was how to find a profitable niche. Has he also mentioned that you should always try to cover as many related keywords as possible for this niche? SY

  • Lead Generation

    Here find the good information about google, keywords and links.

  • hospitalera

    @Lead Generation
    Thanks! SY

  • iambored

    Hey thanks for the helpful information. I got lots of things about this article.

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome! SY

  • Thomas

    I think that real success not only lies with finding keywords, but finding the “long tail keywords ” which have much more profit conversion rates!

  • hospitalera

    You are right, that is where the google adwords tool comes in handy 😉 SY

  • Lisa

    I like Firefox the most for what it has many SEO and backlink plugins. These plugins really can make your SEO life easy.

  • hospitalera

    You are right, but there are an awful lot of them around, which ones are your favourites? SY

  • @ SY:

    It’s really important to select the correct SEO plugin for your firefox. My favorite ones are: NoDofollow 1.1, SEO for Firefox 3.1.3, and Xinha Here. These are some amazing tools; do try them out.

  • There’s is no doubt that Firefox is a great browser when it comes to SEO work, but did you guys know that Google Chrome Developer’s Version is too going to add some amazing SEO addons.

  • Having used the keyword tool for my site, it brings up keywords that aren’t even mentioned anywhere in my site. I think that demonstrates your point perfectly.

  • hospitalera

    From the ones you mentioned I am using mainly Seo for FF, never heard of the other ones, but I will check them out, thanks for the tips.

    I trust opensource a bit more than a google owned tool when it comes to Seo 😉

    Thanks, glad I could help 😉 SY

  • Firefox has been great for my SEO works, but I still need to borrow a toolbar from Google to make things more easier. Among the plugins that Lisa has mentioned, “Xinha Here” is a WSGI editor. It really helps you posting on blogs and inserting links in your comments.

  • Firefox if you notice has an additional feature, you can use multiple keywords for the same search engine, clubbed with the add-on “Show Keywords 3” on firefox, it makes for a killer feature. Hope Chrome brings in something similar…

  • hospitalera

    I am using rankchecker from seobook, that is a similar principles, correct? SY

  • When I check my stats, people come to my website mostly accidentally through keywords in the contents, not keywords of tags. But I still use both ways. Because tags can be useful too.

  • Fire fox is really nice for seo but i have to use google toolbar to see page rank with fire fox.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, content is King with Google 😉

    @Southampton dental implants
    Nops, you can use it allows you to see seo info like PR with one glance 😉

  • Google is still the best for SEO since google is still the leading search engine and Google has a lot to offer. Anyway, Thanks for this great post. I really like the tips that you gave. God bless!