Google Wave and Bing

Below the first glimpse, published by Google, about their new, OPEN SOURCE, product – Google Wave. Have a look and tell me, great or scary?, the new Google Wave…

Meanwhile Microsoft entered, at a cost of approximiadetely, $80 Million the search engine market. Silverrose over at hubpages has written a great hub about optimizing  your web site for Bing. Do we really need a new search engine? Can Microsoft break the Google, nearly, monopoly? Wht do you think? I will write my own thoughts later, first I am curious about yours! SY

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33 comments to Google Wave and Bing

  • IMO, the problem with Bing is that it would just be the difference between the frying pan and the fire. Microsoft has a near monopoly on desktop operating systems. Combine the data they have from that with search engine data and I think it would be as bad or worse than Google.

    I would rather see Google and Microsoft broken into smaller companies where search engines are independent search engines and they don’t over-collect personal data.

  • Whay cant we just keep things simple and separate.. This looks scary for me google taking to much info..

    Jill x

  • Wave will be pretty cool, making it opensource even better. I havent heard much about Bing, it’s almost invisible here with Google 90%+ share.

  • hospitalera

    It always astonishes me how certain companies manage to avoid/ skip the monopoly laws. Seems some are more equal then others ;-( BTW, you are aware of the dofollow/ keyword luv feature on this blog comments? SY

  • Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Here’s the interesting story about how Microsoft avoided being broken up:

  • hospitalera

    A very interesting article. What it basically says is, yes Microsoft is a Monopoly, yes, it uses its powers as a monopoly, no it hasn’t to be broken up… I wonder what rule the lobbying industry in Washington played. SY
    PS You have a gorgeous web site there, I wandered around yesterday for quite some time and really enjoyed it. I am a big hostel fan myself! 😉

  • Having used bing since it came out (not exclusively of course), I have to say that it’s not that bad a search engine and it seems to update rankings faster than google is currently (tested this with a new page). Considering microsoft’s collapse in search usage bing has been a great move for them and I think as people start usig it and liking it their search share will improve. Currently I think bing is a better search engine than yahoo (which is easily gamed).

  • hospitalera

    Hm, I have yet to try bing more extensively as I run into language problems if I want to sign in, despite all preferences set to English, Bing insists in speaking Czech to me! The search results look ok, I wonder if they will come up with a Page Rank equivalent? SY

  • @hospitalera
    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • Ray

    Google has some really nice ideas and seem to implement them well. Microsoft keeps trying but it seems they don’t work out for them so well. Got to give them credit they keep trying though. I do like the word “Bing” though. It catches my attention more than most.

  • Just tried the bing webmaster tools. Absolutely awesome.

  • hospitalera

    I wish I could, but I can’t get the site to speak English with me, it always reverts into Czech, AARRGGHHH! SY

  • What did you like about Bing webmaster tools? I tried them but didn’t see any features beyond what are in Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Are you serious? They have a Page Score for each page. They have malware infected checker, backlink checker with pagescore for each backlink, outbound link checker so you can see all the pages you are linking to and their Page Score, and these are just the things I’ve noticed after a day’s use.

  • @John
    Google has a malware checker. You can find the pages that your site links to with a “” query in MSN search (now “Bing”). “Page Score” is of questionable value in my opinion…

  • hospitalera

    I can’t find the malware checker you are referring at this link, but perhaps I didn’t had enough coffee yet 😉 BTW, have you received my email regarding the Olomouc hostel? SY

  • Google says:

    You can find out if your site has been identified as a site that may host or distribute malicious software (one type of “badware”) by checking the Dashboard in Webmaster Tools… We also send notices to webmasters of affected sites at the following email addresses for the site…

    I got your email and will reply today 🙂

  • Pax

    Do you use the normal trackbacks or you use any specialised plugins? I been getting a lot of trackbacks for my sites from unrelated websites so just wondering

  • bing is already a packet with internet explorer on windows. i think bing will become google contender

  • hospitalera

    It is on my list to do! SY

    Just the normal trackback function of wordpress, but I moderate my trackbacks very, very thightly. I can’t avoid that they link to me, but I can influence to whom I link! SY

    Quite possible! SY

  • my initial test result shows that Bing is as good as Google when displaying relevant search results. Google might be having a tough competitor with Microsofts own search engine.

  • Try a search like “block spam wordpress”. Google shows a good page at #1, while Bing doesn’t show until #4 and it’s the wrong page on

    Try a search for “how to block spam on wordpress” and Bing is even worse in comparison to Google.

    IMHO, Google is still much better with providing relevant search results, especially on webdev topics…

  • hospitalera

    That explains why I see traffic to my sites from Google and Yahoo but not from Bing (<1%) SY

  • Just changing the name from MSN to Bing will not make Microsoft’s search engine popular.
    Google is the best search engine and i don’t think anyone would be able to compete with it even in future.

  • hospitalera

    I agree, Google is king when it comes to searches, hard to beat 😉 SY

  • Stripper Clothes

    I personally have never been a fan of google and only optimize for it because of its overwhelming popularity with the public. I don’t think their search results are terribly relevant and the whole issue of DMOZ leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Always liked yahoo or MSN search better, speaking as a surfer.

    When I search for something, I scan the whole page of search results and I don’t care which is at the top and in what order. I’d be surprised if most average surfers care about exact placement as long as relevant results appear on the first page or two. Many times on google I get a bunch of irrelevant crap in the first couple pages of results (alot of useless blog posts which IMO are weighted entirely too heavily these days).

    I’m not sure about Bing yet, but I like the name much better than google and I think it definitely has potential. We shall see.

    Maybe part of the reason I like Bing so much now is it reminds of Chandler Bing from “Friends”. ha

  • hospitalera

    @Stripper Clothes

    I have noticed actually a step increase in traffic I get from Bing. Last week my Bing traffic was higher than my Google traffic. And for many keywords I start to rank better in Bing than I do in Google. So I have to look seriously into the challenge in optimizing my sites with both, Google and Bing in mind. SY

    PS Please have a look at this blog post How I handle comments to understand why I took your Url out. Lets say, it is simply not in my niche 😉

  • melatoninlady

    Microsoft Bing would be the closet competitor of Google. but i still use Google because it shows more relevant results on the serp.

  • hospitalera

    Use what you want, but make sure you know which search engine delivers the traffic to your web sites’ door! SY

  • Well i watched it and … this is the best web application EVER. I mean google maps, youtube and all the other web 2.0 stuff – it’s like a child’s game compared to this thing. You just know that it will be THE NEXT BIG THING.

  • hospitalera

    Really? What about privacy and data collected from users? No concerns? SY

  • markez linda

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  • hospitalera

    @Markez Linda
    Thanks for the offer, but I don’t maintain a blog roll, you also forgot to mention your url. I am always happy to mention new, great sites on my blog but I don’t participate in direct link exchanges, just for the sake of it. SY