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E-Book Reviews: Do you have an ebook published and want me to review it? Just send it to me at
ebookreview (at) hospitalera dot com together with a link to your site. I will notify you when the review is online. Review is free and the link to your site dofollow ;-) What do you have to lose?

Fancy being a guest blogger?
I am always happy to have people contributing content to this blog in exchange for dofollow backlinks. To apply to be a guest blogger on just leave a comment on this page, with a valid email address and an url of the site you wish to link to, and we take it from there. I will get back to you shortly after and ask you to submit a post outline that covers the planned content of the post plus all the links you want to have incorporated.

Advantages for you, the guest blogger:

This blog has currently a Pagerank of 4, links in your blog post will be dofollow and stay on the first page for the minimum of 24h, often longer.

To avoid disappointment, please check the following conditions for guest bloggers:

Your offer will NOT be accepted if your link(s) point to an adult, gambling, pharmacy, spam, scam and/ or other type of site you wouldn’t want your mother to see!

Posts have to be written in English only and should be free of major grammar and spelling mistakes. I know, I know, I am a second language speaker myself, so just try to write better English than me 😉

Posts should be minimum 300 words with a maximum link density of one link / 150 words. Post shouldn’t be longer then 1000 words, but you are welcome to submit several blog posts 😉

I will NOT correct your anchored keywords. Nor your writing, nor checking your links etc. Just get it right from the beginning, will you 😉

You are reasonable free to write about what you want, but the better your post fits into the overall content of this blog, the more valuable your backlinks will be!

The ultimate decision if and when your guest blog post will be published lays with me.

You retain all the copyright to your blog post and I will not use the content on other sites. If you wish to submit images to illustrate your post please make sure that you either hold the copyright to them or a proper license has been obtained to use them in a commercial context. Image credits will be required and links, where appropriate, will be dofollow.


To apply as a guest blogger, leave a comment with valid email address and relevant url I will get back to you.

And no, I will not pay you money for guest blogging here 😉

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