How many words?

How many words should I write to get my blog post indexed, to get my hub or Squidoo lens ranked? How much is too much for the reader and / or too less content for Google and Yahoo? If I would get each time 1$ when this question ‘How many words for ‘ pops up in a forum or online conversation, I would be rich by now 😉 Look at this google search result for ‘anchored keywords‘, last time I looked, my blog post ranked on No1 amongst 447,000 results, not bad for SERP 😉 Now it comes better, if you click on the result then you see that the post in question is only 28 words !!! Ooops, ok, the comments also add content / value to it. But still…
So what is now the answer to the evergreen question? Perhaps it is like this, you can be lucky, like me, and end up on place one with an extremely short post. You can rambling on and on, like I often do, and write so long posts that nobody actually reads them to the end.

If you twist my arm then I would say aim at 250-500 words with one keyword anchored  link per 100 words and aim at a keyword density at around 5%. Hope that helps 😉

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  • Hello my new friend and adviser. If you read my site, a while back, when I hit $100 on Adsense I was banned for “Invalid clicking”
    I have tried different ad campaigns and most are paid per click or affiliate marketing where your only paid if someone buys.

    I have a somewhat niche site, but so does many others, a Expat Living in the Philippine.

    I get about 100 hits a day and many pageviews. I do not make much money, if any. Recently I deleted most because it took up a lot of space and no money.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  • hospitalera

    Suggestions? Let me see, first one question, or actually two: Where are your readers coming from and what do you think they might be looking for? Off the top of my head I would say that if you get search traffic with people looking for travel/ expat info I would suggest to look into Amazon for travel guides and books and / or look for affiliate programs for flight/ hotel/ car rental. And perhaps even local advertisers, like the places the Expats hang out, good barbers, or bars that serve Real Ale 😉 As you have a `local` site, I would look for local advertisement. Just my two cents, SY

  • Thanks, you have the same answers. I tried Amazon books about the Philippines and had some travel ads.

    I think I will try your idea and have pages for ads. Thsi way it will not fill the main blog page and still have them avaliable.

    One, in case your interested is Project Wonderful. They do pay per view and you can set your price.

  • hospitalera

    The really, really important part is too analyze your visitors, i.e. search traffic versus social traffic, which keywords searched for brought them to your site and so on. If your visitors, figuratively speaking are looking for bananas and you have only apples in your store, you will not make a sale. And I don’t think people would like to advertise on “ads pages” they want to see their ads displayed where the action is, not somewhere hidden. But you could always add a local business directory category with ads and reviews to your site. Thanks to you for the tip with project wonderful, I will try them out!

  • Luke

    I’m planning to start my blog now. But I don’t know where to begin, what to do first and all that. Your posts have been helping me now. So, thank you very much.

  • hospitalera

    Great! Don’t forget to use the keyword luv feature wisely when you are up and running!

  • I always go for 500 words in all of my articles because from what I have seen in the benefits that it is given back to me, that works a lot better than just 2 or 300 words. 5% is a good keyword density, that I see so many people doing 3 or 4.

  • I agree with Chuggin. Don’t put much keyword on an article. 5% is enough, but do it on all of your articles.

  • sam

    The problem with small posts is that you are missing a lot of other keywords related to those title keywords. You really can’t say a lot in short post and there would be more keywords with a long post Grizz style 🙂

    Comments are a great way to get more content and it’s free 😀

  • sam@tv

    damn all my nice little commenting links have been removed altough I did leave a decent comment on this blog and give a nice little fresh content to get some google love and some new keywords. I wish people wouldn’t be so selfish when I’m doing some effort on link building and just trying to make some conversation on blogs but you’ll never know what you can do and what you can’t do… see ya!

  • hospitalera

    @am from stv
    All your nice little links have been removed because they point to a site that is written in a language that I don’t understand, nothing more behind this. I don’t link to sites I can’t read. SY

  • articles should be around 200 words minimum. and the keyword should be around the top middle and bottom of the article.

  • hospitalera

    Any reason for this? The advice to have the keyword (singular?) towards the middle / bottom is completely wrong. You have to tell your readers (and Google) in the first paragraph what your article is all about, Google weights content from the Top to the Bottom, not the other way round, SY