How not to make money online

Seems there is a bit of a Google clean up going on! I might write more about this later, but for the moment I recommend you to read this blog post “How Not to Make Money Online” by BenK. Pay special attention on his tips on the end on how to not to set up your site. I would add another tip: Avoid using “seo optimizing plugins” that everybody uses. I don’t like and never used “All in one SEO” and it seems that was a lucky coincidence…

So far I took from the most recent developments that:

  • The old saying “quality content is king” is today more true then ever.
  • Google has increased massively his team of human reviewers.
  • Using blogspot blogs for building mini sites is dead. (You can still use them for building an authority site, but with the risk that you do that on a platform you don’t control fully and with the risk that Google might decide to delete your blog at will)
  • Content is king.

Grizz from “Make money online for beginners” is also writing about having had the same problems and gives his advice what works and what doesn’t work anymore with Google. Read his blog post also, it may save you some headache in future.

So here my own conclusions and personal strategies:

  • Diversify the ways of making money with websites. Adsense becomes more and more dangerous to use for small sites. Chitika and Amazon affiliates look better and better by the day. Apart of the crappy 24h cookie Amazon uses obviously ;-(
  • I took Adsense, for the moment, down from all my mini sites, that don’t have a minimum traffic of 100 unique visitors per day and / or are not recognized as an authority site by Google in their particular niche.
  • Mini site style articles will go in future only to sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel or to other, similar, authority sites, but not anymore on their own domain.
  • I will continue to concentrate on “non spammy” topics like travel, pets etc and leave the “make money with …” niches for others 😉

Am I affected? No, actually so far not, I don’t have any mini sites in the insurance, cruises, weight loss etc areas. So far my sites look fine in Google Analytics and webmaster tools, but I will not risk their SERPentine rankings by closing my eyes from the obvious:

Google wants the best sites, information and value for readers on top of the search engines!

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  • voiture thermique

    Making money online used to pretty much require you to have your own Web site, products to sell and some marketing savvy. But a new generation of dot-coms have arisen that will pay you for what you know and who you know without you having to be a web designer or a marketing genius.

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  • I was really pleased to find Griz’z latest one and also the Ben K article from your links above and like you I also decided to take Adsense off a few of my low traffic sites. And I wouldn’t be surprised we are not the only ones.

    I’m hoping you are right that some topics such as pets won’t be affected 😉 But then I had a bit of a panic. Perhaps G’s next move will be to check out all of those sites that suddenly turned Adsense off!!! So now I’m thinking about putting it straight back on again. What to do?!?!
    .-= Katie @ Pet Articles´s last blog ..Learn How to Speak ‘Dog’ =-.

    • hospitalera

      Katie, first and foremost, don’t panic! 😉 In the case of self-hosted sites / blogs the worst that can happen is that you get de-indexed. OK, yes, that is bad, but still better then using all your hard work when Google decides to delete your blogspot blog. As long as our sites provide real value to readers, as long as they look and are well cared for, there is little danger that Google will drop us. If I asked you, if you would recommend one of your sites to a friend that is looking for information regarding your topic and you can say “YES!”, there is no reason to believe that your site wouldn’t survive an inspection by Google. SY

  • Hmm! What’s wrong with using an SEO Optimizing plug-in? I’ve been using All In SEO for a long time and it seems to work just fine for me.

    • hospitalera

      Nothing, unless virtually every MMO / IM marketer is using the same plugin and it shows up in your source code. Google can make sums / conclusions like:

      Known SEO optimized theme + known seo plugins + known mini site friendly host used = initiate human review for checking if site is made for Adsense / Advertisement only 😉 SY

      • LMAO. What an excellent deduction. It never crossed my mind @ all but then again that might make Google love your site if after human review, it’s deemed NOT MADE FOR ADSENSE/ADVERTISEMENTS INLY!
        .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..StrictlyOnlineBiz’s Top Blog Posts Of The Week 10 =-.

        • hospitalera

          Yep, if, despite all symptoms you have created a “thick” site with original content, then you are safe. Or at least you should be if the human reviewers manage to see past the symptoms 😉 SY

  • Now that’s what I call cleaning up. I think Google wants the best and would want to show and have quality blogs. As stated, what is of great importance is the content, I guess I’ll have to make sure all of my contents are worth keeping. Just like everybody’s concern, they want to be indexed by Google and their blogs visited by many visitors.
    .-= Nisheth@Headphone Reviews´s last blog ..May 8, Wireless Stereo Headphones – Cables Unlimited SPK-9100, Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 and RCA WHP141 Wireless Headphone Reviews =-.

    • hospitalera

      Nisheth, your site looks fine, rich in content and doesn’t lookn overly monetized, I am sure you are doing fine. Not sure about having the trademark in the url though… SY

  • The whole industry is getting more and more difficult to infiltrate. I think the people who’ve been doing it for while may be ok if they can adapt. I worry about people like myself though, who are new and learning as they go along. It wasn’t easy before, now it’s getting harder!

  • Hi SY,

    Somehow I missed reading this post until now.

    Your post is helpful in alerting people to the fact that only good content can succeed in the long run.

    Google is getting smarter by the day and they do clean up their search results quite often.

    I would point out that there is also a so called Google dance and even Yahoo dance that may move your site from the first page to a more obscure one without any reason at all.

    I’ve had that happen more than once without having done or changed anything. Then you can be placed back where you were before without any action on your part.